3 Ways To Find Out What Your Customers Want Through Youtube

3 Ways To Find Out What Your Customers Want Through Youtube

Inside this video, I’m going to share with
you 3 ways on how to find out what your customers want from Youtube, and also too, I’m going
to share with you a cool tip or tool that can help you all for free using Google Docs
so let’s get straight to this video. Welcome to Outsourcing Live. My name is Tyrone
Shum, world’s leading outsourcing expert, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. I recently received a question from a viewer
asking, “Tyrone, how do you know what your customers want, and how do you know which
videos to create for them?” I don’t usually just create videos out of the blue so yes,
that’s an excellent question. And it’s really powerful to actually know what your viewers
want because then that way, you can present videos that people are going to watch. All right, so I’m going to give you 3 tips
on how to be able to find out what they want. The first thing is if you don’t have viewers
on your channel, then what you can do is go up to Youtube, on top of the search bar on
Youtube, to be able to have a look. And at the top of the search bar, when you type something
in, what will happen is it will actually drop down with some suggestive keywords or questions
that people are searching. So go ahead and try that and that way you will know exactly
what people are looking for and searching for. And that works in pretty much any market.
So that’s the first one I’ll recommend. Second tip is to actually run a survey. If
you’ve already got a list of followers, or they’re already on your email database, then
this is the perfect opportunity to be able to ask your viewers a question and find out
exactly from them what they want. And I usually run a survey asking it from a third point
of view rather than asking directly to them. The reason why is because people actually
will respond better and whenever they are asked or get a question that’s not related
directly to them, they give more honest opinion or honest answer. The way I phrase it is something like this,
“What do you think are the issues people are facing..” not “What are the issues that you
are facing” it’s what are the issues people are facing. Third tip is ask them. This is a very simple
but effective way, it’s to actually ask them. And the way to ask them is to ask them to
leave a comment after your video or during your video by saying enter in your question
down below. As you noticed, every single video I’ve done
lately has been asking a question to interact with you to find out what is going on. The
other day I received a message from one of my viewers and they said thank you so much
for answering that question. So definitely go out and try it yourself, see how these
3 tips can benefit you and also let me know how you go by simply leaving a comment down
below. All right, let’s jump into the next part which
is I’ll be sharing with you a special tip, or really cool tool. Google Docs is an amazing tool that you can
use to store spreadsheets, word documents and pretty much anything else. Google Docs
also allows you to store forms, or store surveys in their system as well, and you can actually
create very simplistic, easy to use survey form which people can just fill out simply
by going to the link that you provide for people. So if you don’t know how that works, simply
just click on the link down below which I’ll provide, and you can access the Google Docs
forms which allows you to be able to create free surveys and send that out to your database
to find out what they want and so forth. All right, it’s my turn now to ask you a question.
As I mentioned inside this video, ask your viewers a question and encourage them to leave
a comment. So I’ll encourage you to leave a comment down below by answering this simple
question: What do you think are the issues people are facing with outsourcing today.
And it can be anything from hiring a virtual assistant, or where to find them, to managing
your team, or how to pay them, etc. Any question that you have about outsourcing feel free
to leave it down right below this video and I’ll make sure that I do respond to it and
perhaps one of your questions will become a video that I’ll be creating in the future
as well, too. All right if you liked this video as well,
feel free to share it on Facebook, plus one on Google Plus, and also sharing on Twitter
as well. Thank you so much for watching this video.
My name is Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing Live and I’ll see you inside the next video. Bye
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18 thoughts on “3 Ways To Find Out What Your Customers Want Through Youtube”

  1. Something I think a lot of people will have trouble with when it comes to outsourcing would be control. My business, my way, my hard work, nobody else knows what I want kinda thing.
    Although I'd have to say it would definitely help me with coming up with ideas, and surveys and the things you were talking about in this video are excellent and easily outsource-able!

  2. Absolutely! I struggled initially as well and when you actually do it, wow it made a world of difference. It's a mindset and thanks for your comment.

  3. I think where to find them, especially good ones. My challenge now is to find a good video editor, I went to different sites, but I'm still not sure where to go to find a good one.

  4. Why are you not someone with millions of views? Kind of weird to me, it seems like your stuff should be so much more popular, anyway thanks keep it up. I'll be starting my own channel soon!

  5. Hey. I come from Denmark.
    the issues with outsourcing is that we are losing jobs. to fx. India,China or saudi arabian.

  6. Hello, my name is Robert and I am a 17 year old editor. I have been editing now for a little over 2 and a half years. I have also now passed with flying colors in my tv/video production class in all aspects of it. I would really like to become a youtube editor for people but don't really want to get fooled in the payment deal and even though I am young I am getting to know a lot about editing very fast. I even took a month off YouTube to edit my videos just to practice. Hoping to hear from you.

  7. Yes! As best as possible respond to all comments. People gravitate to the "Human aspect" of the video maker. All too many video makers won't say anything to their viewers in comments, and then they wonder why they have so few subscribers. Also important. Make sure the camera is steady on a Tripod. NOBODY likes a video that is taken and the camera is moving so fast and blurry that nobody can make out what is going on and only hear noises or screams. These are impossible "audience" pleasers. Cont:

  8. And one last thing. Peoples time to watch is limited. The FAD at the moment for many is to make a video with a long drawn-out (Hollywood-like) intro, sometimes longer than the video itself. Who really cares? Who has the patience? Not me, that's for sure. ie: 2 min. intro, 45 second not well done video and an elaborate ending of 1:30. The audience will not return for long to these kinds of videos.

  9. How do I get started, There are so many videos and content out there, is there a structure that I can follow, or a formula to get where you are. 

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