7 Work-at-Home Jobs that Pay $100/Day or More! (2020)

7 Work-at-Home Jobs that Pay $100/Day or More! (2020)

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. A couple
weeks ago, I did a video about seven high paying online jobs, but these jobs are really
for you if you want to be your own boss. To be successful, you’re going to need a website
and to network your butt off in the beginning, and I heard from a lot of people who want
to work from home and make a full-time income, but they don’t necessarily want to start their
own business or be their own boss. I created this video for those people. Anything
that I mention in this video, I’m going to link to in the description below so that you
can go and explore the jobs yourself. These jobs have range in terms of pay and
educational requirements. Some of them are looking for high school diplomas. Some of
them are looking for graduate degrees. No matter your background, there will be something
in here for you. If you’re new here, my name is Justine Haveland.
I’m a digital marketing strategist from welaworks.com. Every week I make videos to help you launch
online and make a full-time income from home. In 2017, I started working from home and I
honestly could not imagine working in an office ever again when I was trying to decide whether
or not I wanted to leave my 9:00 to 5:00 job. I would watch a million YouTube videos and
I found a ton that were people that I could relate to and I found that these videos were
what I needed to push me to go after what I really wanted. That’s why I created this channel. Okay, let’s
jump into the first job. The first job is a market research interviewer and this job
pays around $15 an hour. When a company wants to learn about their target audience, they’ll
often survey them and sometimes they’ll survey them over the phone. As a market research interviewer, you will
work from home and because of the different shifts available, you are most likely to be
able to choose when during the day you actually work. For this job, you will get a list of people
and you’ll be required to call them, ask them a series of questions, gather the information
and then put it together in a simple report and provide it back to your employer. It looks like this job requires you to have
a high school diploma to enjoy speaking to people and to have had some sort of customer
service experience in the past. Really, if you’ve had any job where you’re working with
a customer, you should be qualified for this job. If you like talking to people over the phone
and you don’t mind using computers every day, this might be a really good fit for you. The
next job is an online English teacher and this job pays around $22 an hour. I see a lot of people do this job who are
stay-at-home moms because the hours are really flexible and you can actually get your entire
shift done before your kids wake up. I’ve watched a couple of videos from other YouTubers
that do this job so I’ll link those in the description below. This job is a really good fit for anybody
that has any sort of degree and at least one year of experience in some sort of tutoring
capacity. Maybe you helped tutor people in university or you’ve homeschooled your kids
for one year or maybe you were even that go-to person at the office that had to actually
train people and help them learn a new skill. In addition to needing a degree and a year
of experience, you do need to be eligible to work either in the United States or in
Canada. Because the students are all over the world, you’ll be able to choose the hours
that work for you. This is a really great option if flexibility
is important to you. Once you find the company that you want to get started with, you’ll
click to start the application process. They’ll walk you through everything you need to know,
you’ll fill in the information and then they will let you know if you’re going to be moving
forward to the next step. If you love explaining things to people and
most importantly, you enjoy working with kids, this could be a really great option for you.
The next job is a proofreader and this job pays between 18 to $22 an hour. Proofreaders are required to review both internal
and external company documents. Proofreaders will review the document, make edits, and
in some cases they’ll also do some research and actually fact check the document. Proofreaders are required to have a degree
and in some cases a graduate degree, especially in the STEM fields which is science, technology,
engineering, and math. If you have a bachelor’s degree and you don’t actually have experience
as a proofreader, you can actually get a certification online that will help you gain the skills
you need to be an effective proofreader. These are often called editing certificates
and I’ll link to one in the description below. You might also want to look for a program
that will connect you with companies that are actually looking for proofreaders. Before you apply to a program, ask them, “Do
you have connections with companies that look for proofreaders and do you make connections
with these companies to help new graduates find a job?” Proofreaders are a really important and organizations
are always looking for great proofreaders on short-term and long-term contracts. If
you’ve got a longer term contract, this could turn into a permanent role and you could actually
be a permanent remote employee and receive health benefits. If you have a degree, a strong attention to
detail and you like editing work rather than actually creating something from scratch,
then check this job out, it could be a really great fit for you. The next job is a transcriber and this pays
between 15 to $22 an hour. There is such a huge demand for people who want to transcribe
audio to text. For example, after I film a YouTube video, I submit the video to get it
transcribed to text. When I upload the text to YouTube, it helps
a ton with my SEO and it also provides captions for people who don’t want to watch the video
with sound. This was a requirement for YouTube videos now so transcribers are really in demand. There’s a ton of other reasons to use a transcriber
and because of this, there are companies that are popping up all over the place that will
actually train you to become a transcriber and then you’ll be part of their team and
then they will send you work. From what I’ve seen, you’re not required to
have a degree or any experience in the field, but you are required to apply and have a really
good internet connection and a desire to work with computers all day. I’ve also seen that there isn’t a cost to
apply so this is a great one if you don’t want to actually put a lot of money into getting
started with a job online. If you love working independently and you don’t necessarily want
to create something from scratch and you would rather actually complete really straight forward
tasks where you know exactly what’s expected of you in every single job, then consider
looking into the job of a transcriber. The next job is a freelance writer. The pay
varies greatly for a freelance writer, but in the video today, I’m going to talk about
something called Textbroker. This is an online platform where you work as a freelance writer
and it typically pays between one to five cents per word depending on your skill level. Because of sites like Textbroker, it is really
easy to become a freelance writer and find a really steady stream of work. The reason
I want to talk to you about Textbroker is because I actually use it to hire writers
for one of my other businesses. My husband and I actually found two writers
on Textbroker and we’ve added them to our virtual team and now whenever we have an article
that we need written, we submit it specifically to those writers. To become a freelance writer with Textbroker,
you need to apply on their website and be from one of the countries that are listed
in the top right hand corner of the screen. The application process is fairly simple,
you submit your application which includes a writing sample. This writing sample helps them decide if you
are a one to five star writer and then once you’re approved, you’ll complete your profile
and you can start picking up work immediately, take time when you’re submitting your sample
because the star rating that you’re given will determine how much money you actually
make when you write an article. Once you actually sign in and start looking
for work, you can filter through the work in terms of category so you can look at business,
travel, fashion and you can find articles to write about that are actually in your area
of experience or interest. The coolest thing about this site is that
if somebody likes your writing, they can add you to their team which means that overtime
you can actually start to pick up articles that you’re interested in and only work with
people who you enjoy working with. If you want to get paid to write, checkout Textbroker. The next job is a customer service rep and
this pays around $15 an hour. A customer service rep responds to questions either by phone
or by email. Oftentimes a customer service rep is not required to have a degree, but
companies do look for people who have experience or a really strong interest in the field that
the company is in. Whether this is sports or fashion, it will
most likely be beneficial if you can show that you have an interest and are able to
actually talk to customers and connect with them on a more intimate level. I often see this job full-time and offering
health benefits. If you’re somebody who loves talking to people over the phone, you’re really
patient and you generally like helping people solve problems, this might be a really good
fit for you. The last job is a chat support representative.
This job pays around 15 to $25 an hour. A chat support rep is doing a really similar
job to the customer service rep, but rather than being on the phone, they are on a chat
support platform. I mentioned in another video that I actually
know somebody who does this. He was a freelancer using a training platform with his clients
and then he applied as a chat support rep for that training platform company and he
got that job. What’s really great is they still allow him
to freelance and he has the best of both worlds. He has a full time income from this company
and he gets to freelance on the side. If you use any business tech in your current job
or with your business or you’ve just come across this technology in some way like Mailchimp,
Infusionsoft, Thinkific, Kajabi, Asana, then think about checking out their websites and
keeping an eye open for chat support jobs at those companies because chat support is
growing in demand, there are actually other companies that will hire you and train you
to become a chat support agent and then they will hire you out to other companies. They typically ask you to complete an assessment
and this helps them assess whether or not you have the basic skills needed to be a chat
support agent and they also want to assess if you’ll be able to learn quickly about different
companies that you’ll be supporting as a chat support agent. If you like connecting with people, but you
don’t love being on the phone, this is a really great option for you. Those are the seven
jobs that you can do online from home that pay you at least a hundred dollars a day and
where you’re actually working for somebody else and you don’t actually have to be your
own boss. The jobs again are market research interviewer,
online English tutor, proofreader, freelance writer, transcriber, customer service rep
and chat support agent. If you’re looking for ways to make a living wage from home,
I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please give it a like below. It
helps other people find the video. If you’re new here, welcome. I would love for you to
stay and subscribe. If you’re returning, as always, thank you so much for spending your
time with me and I’ll see you guys in next week’s video.

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