7 High Paying Work-at-Home Jobs 2019  | MAKE MONEY AT HOME

7 High Paying Work-at-Home Jobs 2019 | MAKE MONEY AT HOME

If you’ve been wanting to get started online,
you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed, you don’t know where to start, and you’re
not really sure which jobs you could actually get. In this video I’m going to break down for
you seven jobs that you can do online to make a full-time income, whether or not you have
a degree or experience in that space. Every week I make videos to help you launch
and grow an online business that’s aligned to your unique strengths. If you’re not really sure what your unique
strengths are, I’ll link to another video below where I walk you through how to actually
uncover what your strengths are. The first job is a social media manager. The pay can range from $15 an hour all the
way to $50 an hour. On the lower end, you’re more of a social
media coordinator, you’re going to be posting daily to the company’s different social accounts,
and potentially proofreading and helping them just organize all of the content that’s going
to eventually be posted online. When you’re on the higher end, so you’re more
of a social media manager, you’re going to be expected to give more strategic advice. You’ll be pulling reports, giving recommendations
based on the data, and then actually helping to plan and strategize what to post and how
to actually manage the accounts across all of the different social platforms. To get started as a social media coordinator
or a social media manager without any experience, one of the first things that you’re going
to want to do is actually take a course. You can find a lot of courses online that
teach you about how to be a social media manager, I’m going to link to two in the description
below. I just want to say that I’m not affiliated
with any of the certification programs that I’m going to recommend throughout this video,
these are just the ones that either I’ve taken or I know someone who’s taken them, or I’ve
done research and they look like really great options that if I were in your place I would
look into, so I’ll link to two of them below in the description. Once you start to actually take a course,
you’re going to want to practice somehow, so the best way to actually get paying clients
is to be able to actually do the work really well and get results. So one of the first things you’re going to
want to do is actually approach a business and offer them your services for free. Looking online at maybe a local business,
because sometimes it’s easier to approach people who you live in the area with, and
just saying to them, “Hey, you know what? I’m starting up a business as a social media
manager, and I… I’m halfway through my certification, I’ve
noticed that you don’t actually have a Facebook presence,” or “You don’t actually have an
Instagram presence. I would really love to…” Blah, blah blah. So you would pitch for them your services. Businesses would be very happy to get work
done for free if they felt like they liked and they trusted this person who was approaching
them. After you’ve worked with a couple of clients
for free, you’ll have some really amazing testimonials and potentially even referrals
to help you get future clients. The next job is as a copywriter. If you’re interested in writing for a living,
you can take a variety of different courses online. I’m going to link one of them below that I’ve
actually taken and I found incredibly useful, and I know a lot of people in digital marketing
agencies that have taken this certification and said that it was incredibly helpful. Taking a certification in copywriting to really
understand the anatomy of a sales page and other things that are expected of you as a
copywriter to know is a great first step to actually get started. Once you’ve taken that certification, you
can begin to network with online communities and build relationships with online businesses. Online businesses are always looking for copywriters,
there’s a ton of work out there, but it’s going to take a little bit to get started
so that you can actually build your portfolio. And again, you’re probably going to have to
work for free to build up some testimonials, and then you can start working with your own
clients. The reason that it’s important to work for
free is because you want to make sure that you can actually deliver what you say you
can deliver, and if you’ve proven this with clients for free, you’re going to feel really,
really confident when you pitch yourself to future clients for pay, and you’re also going
to be able to ask for an hourly rate or a certain rate that you deserve. A lot of times when people low-ball their
rates it’s because they’re not super confident in what they can do, so getting this confidence,
even if it’s for free, is a really great first step. As a copywriter, you could be writing social
media posts, blog posts, you could be writing copy for websites and sales pages. Typically if you are working for online businesses,
those will be the main areas that you help those business owners out with. The next job is as a virtual assistant or
an online business manager, so these are two different jobs, but they’re very, very similar,
so I’ve grouped them together. At the lower end of the pay range at around
$15 to $30 an hour, you have a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants help business owners organize
their email inbox, proofread documents, manage their calendar, and potentially help them
with social media posting, and pretty much anything in the day-to-day of their business
that is easily done by somebody else, so anything that is a routine task that can have a system
created around it, typically once the business owner creates a system, they hand off that
task to a virtual assistant. The pay range for this is on the lower end,
because once you start to gain skills and experience, especially with project management,
you can move up towards an online business manager role. An online business manager does a lot of the
day-to-day management of the business, but they’re also expected to project manage larger
scale projects that are going on, and actually provide strategic advice for improving the
processes of the business. The pay range for this is anywhere from $25
to $50 an hour, I’ve even seen some people make a little bit more, but this definitely
comes with experience, so if you’re wanting to get into a virtual assisting role, then
getting a certification that helps you actually understand what is completely expected of
a virtual assistant is a great first step. I’m going to link to a couple of sites below
that I found some information on becoming a virtual assistant. Once you’ve gained that experience, you definitely
want to get out there and start networking with businesses. Virtual assistants don’t necessarily need
to have a lot of experience as a virtual assistant, but the relationship that they have with the
business owner is the most important thing. Business owners are looking for virtual assistants
that can do really basic stuff, but what they’re most concerned about is whether or not they’re
going to get along with them, because they have to work with that virtual assistant every
single day, so they want to make sure they feel good around them. Joining online business communities where
there’s a lot of small business owners and really getting to know people on a personal
level is going to help you build relationships and get long-term and higher paying clients
as a virtual assistant, as well as a online business manager. The next job is as an automation consultant,
or marketing automation consultant. As a marketing automation consultant, the
pay can range anywhere from $15 an hour to $125 an hour. It really depends what kind of work you’re
doing as an automation consultant, whether or not you’re certified in a specific tool,
and how much experience you have working with online businesses. An automation consultant helps business owners
automate their sales, marketing, and administrative processes. Typically, they help them build sales funnels,
create landing pages, and create automated marketing campaigns inside tools like Infusionsoft,
ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and MailChimp. An automation consultant is definitely a job
that has the potential to pay very high, but the initial investment into your skills is
a little bit higher as well. It’s not 100% necessary to be certified, but
typically people are looking for someone who is certified in a certain email marketing
tool, so you might become an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, or certified in ActiveCampaign. Once you become certified, the benefits are
not only do you learn everything there is about that tool that you need to know, but
you learn a ton about marketing. If you’re new to online business and you don’t
know a lot about online marketing, taking a certification like this will give you that
knowledge. If you become certified in one of these tools,
you also get access to a huge community of other certified partners, and in that community
you could potentially end up working for a marketing agency as a sub-contractor. If you’re brand new, this is a really good
way to actually build up your experience, and then be ready to take on your own clients
later on, or do a mix of the two. To work as an automation consultant, you’re
definitely going to want to enjoy working with technology, enjoy solving problems, and
enjoy working on computers all day, but also talking to people on the phone, because there’s
definitely a mix of all of that. The next job is as a graphic designer. If you’re somebody who’s artistic and you
really enjoy working with computers, then you might enjoy this particular job. You’ll definitely want to look into certifications
and different online courses. If you check your local university, or just
really any universities, they have a lot of graphic design courses that they offer online. These give you a good overview of graphic
design, different tools that are used, but they also usually include a practical component,
which means that when you finish the course you’ll actually have a portfolio to be able
to take with you and show to potential future clients, and having that portfolio will allow
you to make money a lot quicker. If you do a program that doesn’t give you
the opportunity to do a lot of work and finish with a portfolio, then again you’re just going
to want to network with different businesses online and find opportunities to work for
free so that you can build up that portfolio. The next job is similar, and it’s as a web
designer. Web designers work to build your website,
and when you’re starting out you might get paid per hour, so you may get anywhere from
$15 to $55 an hour, but as you develop in your career you’ll most likely be charging
between $1,000 to $5,000 for a website, so you’ll no longer be charging hourly, and you’ll
instead be charging per project. If you don’t have a background in coding,
you don’t have to worry because nowadays there are a ton of website builders that don’t require
you to know code. For example, there’s one called Squarespace
where it’s completely drag and drop, so you’re going to drag different sections of the website
into different places of the website, you don’t need to know how to code in order to
do this. What you will want to do is become proficient
in different website tools, for example again, Squarespace. You can become certified to be a partner of
that community, and when people actually purchase Squarespace they have a directory of different
web designers that they can go to. Once you’ve learned a specific tool, you’re
also going to want to understand the anatomy of a sales page and of a website, and you
can definitely get those skills through online courses that teach you web design. Small business owners are always looking for
people who can develop them high-converting websites, so it’s really, really in demand,
and similar to virtual assisting, the business owners want to feel like they have a connection
with the person who’s building their website. Because a website is something that is around
for potentially many, many years, they want to know that their web developer understands
them and sort of clicks with them. Getting online and building relationships
with potential clients is huge when it comes to web designers actually getting clients
and then getting higher paying clients as time goes on. So those are the seven jobs that you can do
from home full-time. All of them require some sort of skill or
experience, but even if you don’t have those skills or experiences, you can definitely
get them. The first step is figuring out which one of
these is a good fit for me, then looking at, okay, what certification can I take in order
to become competitive in that space? How can I use what I’ve learned to now work
for free and gather a portfolio? And then you want to find online communities
to network with potential clients, as well as people in your space that you can learn
from. If you’ve been wanting to work online, I hope
you found this video helpful. If you did, let me know in the comments below. Let me know if you have any questions, and
I’ll see you in the next video. This transcript was exported on Aug 19, 2019
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