here we are folks it's getting serious the MP delay MP a Motion Picture Association of America have hired a law firm okay this law firm is going after the big guys is going after Cody Adams Co the terrarium show books we all know these popular ones and rumor has it they've hired a firm to take these people on take them to court rooms like this yes I'm setting the judge seat I'm no judge the MPA came after me a while back I could have been set down here and they had lots of cases against me 7 8 page letter and emails all gun stop what you're doing they're gonna now got a law firm involved we're gonna be doing this for you law firm is better and Polyakov and they're going to be pretty much the guys behind what's going to happen and they're gonna be targeting more people and see multiple articles around the internet regarding this and these are the big big guys folks okay so we're a quick read for the article we have a quick look over Italy we talk about what this means and who they are folks okay let's get out of this courtroom so the MPA hires law firm tackle streaming piracy French what this is pretty much is their ongoing battle folks and it's all in here I'll put this article underneath as well and if you don't know who the Motion Picture Association is we'll go through that at the end but pretty much they're sick of it get pushing back the law firm is echo and Polikoff okay this is the law company and they're coming after you okay mainly Adam creators by the looks fit but where does it end folks okay this is why things go up and down this is why apks are stopping this is why we haven't seen updates on certain things for a while we've experienced attorneys and a solid track record of innovation thinking we're relentless focused on you your business your circumstances objective your challenges we do it all with one goal in mind moving you forward there's nothing more important to us than helping you succeed we're poised to take on your challenge and turn them into opportunities okay this is an orphan so if you've never heard of the Motion Picture Association it's the likes of Amazon Netflix Disney all jumped in together folks okay and they came after me a while back that's why you've noticed my content changed over time but we still like to bring this sort of news to you and tech news so do make sure you subscribe with me they I had to pretty much stop doing what I was doing so no more helping you folks installed apks no more putting links for apks on the website no more showing you how to do add-ons is known as enabling and that is enabling new guys to pretty much break the law and it access illegal content content you're not allowed to so it's not streaming as a whole is streaming illegal content or copyrighted content you don't own the rights to do same as I've met fixings on that wall fine as long as you pay for it they paid their licenses so they've hired these guys to go after the add-on creators and you know that the MPA are the people behind eight okay the MPA helped ace out they are the ones who drive them they're the ones who pretty much pay them to do what they do and support them it's all a very big team all working together folks okay to come after really the end user at the moment it's all about the theaters and we all know one shuts down one reopens but at what time will someone be set in this courtroom and they could be in this court and someone sat in a dock it may be someone you know it may be a user maybe a creator it may be yourself if you decided to make an add-on and it just got too big for you and it's got massive that letter could come to you next what happens if someone goes to court for it we don't know yet do we we're still waiting there's been a few different court cases like the TV ad on things like that and they just settled early set TV and I think the other one was trust TV car member now City differently currently in court still war going through the core process has been no settlement for anything on that the MPA massively pushing therefore they're pretty much their information their data their information on you the IP address lists their user information so they know who's been using it how many people what are they going to do with that information if they get it who knows but this company they're not holding that big money okay and they're tied the big companies are tired of losing all this money so they're spending big money to stop it is it gonna help them in the long run who knows you know torrents came around it really been big Thomas Bendix is about two thousand are free and as it stopped yet no torrents almost probably bigger than ever at the moment because people just find best quality viral torrent but these streaming apks are so popular could it be terrarium in the seat next we don't know could it be show box no it's gonna be Kodi themselves probably not Cody 18 is coming soon folks and they've got a lot more security things in place is the delay on Cody because they're trying to stop being held up at all this xxx content well this their party stuff stop on Cody who knows but this law firm aren't gonna stop folks you see youtubers at moment shutting down their channels you see other youtubers getting multiple strikes one one one these aren't coming from YouTube these are coming from the NPA these are coming from ace I know one youtuber got 28 copyrights drugs from ace overnight it might have been neither as one as well we've got nearly a hundred overnight every video they're normally reasonable as in to the point of I'll stop making those videos can you you know take them back the strikes but if you go play ball with them who's gonna be in that first person in court in those folks well they can start to come off the end user or will that be laws which are pushed to the IP who knows or will it all just blow over and it continues streaming will continue torrents will continue one will shut down one more reopen interesting topic this one folks just a bit of news for a Monday we've got lots more to bring you for the rest of the week and remember subscribe if you're new here remember underneath you'll find loads of other things if you do leave VPNs or anything like that or other videos and good links thanks for watching the channel and I'll see you soon you

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