17 thoughts on “ChatuChak Weekend Market in Bangkok Travel Guide”

  1. Was you in Bangkok last year ? I am pretty sure i saw you chatting with a "lady of the night" near the entrance of Nana Plaza last year : )

  2. I boycotted this market for a long time because they were selling endangered species, but they finally cracked down on that. Still don't support the puppy mills that sell there

  3. ChatuChak Weekend Market, also known as JJ Market is a lot of fun. Get there early to beat the crowd and beat the heat. Lots of food is available and if the duck noodle soup shop is still there, grab a bowl. Delicious!

  4. The market looks really cool! I'm sure that it would be cool just to do some people watching. I probably would do the same thing by eating in the air conditioning after walking outside in the heat!

  5. You might enjoy watching more of my Bangkok videos in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-LwjAEvvDE9JkY3U4ZRqhkt

  6. Chris we are considering Aruba for honeymoon. Have you done a review there? Any other recommendations in the Caribbean? Thanks!

  7. Ok so now I am missing ChatuChak and Bangkok ! i was just there in October but did have the time to stop at ChatuChak and it really is a fun place to go I have one suggestion bring a frozen bottle of water with you and hold it once you get hot it will make you feel cooler and helps a great deal while walking this market… this is a really fun vlog from you keep them coming maybe Chao Praya River next ?????

  8. Again another well made video love watching you 1st saw You when we were planning a trip to LA Great Work 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. #ChatuchakWeekend Market ตลาดนัดจตุจักรกรุงเทพมหานครReady to receive the World Environment Day, use the pedestrian street, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Saturday, Sunday as a car park, solve traffic congestion, reduce dust in the city.

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