Ben Carson on combatting the affordable housing crisis

Ben Carson on combatting the affordable housing crisis

50 thoughts on “Ben Carson on combatting the affordable housing crisis”

  1. HUD is stealing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars from EVERY INDIVIDUAL senior community EVERY YEAR under the guise of their HUD Mandatory Meal Program….ALL UNDER SECRETARY BEN CARSON'S WATCH.

    So Ben Carson, "How do feel about stealing from the elderly?

  2. Manufactured homes and trailers won't stand up to tornado, wrong information Ben Carson. A bolted down house can't withstand a tornado.

  3. Electricians and plumbers demand to be paid a high amount of money I don't see how you can get houses built for cheap. A plumber is not going to do a $6,000 job for six hundred bucks.

  4. Washington Gov Jay Inslee running for POTUS and Seattle has the worse homeless problem along with Olympia the State Capital!! The leftists answer is to Subsidize renters with taxpayer money. High Property taxes are forcing Seniors on Fixed incomes out of their houses.

  5. …yeah , but does the submersible Barge House sit on a corrugated hydro, pneumatic, electronic, perpetual refrigerated heating and cooling system ?? with its own sprinkler system and rooftop garden ?? capable of mobilizing through annual floods ??…thats what I wanna know…and if not…WHY?????????

  6. You can start by booting out the millions of illegals who are helping to create the shortage by occupying dwellings they are not entitled to.

  7. Genius. This idea will be very helpful in dealing with relocating populations displaced by flooding. Brilliant.

  8. Ben is dealing with a bureaucratic system of "do-nothings," like the democrats. All they do is spend other people's money. Never their own! And then take the credit for it. Self-serving pricks, the lot of them.

  9. Combating the affordable housing crisis . As long as Builders are able to get $250,000 for a starter Home ? And Rates remain at or lower than 4% ? There is no way to combat High Home Prices . Homes sell as quickly as they hit market no matter the price . So why lower the Price ? If Interest Rates get cut ? They will raise Prices even higher than they are now .

  10. there is reason why doctor hire plumber and not install plumbing him self,

    and there is reason top scientists runing dep. of energy not salesmen turn politician

  11. Democrats are using tax payers money to build these huge nice beautiful apartments for illegals and immigrants who come from the middle east in every state.
    Democrats would rather get these people here to get votes.
    Each tax payer is paying $25,000 per family to house a illegal and Democrats get ur money depending upon the state and district they run and they control the taxes and that's how they get it

  12. Dumb old fuk what do you think Trump and the republicans are doing!Getting rid of the political swamp the dumbicrats have caused!

  13. We stand with you Dr. Carson!!! Don't let these goons get in the way of this important project!!!! #Americans First! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  14. 57 years old, worked hard my whole life! Paid in thousands and thousands in taxes in my life. What does America do for me now that I lost my job due to a illegal immigrant working cheaper then I can live? I now live in a 1973 camper, lost my home that was almost paid for, now I go around and do odd jobs just to survive! Then I see this brand new house being built down the street. After completion we see this whole family of Muslims moving in. Found out they pay $50.00 a month with no electric bill. These people haven't been in America more then 3 months! Can someone please tell me how this is right? How can we let Americans sleep outside, how can we let our vets eat out of dumpsters while these immigrants live in brand new homes that we the Americans are paying for? How and why is this happening? Americans citizens first, then we can help the immigrants! Not the other way around!

  15. Why is a brain surgeon in politics? Is he that bad at it that he had to change professions. I think he did brain surgery on Trump to try to make him smart……I DIDN'T work πŸ€”

  16. Dr Carson is truly a gem. He definitely has God’s favor. So wise, and has one of the most brilliant minds of our generation. Congress needs to get out of the way allow Dr Carson to restore our housing crisis

  17. I would love one of those. Looks low maintenance. Problem with trailers and other manufactured homes is that they may be cheaper to buy but they are very expensive to fix if something breaks because they have more specialty parts and fewer qualified people to fix them. Need to provide something low cost, low maintenance and easy and inexpensive to repair. Must cost less to insure also. Do they check all those boxes?

  18. We've had a doublewide since 1994 on an acre in the country. We just remodeled everything from the roof down to the flooring and are good for another 30 years of our retirement years.
    We tell people about how our home is probably built better then the $300,000 to $500,000 homes that they are looking at. Right at 1,600 sq ft, 3 bedrooms 2 full baths Large family room, plus living room, dining room and large kitchen. Initially at $50,000 including the land.(we hit a rough spot in 2001 and refinanced) The property is now valued over $100,000 before we did the upgrades.
    I use the smaller bedroom as a "Man Cave" and the other bedroom is for occasional guest and grandchildren.
    So we live 5 miles from the North Carolina coast and have weather many hurricanes.
    Also, we don't have an HOA or a Parent overlooking our life choices. I can stand buck naked out in my back yard or shoot guns at drones flying over my house. This is My Kingdom because my wife said so.

  19. Warren gave Ben down the road because he wont let illegals have house .. and he should not ..Warren can give them her home

  20. This moron is having trouble reading his teleprompter feed. Great pick for HUD secretary. Maybe he can have some more Oreos when he's done.

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