hey my name is Josh and today I'm talking about buying and reselling bulk lots of Legos I'll be upfront dealing with Legos is a very time-consuming and tedious task but if you're stubborn like me and you choose to completely ignore all the previous red flags and you end up buying Legos even though you know you shouldn't be no need to freak out because I'll be sharing with you my simple approach to sorting through Legos and getting them ready to resell ok so I broke this down into seven steps step one is to authenticate your local blocks step two is to separate your minifigures step three is to separate your mixed bulk lot ideally by increments of two pounds step number four is to separate your lot by color Step five is to separate and the unique pieces or blocks step six is to recreate complete LEGO sets and of course step number seven is to list sell and profit okay so step number one is to attend decay all of your Lego bricks so it's actually quite simple all you're really looking for is a Lego imprint so knockoff brands those companies they can create Lego compatible bricks but what they can't do what is illegal is for them to use the Lego name so you're just looking brick by brick and looking at either the studs or somewhere within the block that says Lego and what I mean by Lego compatible so let's say this red brick is a knockoff brand and the black one is an authentic Lego they'll fit together no problem so you'll need to separate all of these pieces and go through each one to authenticate them once you've done that we can move on to step number two which is to separate your minifigures and these minifigures that's where the real money is at so a good rule of thumb for me is if the minifigures alone can make me profit off of the purchase of the bulk lot of Legos that I'm buying then that's generally what pushes me to purchase the Legos in the first place you'll have to look up each minifigure individually I mean it ranges from two dollars up to potentially fifty dollars or more so you're gonna have to look up each minifigure individually for the minifigures that aren't worth listing individually you can lock them up together by theme or you can just create a generic Lego minifigure a lot and sell them that way and it's important to mention that at any point in this process you can skip to number seven and list at whatever point you're at so as you're going down step by step the amount of time you need to commit increases exponentially so you need to take a step back and kind of just do a self analysis and decide how much time you want to commit against how much profit you're trying to pull out of the bulk like this so step number three is to separate and essentially sell the Legos by bulk mixed Lots after you pull out the minifigures or just whatever's left and personally I like to separate them into lots of two pounds and that's because two pounds actually fits very nicely into this 11 by 13 clear poly mailer and all you have to do once you fill that up is it'll fit pretty snug into a padded flat rate envelope the issue with stopping here is that there is an immense amount of competition for both Legos on especially on places like eBay you know there are companies that have warehouses full of loose LEGO pieces so I like to go on one more step move on to step number four which is to separate the bulk lot by color and separating it by color just like step number three I like to separate them ideally into lots of two pounds just because they fit nicely into the padded flat-rate envelope and what I found obviously the price varies based on each color but on average across the board I find that I can get about $19.99 about $20 plus shipping for two pounds take it one step further to step five separate any special or unique pieces you can go to websites such as brick link comm and separate by the individual piece so if you look on your brick your Lego piece you can find a piece number and you can sell it by that specific number so personally that's just way too time-consuming you're selling some of these pieces sell for pennies and it's just not worth the time and effort but pieces that are easy to pull from the lot such as base plates base plate seems to do very well and things like tires I'll separate those and then list them as separate Lots or sell them individually step number six is to recreate complete sets personally I've never gone this far into the process but if you want to maximize your return on investment on your book logo purchase and you enjoy sorting through the Legos and this almost becomes a hobby then I'd recommend to go through all the way to step number six so if you've made it this far in the process you should already have your pieces sorted by color and by part number and that makes it simple so if you have a manual there is typically a inventory list of all the pieces needed to complete the set so all you'll do is go line by line mix and match all the pieces and match them together until you have a complete set and once you have that you can sell it as a complete set without the box and of course step number seven is to list your Legos and sell them and profit so I hope you enjoyed this quick video just sharing my simple approach to sorting and reselling bulk lots of Legos so for the avid reseller this is what I do personally I would stop at step number four which is separating the lot by color if you find yourself to be a lego enthusiast then you know you can go all out go to step 6 recreate these sets and you know maximize your return on investment for your purchase but for the avid reseller is just not worth the time and effort if you enjoyed the video definitely like comment and subscribe if you're new here like always I appreciate the support really does mean a lot and yeah until next time I

16 thoughts on “A SIMPLE Guide to RESELLING BULK LEGO”

  1. Learning more and more about Lego every day. Lego is apparently the plural form of lego, so sorry if that bothers any Lego pros out there!

  2. Hey Josh, thanks for subscribing! Do you mainly sell on EBay? If so, what’s your eBay store?? I am looking for more platforms. I subscribed back! Good video

  3. The plural of Lego is Lego, if you are going to make a video on selling them at least get the lingo correct. Legos sounds horrible and something my 3 year old would say.

  4. Where do you buy your Legos? Do you just find them at garage sales or thrift stores? Or do you buy them on eBay?

  5. Good advice Josh! I bought a lot before because I saw a bunch of figures… Knew that would pay for it. BUT it's not fun lol.

  6. Nice video bud! My wife is currently on step 6. It's been very profitable putting the sets back together and selling them, but of course very time consuming.

  7. Love your videos! I’ve been selling Legos and they are like plastic Gold! No matter the competition legos will sell..

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