Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities for MBA Entrepreneur Management Masters in business and administration in
entrepreneur management is a course that deals with developing ones skills of networking,
leadership, creativity, spontaneity, team management, flexibility, foresight, expertise
and innovative approach. Aspects of how to deal with business from small to large group
of team is taught. Strength and weaknesses, strategy and analysis are other factors for
study and research. It deals with knowledge of overcoming the challenges faced by an entrepreneur,
while executing his idea into a successful business venture. Skills will be bestowed
on managing growth and development, securing finance, social impact, researching market
and modernisation. Specialization that are available include
IT, retail, environment, biotech, healthcare, marketing or finance. One, on completion of
the bachelor’s degree in business related area, can join in this course who have interests
based on management of business as an owner. The course is a one year period program. Lotus Business School in Pune, Delhi Institute
of Technology and management Delhi, Conspi Academy of Management studies in Kerala, NMIMS
in Mumbai, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India in Gujurat, Xavier Institute of management
Assam, Symbiosis center of management Maharashtra, are a few of many colleges providing with
the course. Universities of Sheffield, Southampton, Nottingham, Toledo, Brunel University London,
AUT University, The university of Sydney are some of the many universities abroad providing
this course. Doctors degree can be taken in this field through further studies. MBA degree in entrepreneurship holder can
become: • Company’s CEO
• Corporate Manager • Employee Supervisor
• Business consultant • Department Manager
• Corporate Vice president • Management Analyst To work abroad one must have an experience
of atleast 2 to 4 years as an entrepreneur. There are also companies that seek for entrepreneurs
to lead and venture innovative ideas in one company so as to bring about growth and development
directed towards company’s profit. Some companies that help train and become
an entrepreneur are as below: • Nirman, Bangalore
• Rockwell Industries Ltd. , Hyderabad • HW wellness solutions private ltd., Pune
• Orbit Corporate and Leisure Travels Pvt Ltd., Kochin The best one can do as an entrepreneur is
to own a business or company or corporation with one’s intelligence in innovative techniques
in that particular market segment. But it doesn’t limit just to owning a business. High
paid corporate job is an another option, ownership can take place eventually with experience.
Established businesses also need entrepreneurship for more assistance in sales promotion, market
research and MBA entrepreneurs can prove to be valuable assets with their problem solving
skills and foreseeing a matter in hand for the company in the long run. The salary of an entrepreneur is based on
the facts like how established he is, companies market profits and his experience and hand
in overall development of the company. One can earn upto 48lakhs INR as an MBA entrepreneur
based on experience, skills, development and innovative schemes introduced or generated. More on MBA in entrepreneur management course
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  1. Thank you for the video and ideas..
    I am puzzled though why you speak confidently but you clench your tummy like you are having pain in your tummy or else scared of the camera and trying to shield your body and become smaller. It really looks weird and distracts ke from your message. Take a breath and dont try to ramble so fast that it sounds like you want to get the presentation over as quick as possible. No taking breaths, no natural pauses as you go from one idea to the next? Why? Your whole body language are very tight. Relax lady. Your presentation is good value content! 🙂 Perhaps toastmasters or similar will benefit your public speaking. It did for me!

  2. Hi am vera, this vedio is very interesting. I would like to ask a question between economic and entrepreneurs which one should I go for.

  3. Am currently studying entrepreneurs and for 4 good year. I just started, and people look down so on this course, they it has lesser opportunity in feature. Should I continue or change my line of study to economics and entrepreneurs is a new course and I really do not know much about it.

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