सावधान  इंडिया Spoof 2 – ‘हीरोइन की मौत’ | TSP’s Bade Chote

सावधान इंडिया Spoof 2 – ‘हीरोइन की मौत’ | TSP’s Bade Chote

Tell me, who committed this murder! Tell me! This is the body, sir. So tell her to tell me.
Why is she so stuck up? She’s an actress, sir.
That’s probably why. Ah yes… A shooting was going on. Jadav, he’s the killer.
We won! You won, sir!
You won! You’re mistaken, sir.
I was just calling out to you. I’m actually this film’s director. A lot of my money is stuck. -Yes.
-Then why will I kill her? I didn’t kill her. She must have done it! She’s the make-up artist
and she does her job. He’s the spot boy
and he gives us tea. -Hello, sir.
-Hello. -Chai Pee Lo?
-Will I have some tea?! Sir…! Which person is closest to the actress? It’s the hero, Jadhav!
It’s the hero! Who’s the hero of this film? Raj Singhania. His name is Raj Singhania. There is always a controversy
in every movie he works. And the girls tear clothes
as soon as they look at him. -No, no, no…
-No, no, no… It’s someone else, Jadav.
It’s someone else. Not the hero, but find out something
on this film’s villain. Hello, myself Anoop Singh Soniyo I’m here again with another
crime story. Today’s episode is based
on Kalpana. Yes, Kalpana. Who wasn’t just a good actress
but also a good human. Yes, you heard that right.
She was. Let’s take it from this side. When filming a suicide scene in Bandra,
Kalpana really… Oh man! Stand back! Don’t I have a collar mic on?
Get back! So Kalpana..
Kalpana dies in reality. This was the second actress
who died on this film set. Who was it after all- Who replaced the fake poison
with the real one? Come on! Let’s see that you fools!
It’ll be fun! Come on!
Let’s start! That’s good! It’s good!
Is the shot ready? -The actors are ready, sir.
-Screw them, is the shot ready? Very good! Very good.
Nice. Good! Come on! How many takes do we have today? 52 takes, sir, how will we do this? It’ll get done, man!
Nice, good…! Hey, put that down! So here’s the scene- the hero asks the
heroine’s dad for her hand in marriage. Her father refuses! The heroine drinks poison and dies.
Any doubts? -Well actually…
-Okay then! Let’s go! Sound. Lights. Camera. Who took them away from here? Who took them away from here?
Put it back here? Everyone’s a loser! Very good!
Nice. Good. Increase the light of the room. Put up a little more.
Very good. Nice. Someone clean this lens. The focus is…
Very good. Okay, let’s start and… Which fool is in the middle
of the scene?! Who’s that?! I just told y’all to clear out.
Fools! Illiterates! No-brainers!
Idiots! Get lost!
What are you staring at? Get lost! Come on. Let’s start. And action. There’s a condition you have to accept
before you marry my daughter. Father! Where will the poor fellow
get 1 crore rupees from? I was just going to ask for a lakh. Now he’ll get 1 crore. Oh man! Wasn’t I talking? You don’t have money
to take care of my daughter but you want to marry her? You valued love at such a low price! Okay, then.
Get me 5 crores now! Father! Where is he going to get 5 crores
and a sea-facing bungalow from? Why don’t you continue
to do all the talking? Mr. Daaga!
We’re literate people, we know the language of books, not money! You’re literate is it? Answer this question in that case. How do
you copy a file from one drive to another on windows
without opening it? Father! You’ve asked Rohit
such a difficult question to insult him! Click on ‘program’ first. Right-click on the file
once windows explorer opens. If the file is still not copied, then
close your eyes and think of your parents. You’ll get through anything in life and everything will be easy !
Victory will only be yours! He’s right!
He’s absolutely right! It’s the right answer but, it doesn’t mean I’ll let you marry
my daughter! I won’t allow this wedding
to happen! I don’t see the point in living
if I can’t marry Rohit! Dear child! Dear child! Hey, you’ll die… Cut! Cut!
Very good! Very good, Kalpana!
Very good! You’re a star, child!
You’re a superstar! I’m casting you even in my next film!
Very good! I tell you, Kalpana!
You’re a superstar! Kalpana? Kalpana? You’re overacting a little, child. It’s not seen but it’s right there. Every suicide always
has a murderer right there. Isn’t that right? Why are you standing next to me
and saying that? “Is your kiss made of love or poison?” “What sort of kiss do you give?” Who brought this bottle of poison? Sir, I don’t remember the face. But I do remember a hand. I caught you! Sir, this is the flashback. You can’t catch anyone in the flashback.
It’s not allowed, it’s cheating. You go away. Oh man!
Someone must’ve seen him! I can identify him
if I see him. What did you say?
Say that again! If I see him, I will Identify him Very good! Jadhav! Get everyone lined up. Daaga Saab! Daaga the fire! You watch out! Won’t you offer me some tea? Don’t you host a show? Saavdhaan Patrol! You’re doing great.
Continue it. Make-up? Watch out, child.
You’ve been on camera once. Rahul! First year IT branch! Who’s Rahul? Is that how it’s going to be?
Hold on! You’re insolent! And you’re a loser! Your dog has a limp! Your uncle is a pimp! Your dad’s a sucker! You’re a motherf- Sir, he’s a cunning guy! He blew up RDX in his father’s mouth
when he was just a boy. He’s still dumb. When they ask him about it?
He wastes their time with nonsense. Wastes their time with nonsense? He’s a cunning guy! Stop wasting time with nonsense!
Carry on! What?
Yeah, okay. Sir, the guys from the forensic lab
have tested the poison. They’ve called us. -Did you find out something, Bachchan?
-Doctor! Doctor Bachchan! This poison is called sodium cyanide. Just one drop of it
can kill 3 people. There are just 2 samples of it
in the entire world. -I have one and the other…
-The other is with the killer. No the other one is in the tea you’re drinking. Give that to me, sir… I put it in there for research purposes.
I did! After my research in Havard
for 10 years, I found out, that this poison has killed many. Even our Thakur Banu Pratap Singh’s
Kheer(Indian Dessert) had this. Infact, this is not a poison, it’s an ayurvedic medicine! How is this all related to the case? A man came to me to buy this. That’s the killer! What was his name? I don’t remember his name,
but I did write it down -Here you go.
-We got him… What’s written here?
Read it out, man! Um, what’s this here…
Hold on… -Abhishek…
-Abhishek? These doctors have
such terrible handwriting! You never understand a thing! -Sir, this guy’s useless.
-You’re right. Sir, let’s get a new heroine
and shoot again. We’ll catch the killer red-handed. That’s a good idea Jadhav!
That’s a good idea. But sir, we already have
2 dead heroines. How will we convince a new one? There is someone, Jadhav.
I know someone! Who? Who is it, sir?
Who’s that girl? Sir, please don’t do this. I have fat kids at home, sir. Who’s going to make them ride a horse
if I die, sir? What? A horse? A hippo. Very good.
Is everything ready? Wow! Very nice. Very… -What’s this here?
-It’s an expensive camera, sir. Hear me out! No one will speak
in between takes! No one will speak! -Even it is a policeman.
-Yes! Did y’all hear that? Show me the frame! Which girl is this? She’s right in the frame!
I just told y’all to clear out! I just told y’all to clear out.
Fools! Fool! Don’t you understand?
Get lost! Get lost! Don’t you stare!
Don’t you stare! Very good!
Nice. All this seems fine but, where is
our superstar Raj Singhania? I fill in credit every night but y’all
take it all away in the morning. Why? I do it every day
and y’all cut it every day. Abuse that asshole! See, see stop (censored)!
I’m saying stop (censored) I’ll thrash you if you cut my money again! He hung up.
That bastard! Yeah, coming.
Just a business call. -Roll sound!
-Rolling! -Roll camera!
-Yes, rolling! And… Action! Father! Where will the poor fellow
get 10 crores from? Oh man.
Okay, go and get married. Thank you, sir. I’ll never forget
this favor. But where will you get 10 crores from? And a sea-facing bungalow? -He said yes though.
-Where will you get it from? 10 crores and a sea-facing bungalow And a bullet train. You can’t afford to buy a bullet train
and you want to marry my daughter? I won’t allow this wedding. If I can’t marry Rohit,
then there’s no meaning to my life! I’m going to have poison this
very instant and die! But he’d already said yes. I’m going to drink poison and die! -Dear child!
-I’ll drink this and die! -Dear child.
-Okay, go and die. Cut!
Very good! Very good, Jadhav!
Very good! You’re a star, son! You’re a star now! You acted so well.
Jadhav? Stand up. Hey, stop spitting blood! Stand up, Jadhav!
Stand up… Jadhav! Sir, even he’s dead. Well, this had to happen I told him he doesn’t have a future
in acting. However, I already saw who switches
the bottles, on the monitor. Why didn’t you say anything before? You only told us not to say anything
in between takes, so I got scared! The one to change the bottle
is none other than.. Him! Tell me, why did you kill them? I didn’t kill him. You’re not going to make this easy. Why did you kill them? Look, here’s what happened.
I went close… Stop talking about the circumstances.
Tell me why you killed them! Yeah, hear me out. -I went close to her…
-Talking about the circumstance again! What’s the problem? Why can’t you
hear me out when I’m talking? Sorry…
Tell me. Negative, sir!
The media runs negative things! Once Sanju went to jail, his movie
‘Khalnayak’ was a hit! In the same way, my movie will be
released out and I will be in jail. This is my vision. But you’re going to hang, aren’t you? Oh…I didn’t think this through. -Come on, hang me then.
-Come on. Controversy. You heard me right. N-O-N-S-E-N-S-E Controversy. What do actors get out of all this? Fame? 200-300 crores? Houses, cars, money, servants… Luxury. Yeah, I mean they get a lot. You can’t kill someone for it though. If I tell you to kill me
for 2000 bucks, would you kill me? Keep watching. Be careful.
Look around. I will be back…

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