Collaboration with the New Vectors of Disease

Collaboration with the New Vectors of Disease

23 thoughts on “Collaboration with the New Vectors of Disease”

  1. Subsidising animal products is one of the most ridiculous things humans do in today's world. We should be getting subsidies for growing our own plant-food and/or living self sustainably.

  2. Subsidies for animal products accounts for only a few pennies per day per person, that is not going to make these foods cost less by any significant amount.

    you can figure this out by calculating the quantity of yearly subsidies divided by the number of people in the USA and divide by the number of days per year. and you end up with only a few cents per day per person on average. it isn't much.

    now if you really want vegan food to be cheaper than meat, than support food science in agriculture which makes a plant based diet very inexpensive.

    organic plant based diets are inefficient and heavily rely on animal fertilizers, thus subsidizing the meat industry far more than any government subsidy does.

  3. We can NOT afford for people to become healthier and live longer. It might cost a lot in the short run to pay for medical care but the long run costs of caring for more elderly are far greater. when social security started in the US the avg. man lived to about 67 and the avg. woman to 72. medicare kicks in at age 65 for most. now men are living to 78 and women to 82 with many living into their 90's and beyond. currently, the US has around 80,000 centenarians. 

  4. In France we have a lot of messages and infos on our food (messages saying you need to eat more veggies and fruits than fat for ex or about the content like gmo or preservatives), same on non healthy products like alcohol or tobbaco (they also put violent pictures of diseases on them in case you are lazy to read the message lol).

    It doesn't work, plain and simple even if they put violent pictures or scientific facts 😐

  5. It seems like we subsidize all the wrong things, but subsidies are always political. Let's just stop subsidizing food production, period. And then focus on public education.

  6. The food companies are all about making profits. Level the playing field and let the meat and dairy industries pay the true cost of producing their products which are making people fat and sick.

  7. I think social norms about what constitutes nourishing food need to be changed as well (ie. a shift away from ideas like "meat and potatoes"). Perhaps similar to how public health changed norms and people's views toward tobacco smoking, they can employ similar strategies to change attitudes toward junk food and the emphasis on animal-derived foods as being the "main component" of meals. But whereas tobacco was not necessary for survival and food is necessary, I can see how this battle will be difficult. The parallel made at the end of the video is motivating though.  😀

  8. society has been brainwashed into eating garbage and most ppl can't fathem the thought of eating a plant based diet soley, they have it in their minds that they need meat to survive when that couldn't be further from the truth, the companies are counting on this and make it worse by filling ppl's heads with garbage like u must eat meat for the good of ur health rubish it's rediculous, these ppl also get addicted to this crap because of the un natural chemicles in it.

  9. People need to take responsibility for their health themselves rather than eat the rubbish the advertisers and big foodies target them with. It isn't difficult. Do you want to eat healthy, live a longer healthier life, or not? If so, get real and wise up!

  10. i agree. your best video. we have to stop giving taxpayer-funded incentives to companies that produce harmful foods while leaving veg producers to fend for themselves. dangerous favoritism.

  11. This week’s most popular video revealed that contrary to what the food industry says, the primary driver of our obesity epidemic is our eating activity, not our physical activity.

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  12. Wow. Turning our national obsession around, with eating disease causing garbage, loaded with animal flesh, sugar, salt, oils and chemicals, seems like such a huge task. 
    People can't begin to imagine that their health will actually deteriorate from their food choices, yet our hospitals are rich and sprawling over large areas called hospital districts, and the food industry keeps the medical industry big and fat, as well as our unhealthy population, which is hopelessly addicted to the utter McGarbage that they serve.

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