Collaborate With Other YouTubers (PART 2)

Collaborate With Other YouTubers (PART 2)

Alright, now let’s just say
that like right now, I’m starting to get people reaching out to me and I’ve been
reaching out to some others and we’re saying hey, would you be interested in a
collaborative enough and I’ve already done a few collaborations but I want to
ask you for this person that’s watching that’s never done one before like, let’s
say there’s a mutual understanding that we’re going to do a basic collaboration
with each other, are there contracts? Is it verbal agreement? Like
what’s the next step? – So this kind of long term strategy from the beginning
but it’s good to have some kind of a release form so anyone who’s going to
participate in your video, anyone whose face is going to be in your video, it’s just
good practice to have them sign a release which basically just gives you
permission and license to have them in your video, that way down the road,
nothing is going to come back on you. Yeah, because basically if you don’t have that
release and four years later they say hey you know what, I don’t want to be in
this video anymore, you could have a million views or a couple hundred
thousand views, you could be monetized in that video but bottom line is, if they
want it out and you don’t have the proper paperwork you have to
decommission that video. – So it’s that going to happen? I mean likelihood. No, I
mean I’ve never really, I’ve never had anything like that. No but you taught
your I’s, you cross your T’s. Right so do usually sign anything with the
collaborative or is it just so small of a project that hey, we do a video with me,
we do a video with you and boom, you know. – Well I think the goal here is if you
want to treat YouTube like a business and absolutely you do sign a contract
with the collaborative and the professional YouTube channels that I’ve
worked with who take it seriously as a business absolutely do that
and we have contracts for our channel as well so absolutely. – Well if you think
about it for a moment, it’s like you can do a really small shot out, you could do
a massive shot out, there’s so many different ways, you could wait to the end
of the video, you could drop it during a prime time so I think it’s important to
have like a really just good understanding of if we are going to play
with each other, let’s make sure that we both take care of each other and create
good value for each other. – So let’s talk about how to reach out to collaborators
or potential collaborators. First of all, one of the websites that you can use is
called, you can get on there and you can find
what kind of audience overlaps with you and what other channels they tend to
watch as well, you can search by age or demographic and you can find basically
channels you never knew existed that might actually be a good fit for
overlapping with your audience. Now on the YouTube page itself, if you go to
somebody’s YouTube watch page or home page, if you put a slash about
in the URL, it’ll take you to an About section where quite often people have
listed their email address and you can contact them, you can get that email
address, send them a message and just try to open up communication that way.
Usually I keep it short like hey, I’m Grant, the king of random from YouTube,
we have about 9 million subscribers. Love what you’re doing, would
you be interested in doing a collaboration? I’ll keep it short, get
right to the point so in the first line or two they know what’s going on. You
know, add a little bit of credibility, put a link to your YouTube channel and some
of the videos you think would be along the lines of what you want to do with
them, okay. And then when you guys make a connection, you work out a chance to
actually make the video, you can get as strategic as you want. This is where it
all comes down to creativity. Do you want to make two videos that live on
different channels where people have to cross-reference one video from another
and that way they have to watch both videos to get the whole story or do you
want to make a video on one person’s channel where the end is a cliffhanger
that can only be answered by a video on the other channel or do you just want to
have them as a guest appearance getting to know them with the audience
so that when you say go check out their channel, maybe people do, it’s really just
whatever you feel is going to be appropriate for what you’re trying to
accomplish. Now ultimately, you just want to give people the taste of what you do
and hope that they come over and want to be a part of that. Alright, now
Grant, you’re not just the king of random, you’re also the king of check lists so
I’m just guessing, is there a checklist or something that you have when it comes
time to doing a collaboration with somebody? – Yeah, there really is and that’s
because I want everybody to get the maximum benefit out of collaboration.
It’s great to make a video but if you don’t have key features in place,
opportunities can be lost, there can be subscriber opportunities left on the
table so some of the standard things that I do is you know, at the beginning
of the video, I typically like to mention that we’re working with this person from
a channel, I like to give a plug right upfront so the audience knows who they
are and where they came from. I also let them know there’s a link down in the
description if you want to go see the video that we did on their channel so
that information is really important because then people know where to go to
see the other content. Also at the very end of the video, I feel it’s important
to give another shout out and talk a little bit more about what we did on
their channel and give a little more incentive and a reminder that there’s a
link in the description to go. I also bring up a card in the videos right
about that same time that pops up referencing to that same video so a lot
of things happening, the cards pop up, you can click them on mobile
and it will take them over and the link in the description. Now at the very end
of the video, you can add an end screen element, you can add anything from a
subscribe button to a link, to a video or a playlist or even a website and
typically we will put the link to the actual video from that other channel at
the very end of the video so we’ve got three things in the video right there.
Now when you’re filling out the info and settings page on the YouTube channel, if
you scroll down to the very bottom, there’s a section where you can add
somebody as a collaborator so if you were to do a collaboration with me, I
could go down there and we could add Limitless TV as a collaborator and you
could add the king of random and I think what that does is it pairs the videos a
little bit closer together so when they’re being suggested and just adds to
boost them and to suggest a little bit more. I don’t have any facts or data to
back that up but it doesn’t hurt you know, as much
linking, as much SEO, as you can put into your description, your tags. That’s
another thing, you might want to cross reference tags to the channel so that
across links those videos because you want to get those both push as much as
possible. So let me ask you this question, you’ve
done this collaboration now and let’s just talk for a moment, what can a
collaboration really do for someone? If someone has a hundred thousand views
and then someone else has a hundred thousand views, sorry, a hundred thousand
subscribers on their channel and they do a collaboration with each other like,
what kind of bump could they end up saying if they really went full monty
and did everything they could like create a positive experience an impact
for each other? – Certainly. Well I know some channels that
have grown mostly because of collaboration, some of them started with
me and some other large channels where they came out the gate with no
subscribers but immediately started working with big influencers and within
a couple of months had over two hundred thousand subscribers and a few months
after that we’re very close to a million so working with collaborators, I
think the biggest thing that does is it validates you as a channel because you
can have great content but you’re not really on the radar and even if you are,
people are like well, is he just like you know wishy-washy, is he here one day, gone
the next but if you have other creators validating you, it’s almost like being on
TV, it gives you a lot of credibility and some people find a lot easier to accept
you. – Awesome. Friends, today we’ve been talking about the power of collaboration
and Grant, I want to come back with you one last time, is there any final advice
you’d give for our friends here, our Self Made friends that are here saying,
alright, I want to tackle YouTube, I want to
blow up my channel, I want to make it happen, what’s your final word of advice on
collaboration? – I don’t think you could ever start too soon with collaborations.
Whatever you’re doing in your video, you can probably do it with somebody else so
why not reach out, find somebody that you want to work with and invite them in your
channel and I would say do it from a selfless point of view, invite people to
come work with you on your channel and give them shoutouts and if they don’t
reciprocate, that’s okay, just own it, that value will come back to you some other
way but the more that you reach out, the more you give and one other final
thought is, if there are bigger channels you want to work with, you might want to
just think about giving them shoutouts naturally in your videos anyway with no
expectation of anything coming back because if you did a parody video or you
shouted somebody out or you did something pretty epic, that might get the
attention of a bigger creator, they may just come back and validate you
for that, they might send out a tweet that just blows your channel up so it’s
not a bad idea to give credit where you feel it’s due and almost use that as a
tool to get on the radar when you don’t necessarily have big guy to start with.
– You know, I think the final thing that I want to share as we wrap this video up
and one of the things that I’ve learned from just interacting with Grant is that
we live in a world where a lot of people like to go after others with what’s in
it for me and there’s a mindset here, right. This
mindset is I want to take, I want to take, I want to take. In life, you’ve got your
takers and you’ve got your givers, the takers already have their
dues day set because ultimately how far can they really get? Are they going to
achieve a real inevitable level of success? Really what I’ve been learning
is, I’ve been working with Grant is that you want to be a giver, you want to find
a way to create even more value, you want to try to outdo the other person, you
want to find a way to give give and give and when you’re in that spirit and
energy of giving and shouting out props and giving people that hook up
what it does is, it puts karma motion that wants to come back to you and so
shoes right now as a YouTube creator to be a big giver and go out of your way to
give big to other people, give them credit whenever you can, do those
shoutouts and if you do, it might make it a lot easier for you to get the
collaborations that will help you grow in return. – I have never seen a person
suffer because they gave credit to somebody else, especially if they
deserved it you know, but I have seen a lot of people who tried to keep the
credit to themselves and naturally people want to take them down because
they can tell they’re being selfish. You could probably build your whole
channel and and very good rapport with a lot of people in every video just by
giving praise, giving shoutouts and doing something for somebody else. I mean,
that’ll just build an audience affinity with you
organically just by itself. Alright, friends. Thank you so much for joining us
on today’s self made video, this has been brought to you with this whole idea of
collaboration, it is a big powerhouse step for how you get your channel to the
next level. – We’ve got a link down in the description to our course where we’ve
got things like this laid out for you, strategies and step-by-step outlines
that you can follow that you can use as a model, things that have worked for us
that you can apply to your own YouTube channel and in follow in our footsteps.
So if you want the checklists and if you want to know what the strategy is, if you
want to know what the contracts look like, if you want to line up all your
ducks and do it the right way, click the link at the website and let us share
some of that with you. See you there.

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