Caller’s Trump Delusions DESTROYED Live

Caller’s Trump Delusions DESTROYED Live

Let’s go next to our caller from the three
zero three area code color from three zero three who maybe is making tea or whistling
in the background. Hello? Dude, are you there? Yeah. So are we on speaker or Bluetooth? Um, give me one second. I’m very good. How’s it going? Hello? Hello. Yes, that’s much better. Yeah, the question man. So yeah, I have a question. So I’m leaning a little more. I’m in the middle of either democratic or
Republican. I had a question because I’m not too sure. Like I see usually like CNN usually talks
bad about Trump and I just want to know what do you, if any, do you have any policies that
you necessarily agree that he was put in place? Are you a character that yeah, that Trump
has put in? Yeah, I mean, listen, so one of the things
that I think overall Trump’s tax plan was a disaster, but one of the things he did is
he lowered the threshold, at which point medical expenses become deductible. I think that that’s good. You know, I think that that, I mean it’s like,
it’s, it’s very, it’s, it’s pennies on the dollar. It’s a drop in the bucket, but I think that
was the right decision. Um, he made a couple of tiny little tweaks
around disclosure of pharmaceutical pricing that I think are fine, but they, you know,
they don’t really change the broader problems we have. Like, yeah, I can find little tiny things
if you, you know, kind of pushed my hand. Sure. Oh, I was just, I was curious because I don’t
know, I’ve like, I’ve, I’ve been always in the middle, like I don’t necessarily agree
with all these gun rights that I think liberals are more pushing or censorship kind of deal. I do agree with somethings like health care,
but I just, I kind of find myself in the middle and I, I’m having a hard time. Well, but let me ask you this. I mean, let’s see. Remind me what your name was. I don’t know if I caught it. Oh wait, sorry. It’s Mackenzie. Mackenzie. Okay. Mackenzie, listen are, when you look around,
do you think right now that we have an imbalance of power in this country where the rich have
too much power or do you think that they don’t? Uh, I think they do. Uh, and most places. Yeah. Okay. And when you look around, do you think that
huge businesses are over-regulated and can’t make any money? Or do you think that businesses are getting
away with things like paying no taxes while raping and pillaging the environment? Well, that’s why I may disagree. I do agree that they may be getting away with
some taxes, but if you look into like business models and, uh, development or I guess ideas
that they, uh, put money and invest in, I think that that’s something that not a lot
of people look at. Like, I don’t know if you point out Amazon
and say, Oh, they haven’t been taxed a lot or it should be taxed more. But you look at how we are getting two day
shipping, one day shipping something that 10 years ago you would’ve thought was, Oh
that’s impossible. I wouldn’t be able to uh, get that object. Right. But when it comes to that one and two day
shipping, Mackenzie, if I were to tell you the way Amazon is able to do that and do it
cheaply is by subcontracting those one day delivery deliveries to underlie synced and
untrained third party delivery companies that are getting into accidents that are, you know,
getting into all sorts of trouble. And then Amazon says, Hey, it’s not our problem. They’re not our employees. That said, does that sound okay to you or
does that sound like a problem? No, that does. That definitely does sound like a problem. I, I’m not too educated on that. Got it. And when you look around the world, Mackenzie,
and you see people like Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong, Owen and Vladimir Putin and Bashar
Al Assad and whoever else are those, the types of leaders that you want our president to
be more like or less like big picture for me, definitely less like, because I wasn’t like,
uh, you know, the bad things that they do over there. I don’t want to talk about that on the phone. So listen, every, everything I’ve asked you
so far means that if you vote your values, you could not possibly vote for Donald Trump
in 2020. Now, which of the democratic candidates we
could talk about. But I don’t see anything in there that would
in any sensible way mean Oh, Trump is the person that you would, you would be voting
for. I just don’t see any points of agreement. Yeah, I, I definitely do agree there, but
I, I’m, I’m personally, I was a Bernie supporter. Uh, I definitely liked the free college idea. I mean, I don’t personally go to college. Okay. Uh, but I do agree that like investing in
a younger class will definitely help the future, but part of me is, is more on the fiscal side
of, I don’t see where that money’s going necessarily come from. Okay, well that’s a bigger, that’s a bigger
conversation, which, which we can have, but listen, I’m glad we did this because to me,
and I think the audience will agree and check out the YouTube comments when we upload this,
you’re clearly someone who should be voting for one of the democratic candidates in which
one kind of remains to be determined. Absolutely. Well, thank you for your time, David. Be calling a lot more. This is my first time calling you. Thank you, sir. All right, very good. Appreciate the phone call. I apologize that I am out of time, but I am
sorry to everybody I didn’t get to. I see Ronald Reagan is holding and a call
in earlier next. I’m Ronald and I will definitely get to you

100 thoughts on “Caller’s Trump Delusions DESTROYED Live”

  1. How do you sympathize with Amazon not paying taxes…. because shipping is free? What in thee entire hell. I don’t understand how the average person can be for billionaires above themselves

  2. If you're against Trump's policies, or think they're not working for the masses, then you should atleast educate your audience about the policies been presented by the democrats so far. Biased journalists are flooding every space by their numbers everyday!

  3. McKenzie….Bernie is the only candidate. The ' How are we going to pay for it'? is buying into Republican talking point BS.
    How did we pay for 125 million In Trump golfing trips? How did ( and why) did we pay over 7 trillion in undeclared theater wars? It just came out that billionaires pay a lesser percentage of their income than the middle class and below. You think it is fair that THIS is how we are paying for these things? If the rich are taxed based on percentages of income at a much higher rate…that's how we pay for it. We bailed out Wall St….the automotive industry. We bail out insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies. We give huge tax breaks to corporations and allow them to hold massive wealth offshore.We fix this….That is how we pay for it.

  4. I can't understand why there are so many ppl out there who either just can't see what is happening in the country under Trump, or don't want to accept it all or believe that Trump is a good man doing good things.

  5. I love the assumption that 2 day or even 1 day delivery is real. I am an Amazon sub and its like 50/50 2 day , the rest a week or more. If amazon fakes you out, politics will eat you alive.

  6. Should just tell him were slaves to the government because truth is the government is corrupt this is fact that were all slaves!

  7. Basically if you’re a decent human being you don’t want to vote for Trump. You can vote Republican or Democrat all you want once Trump is out of office.

  8. Forget subcontractors, the way Amazon is able to do 1-day and 2-day delivery is by sucking all the money out of small businesses and communities that had SAME-DAY delivery – aka, walk into the store, buy it, walk home with it. Here in Seattle we have all of your money – if Bezos doesn't have it, his army of computer nerds does.

  9. Something I usually ask people who lean towards the 'fiscally responsible stance' is "When has there ever been a Conservative led economy in recent or in our lifetime, that didn't crash or end in recession?" The truth is you'd have to go back to before Teddy Roosevelt to find that.

  10. Great job David breaking it down I'm pretty sure he knows which way he's going to vote. If anybody was smart enough to want to care for this nation's future. They will finally be awake to make a decision that will change their life in many different ways than one.

  11. Historically Republicans stance is to run a government like a business. And government is NOT a business. That's why Republicans have always in recent history (the past 40 yrs at the very least) crashed the economy or at the very least presided over a Recession.

  12. The only times we've seen a consistent rise in the economy (in the past 70 yrs or so) is under a Democratic led economy. Check the date of Recession's and rises in the economy and history is on the side of Democrats.

  13. They always ask, "Where is the Money to come From?" Bad grammer but. Bernie tells you. But the rich don't want to hear it. Because they know they would have to pay their "FAIR?" share.

  14. Trump sold his soul to the Russian roulette Malanias is Russian Malanias pussy smell like devided onions thunder COK FOR UR THUNDER CAT ivanka she's got a long Neck she could deep throat a donkey dick

  15. Amazon – one or two day shipping – IS HE KIDDING? this guy needs to educate himself! do we want to be a bunch of spoiled brats or do we want to take responsibility for our lives – WAKE UP

  16. Vote for Bernie again. David didn't mention that tuition to public colleges and universities would be paid by small tax on Wall Street stock trades in Bernie's plan.

  17. Every time I hear "how will we pay for it" I become a little more unhinged. I'm really having trouble calmly explaining to people fundamental government economics… Worse is that EVERYONE seems to agree the military budget is insane!

  18. Who..the hell…is still undecided as to which party they belong? The Ken Bones of this country never cease to amaze me with their ignorance and stupidity.

  19. I love the logic that the caller is basically saying. "It's ok if businesses don't pay taxes because they have a good product like 2 day shipping."

  20. Trumptards probably think Amazon are OK because the own a rainforest too.

    I also still can't work out if David mentioned the caller at the end's name deadpan for comedy effect or that he just didn't pick up on it, but presumably it was the former lol

  21. David is a saint to play along with people like this.

    I do not have the patience to entertain wishy washy, politically uneducated, “moderate” for the sake of being moderate voters.

    Being “in the middle” isn’t inherently good.

    Being indecisive, sorry, “open” to all the political mind games the corporate status politicians like to brandy about isn’t clever or fair or “playing it safe”.

    I have more respect for out and out right wing conservatives because you at least know where they stand and what they believe.
    Even if sometimes those beliefs are hinged on falsehood or prejudice.

    Dudes like this?

    Fuckin useless. Sorry! David is a far more patient man than I and I appreciate his ability to talk to people like that.

    I do not have that skill.

  22. trump didn't write the new tax codes. All he did was ask if it was a way to get rid of the ACA, make sure it didnt hurt his business and sign it.

  23. I deliver for Amazon the conditions suck for delivery drivers which have no training what so ever they give people a truck and packages then push them out the building

  24. Come on David this guy it was not delusional he was just uneducated about this. He took the time to call in to try and learn from you, you shouldn't make fun of him dude

  25. i vote republican or democrat. I voted for Trump and i regret it but this time i am voting with democrat's ,fuck republicans.

  26. So what if anything on the Republican side appeals to the caller? Trump is a horrible human, you can see that a mile away. Trump cheats, he lies, he bullies. He is the stereotypical Used Car salesman. He and his Big Brain.

  27. What an idiot!
    His two days deliveries cost billions of dollars to US citizens.
    It is only about me me me in there.
    That the logic in the US.

  28. you really need to change whoever is writing your youtube clips' titles. Don't result to exaggerated clickbait titles. It hurts your credibility.

  29. Sikhs, Sikhs are not necessarily flavor freaks but they do drive Sprinters, delivering Amazon boxes acceptably.

  30. The rich have always had the power. The rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer its been that way unfortunately ever since money has been invented fuck the rich and everything that they stand for

  31. republican supporters live pay check to pay check no matter their pay check amount …they live for today and could care a less about tomorrow ….they believe RICH people do not have any effect on their daily lives ….FACT because a family member is a supporter of RUMP and this is what that family member said to me

  32. Hello? Another doorknob on line whatever. Standard issue 'Murkan flat-liner–no pulse, not a thought in sight–Who cares! Why bother dialing? 'Murkans are a waste of good air.

  33. blah blah blah once again David doesn't let the caller get word one in but instead berates him with a series of strategic questions in order to paint him into a corner. for example, you'd have to assume what david is saying about Amazon subcontractors is true in order to move on to the next talking point, but david doesn't give the caller the opportunity to dispute it, just blasts into the next talking point. I've never heard that before, about Amazon subcontracting and not taking responsibility. It could be true. I don't know. But just because David says it's true doesn't make it true. Yet that's the basis for his argument and then lickity split as usual, he cuts the caller off after a mere five minutes.

  34. Trump isn't looking out for the the common folks. He's toxic. Lies Lies and Lies. I hope to see a brighter future in 2020.

  35. Always thought of myself as being in the middle but with trump's attempts to destroy the Constitution, his criminal activities, the attacks on our Allies, the lying by trump and the gop, the attempt to destroy health care for most Americans, the huge tax cut for the rich and the fake tax cut for the rest of us has made me choose a side. I find myself in agreement with the Democratic Socialist on health care, on taxes, on equality for all Americans not just the chosen of the gop. So I wll vote for a pet rock over the traitor in chief.

  36. I don't like Trump, but this guy calling wanted to talk about policy. Instead David went into stuff that I don't feel had anything to do with policy, but instead had to do with feelings and personality. I feel there's better ways to approach this kind of stuff.

  37. Mackenzie! If you are anywhere on Bonespurs side! And why should Amazon get a tax break just to get a package to you quicker? You want it quicker, you pay the extra freight!

  38. I know it gets clicks, but that title has to go. He was super respectful and calling in good faith – no need to denigrate him.

  39. David has done a REALLY clear break down in the past of how we would pay for progressive policies and it's totally possible and not scary. The right and the rich have got people SO BRAINWASHED

  40. Honestly can sympathize with centrists. But can't even imagine what Trumpists are thinking. I mean, there wasn't a huge difference in terms of policy between George HW Bush and Bill Clinton, or between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton… but right now? Donald Trump is clearly the worst president in US history he's just a complete unmitigated disaster, and the GOP that supports and covers for him has gotten worse and worse and worse in my lifetime. This certainly is NOT the party of Lincoln and Roosevelt anymore. Nor is it the party of Nixon and Reagan. Hell, it's not even the party of George W Bush and Dick Cheney. It's become a tool for almost pure evil at this point. As much as I dislike many on the far-left, including Mr. Parkman much of the time, and as much as I find identity politics, intersectional feminism, social "justice," Communism, Anarchism, and anti-US anti-capitalist narratives to be stupid, misguided, ignorant, and counter-productive… in the current political environment you just can't support Republicans at all and certainly not Trump. They are just completely detestable. When Trump does something good it's almost entirely by accident or incidental to whatever he was trying to accomplish. and this coming from a guy who if the election were between Jeb and Hillary I wouldn't have known who to be rooting for.

  41. Shameful manipulation in the headline. That person had no "trump delusions". He said he was in the middle. The headline is false! That is BULLSHIT! What is this fox news?

  42. David man, I feel like this was an average guy looking for another opinion, and the title of the video is over the top. Dont become what you're fighting against, the clickbait is in poor taste. I'm on your side, lets be better than them

  43. I was gonna jump down here and say something like "Omg of course this caller is from a small ass area code in Colorado that I'm from, I'm so embarrassed." But really he seemed genuinely open to listen. The title is a complete lie

  44. One thing that isn't discussed enough regarding free higher education is that college graduates earn more and will therefore pay more in income taxes. In a sense, they will be paying the government back for their education. They will also have more money to spend, while will stimulate the economy.

  45. He also extended gi bill for life and gave veterans a smaller threshold to seek medical care outside of the v.a. trump still sucks Turkey butt

  46. If I woke up from a coma from 5 yrs ago I would not believe the state of things today it is literally bizarro world I mean WTF.

  47. I don't see how anyone would even consider voting the orange guy in at all . There is no discussion on thus for god sakes .

  48. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz would sell their mother down the river, if they had a chance at the Presidency. They are by far the worst that the Republican party has vomited forth.

  49. There's no such thing as "the middle", and when he said "censorship" he gave his real location away. He was on the right to start off with.

  50. Mackenzie, you should be voting for Bernie Sanders. Full stop. You'll like his programs, and (whispering) they're actually CHEAPER than what we're doing now. By a LOT. Medicare for All is so much cheaper than our current system that we can send about 1/3 of the private health care workers into subsidized retirement AND pay for totally free college for the next 20 years AND rebuild about 2/3 of our infrastructure for LESS total money than we're currently paying for our current mediocre health care outcomes. And that's just on one issue. His campaign finance reform proposal will get us better politicians and save us money. His proposal to legalize pot will help solve the opioid crisis and save us money. His foreign policy proposals will get us to a safer, stronger country and save us money. The media utterly hates him, because their shows are sponsored by giant corporations that feel threatened by Bernie's proposals, and so they fabricate huge costs and problems with his agenda, when they're just not accurate. The reason 50 other countries have some form of universal health care is because it works and it is cheaper than a private system. The reason the US doesn't have universal health care is because corporate money bribes our politicians (in both parties). Bernie takes no corporate money.

    So the politician that will not only best help the "middle" but the Left and most of the Right as well is Bernie Sanders. Trump won in part by pretending to be a populist. Bernie is an actual populist. Trump's tax cuts gave trillions to the rich. You're never going to get fiscal discipline from the Republicans, because all they care about is giving the rich more money (which then funnels back to them in campaign contributions). The last Republican president to even balance a budget, the most BASIC task in terms of fiscal discipline? Eisenhower in 1958. They aren't fiscally responsible, they're just grifters.

  51. David, I really wish you would have spent more time wth this guy. It sounded like he was ready to change his perspective and just needed an outside pov or a little push in the right direction. I could have done a whole hour just on the 'fiscal conservative' comment that unfortunately was at the end of this, not to rip into the guy but to show the fallacies of his current beliefs and what a better direction might look like. I would also give him some better resources since he clearly is lost.

    I understand not pandering but I have a feeling that conservatives who want to turn are going to look like this.

  52. Sadly the USA is not the only place with these delusional nonsensical contradicting crazy voters.
    They support the candidates that most oppose what they want, how?!

  53. You don’t have title the video “Trump delusions DESTROYED LIVE”, the dude clearly is like the average american and not incredibly informed. And you gave him a new perspective. The clickbait is a little pretentious

  54. Trump is running the White House like a corporate CEO. He disregard processes and laws to get to the profiteering for his presidency personally not for the interest of American citizens. He is turning into Fidel Castro.

  55. 303, he's from the area I live in. Lots of psuedo cowboys here. Want to be conservative because it's popular, but ride the fence because there's a lot of liberal tech people in the area too. Most just say they are on the fence because they don't actually know what's really going on, haven't done the research, so they just say they're in the middle because they think it's easier to defend their position. But from the sounds of it, this guy is mostly a progressive. He just needs to take time to understand the platform that Sanders, Warren, AOC… Justice Democrats in general are putting forward and I think this guy will find his tribe quick. BTW David, I'm not sure but maybe you confused this with another call? He didn't seem to have any delusions about Trump and you didn't really destroy anything. Seemed like a reasonable, normal conversation.

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