Arise Work From Home Review! Why I Join

Arise Work From Home Review! Why I Join

You Hello everybody Say hello the only gonna make my video quickly second, but we are just out here chillin. We’re at the country club here in Charlotte, North Carolina So we’re about to have dinner, but I wanted to come on here really fast, okay? I wanted to come overly fast and Upload a video on why I decided to join from mariah’s Why I decided to join arise for actual solution so the reason I started I wanted to join arise almost in 2012 I had 2012 I Had two two daughters at that particular time, and I really really wanted to spend more time with them versus Being in an actual call center setting I did have experience working in a call center. I actually worked in a call center Ever since I was 18 18 years old I worked at an actual brick and mortar, and I didn’t like the set hours. I didn’t like the commute having to go back and forth And then as I you know grew had a family being a military spouse and then having children You really really wanna have to be able to spend more time with them and have versus having them in a day care all Day long so that’s why I decided to join arise as a military spouse, it’s difficult to be able to Travel and have to find jobs everywhere you go so as a military spouse with spouse we do travel quite frequently so As I was traveling I it was hard to Secure a job keep a job and then travel again and have to get another job, so Arise was perfect so I came because I can I was able to take my laptop with me When I would go on vacation If it’s like a quick vacation or whatever it is. I was able to take my laptop with me. I was able to Just take everything with me and be able to work it so unless the hotel had Wi-Fi I would be able to work so that’s what I loved about I love that I love the flexibility in my schedule at that time and just being able to be in control of my schedule Otherwise allow you to be in control of your schedule And it’s hourly paid the first one of the first clients that I contracted with they were paying $14 an hour This client now is paying 14 to 16 dollars an hour. I won’t say the name But it was just awesome being able to be in control of your schedule and being able to make hourly pay So that’s why I joined arrives you may have different reasons why you know you would want to join But it’s very very flexible a flexible schedule where you’re able to do it from home all you need Is your laptop or desktop? And you also would need high speed internet You will also need sometimes a phone line so with that being said This is a great opportunity, and this is I just wanted to do a quick video on why I joined Make sure you subscribe It’s in my channel. I will be giving away a free laptop So make sure you subscribe to my channel you also have to like this video and also come You all have a great day or night

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  1. I actually joined your facebook group and that page have so much info on it… I finally got my office desk piece by piece, it'll come together…

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  3. You look beautiful dear likewise your children
    Please,can you highlight more on things they do and all that.
    Thank you

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