Confessions of a Customer Service Agent

Confessions of a Customer Service Agent

of course you can talk to a manager but
first I’m gonna transfer you to my mom and I just want to let you know that she
hates you so I realized in my last video I never even talked about how I ended up
becoming a customer service agent and the story confuses me to which but once
I did graduate from college there was this expectation that I needed a job
like a job job I mean I guess it could have been a lifeguard forever
that would have been sexy but no so I live in Dallas and there’s actually a
lot of headquarters in my area and my mom has always heard such great things
about this company I wasn’t even thinking of applying to them I don’t
shop there so of course it was like out of sight out of mind but my mom was like
no you need to apply there they’re known for paying really well treating their
employees so good like they’ve won awards from it so finally I’m on
LinkedIn and an entry-level job pops up with this company and it says it’s a
customer contact coordinator and it’s in the customer solutions department but
it’s based in headquarters and usually like what I’ve noticed like about seven
eleven that they have separate buildings that are the call center so I just
assumed since it was in headquarters it wasn’t customer service and I’m like
okay but is it like I’m so confused so I read the description and they keep it
really vague and the fact of like where this position takes place I’m assuming
that I’m kind of working on strategies with the store and behind-the-scenes
stuff with customers like I I am really confused my friends asked me like so
what job did you apply for and I told them I don’t know but it really seems
like customer service a few days later my phone rings and it’s the company now
in the very beginning of this phone interview that they’re giving me they
tell me that this position is not customer service so I’m even more
confused because that description and now they’re telling me specifically
telling me that they are not customer service oh my gosh mom my first
interview outside of call so excited that’s great my daughter did
you ever find out more about the job no I told me it was not customer service so
I’m more confused than ever I have no idea how to prepare for this
interview but seriously when I drove over there I had no idea when I was
interviewing for really I didn’t but it worked out really well they liked me or
so they say I found out later they were making fun of me
jealousy obviously and because one of the supervisors wasn’t there I had to
come back a second time so this was technically my third interview and then
I got accepted okay don’t get me wrong I am NOT a spoiled brat I do not mind
doing three interviews but can you imagine going through all those
interviews and not knowing what the job was at all of course I was super scared
to read all of them and then when I do get offered the job got the phone call
and I was like yay not again no idea how to prepare for this but they also told
me that how much I would make an hour and it was $14 an hour
oh that’s cool one second mom you’ve told me how it’s gonna be making some
good money so I walk into training all cute and guess what it’s customer
service shocker and I guess they don’t say that their customer service because
they’re like we’re at a customer solutions department we also do sales
and you have the opportunity to be trained in designing closets but for the
first year we’re going to assume that you’re just gonna do customer service
like it was just crazy and then like a year working into the company I heard
some of the supervisors calling back people to get interviews from them and
they would say the same spiel this is not customer service you know what this
is why so many people quit because you keep telling them it’s not what it
really is also going back to being paid $14 an hour
I had coworkers that were only paid twelve so you can hit up the internet
and you can look up like the AB salary based on your location so I kind
of looked up like Dallas customer support agent salaries and they make
$17.50 they’re still making more and not all of them are covered in sales and
closet design training this was a red flag that I did not see that’s not the
point of this video because I’m here to deliver you stories so one day I’m
chilling at my cubicle and my phone rings and of course I always do this but
like I said I have a cute little headset on I’m rocking but you know this is my
phone for you guys and I say hello and I get this old lady hello okay that’s kind
of mean she’s just an old lady on the phone so the old lady’s on the phone and
she’s frantic and she’s mad well everybody’s mad who calls the call
center but she’s mad and she says that every time she places a call it gets
redirected to our company and she starts blaming me about the abuse of tapping
into her phone and how she won’t tolerate us hacking her like this I
don’t believe in laughing at people but that was really hard not to laugh at
because I am like 99% sure she kept hitting the redial button but also this
company was a bit shaky so there’s always that 1% chance that we are
hacking her phone I really did try my best to tell her she just was not having
it she was so set on believing that we hacked her phone which I’m thinking
first off that’s illegal secondly like like when what company hire somebody
like that to do that you never see that job opening on LinkedIn and then three
how did we think we were gonna get a sale out of her from harassing her like
that like she would just get so beam down
calling us or fall in love with one of our customer service agents then
eventually she’ll want to place an order it just makes no sense think she hung up
on me and then she called back but thankfully she got somebody else which
is rare because a lot of times when somebody is angry and they call back
they get me again and I don’t know how part I’m just gonna talk about but in no
way am i laughing at back because I get it but we had a lot of people who were
older that called in and it was obvious how lonely they were I’ve had so many to
our phone conversations with these people one of them was somebody was
crying because they lost their cat and that hadn’t been found and so she
assumed that he was dead and so she was mourning the loss of them that just that
just broke my heart and it was so I didn’t mind doing that sometimes like
they’ll really go through everything like three different times when you know
that they understood it at least the first two times but they’re still
wanting to talk to you we had one lady who needed to return items and of course
like with like we sell containers and bins so if you look at an order
confirmation it’s not helpful at all it’s like brown bin bin if you look at
an order confirmation it’s like black bin black bin with white lid black bin
that’s the biggest bid like it’s so hard to tell so I told you no I just you know
put the items that you want to return back in the box put in the order
confirmation and then our people in the distribution center will sort that out
and get the refund whoa no I had to hear about the entire list three times over I
remember we were there and hour and a half after closing that the lights were
going off the point person was looking at me like you know it’s so hard when
you try to cut off a conversation when people are just craving it like they’ll
talk over you they don’t even care how this conversation is created so you
would be surprised how many people over email and chat get aggressive so one
time there was this lady and she received damaged items so she paid UPS
to ship it back to a distribution center however if she would have just called us
to let us know we would have purchased the label and arranged for UPS pickup so
there would have been no payment needed for her to return the items so one of my
co-workers got her initial email and she felt so bad so she said hey can you like
send us a screenshot of the receipt to show how much you spent with UPS and
we’ll make sure to send you a gift card of the same
amount just as like a little courtesy and that we feel bad about it so what
she decides to do is send us the order confirmation so it has nothing to do
with the UPS proceed and since my co-workers out of town I now get these
emails and I’m responsible for responding to her I kindly let her know
hey what you sent us was actually the order confirmation that’s great
however I need to see the UPS receipt so I can document that to generate this
gift card she sends back the order confirmation
again this is where it gets tricky because I’m trying to accommodate this
customer with what was agreed upon with the first agent I don’t want to
undermine my coworker so I’m trying to stick with this but she is not
understanding it at all and by now with her second email sending the same thing
same you know order confirmation again she’s starting to get mad so I show it
to my supervisor cuz sometimes my best ideas come from partnering with somebody
and he suggests that I call her because he’s like she’s not angry Leslie she’s
confused and I’m like looking at the message I’m like she’s gonna just chew
me out like I can tell like you can read it right there don’t be telling me she’s
not going to you don’t win anything with your supervisor so I get on the phone
and I call her and right away she is angry she’s screaming at me and then she
starts talking about how she’s disabled in a wheelchair but here’s thin I can’t
see these people in real life they can’t see me so I don’t care if they’re
disabled or not I care about people who are not yelling at me I agreed with her
I never pointed out her error I did what she wanted but you better believe I went
to my supervisor and I was like she screamed at me and now my shift is done
so I’m gonna go cry in the car and that’s what I did really I did then
there was another time when I was a little chat agent and I had a customer
message in and they were just being real vague about needing to report somebody I
don’t know what that means because you know there’s headquarters and there’s
the call center and then we have stores all over the US with people like I did
not get they were saying but they said that they
had an employee that acted inappropriately Oh golly gosh okay like
so send an email my way I love my supervisor No and then once we
investigated it we’ve realized that this customer had been harassing screaming
promising to get this person fired and it was his customer service agent that I
personally knew and she was so nice she was more timid than me in some way he’s
not saying that she wasn’t confident but based on her demeanor like she would not
be one to be malicious in any sort of way so of course I promised this
customer like oh we’re gonna pass this on to the CEO well in reality my
supervisor made like like a fake email that made it look like it was high up
corporate setting it and he was like thank you we will you know definitely be
looking into this some investigation thanks for the feedback this and that
and that was it did not offer a gift card and then we were just like we’re
never gonna see that again don’t get me wrong if there’s a legit complaint by a
customer it has taken seriously I take it very seriously because I’m very
critical already of the company that I was working for and so I was assertive
about getting things done but if you’re a brat you’re not gonna get rewarded I
was allowed to hang up on people but I actually never did and at the time I
took a lot of pride in it but I realized I was pretty foolish because I’ve
noticed just in general when it comes to America we for some reason take pride in
being exhausted you know it’s all about the hustle the determination and that is
what represents your value but that’s not true
I should have been taking care of my mental health but I think what was also
hard about it is the people from management love to talk bad about me
they always question to me they kind of deemed me as kinda like a
of the office which mean no sense I will let you guys know in a future storytime
about that one also they’re really critical about me being a millennial
which I’m kind of dumb because the director had a daughter who was about my
age and there were other Millennials working there we also sold two
businesses so we would sometimes get corporate people calling us and they
would be in like some big named companies and you could always tell
which ones of them like had drops the ball where they made like a purchase
order really late so there was no room for error so if like something went
wrong which of course everything went wrong they would call and they would
scream at us as well and I just found that super odd and unprofessional
because I it’s like right in front of me to see where they worked you would think
you know a business to business that they would be extra friendly but that’s
not always the case I know this happens everywhere but people love to complain
on social media I don’t know if they’re thinking that they’re going to have
their tweets go viral and it’s gonna be a dramatic takedown of the company and
they’re gonna get some fame or maybe they’re gonna get some money or a gift
card and we’re like we’re gonna pay you off to delete your tweet like no we
don’t care we’ve had some company like some tweets that kind of target us like
that you know an employee was racist this event
what she saw was a bird I can’t remember what I was saying because then the bird
hit the window that my mom was like what are you gonna be doing basically nobody
ever exposed us to a degree where our company was in the news and our stock
dropped so that was kind of good especially cuz I was kind of working on
social media so that would not have been a good look for me there was one guy who
was so mad about how his closet installation way that he would
continuously post on our Facebook and then if somebody else posted about like
something else something about them he would then go under that post and like
leave his own comment trying to get everybody to hate us so we ended up
hiding him I don’t think we blocked him I think we just hid him which meant so
he is still able to post on her page but nobody sees it and I’d be surprised like
he could be posting to this day and have no idea that it’s completely hidden so a
lot of our technology and method were pretty archaic there was this
voicemail system set up which takes forever because somebody has to sit
through and listen to these voicemails and sometimes that was me but there was
an option to leave a voicemail like you press a number if you want to
unsubscribe and like let’s say you wanted to no longer get our catalogs
well there were instructions on the voice recording that says what
information we need in order to unsubscribe you but here’s the deal when
you leave the voicemail you need to give us information that’s connected to the
information we have so if you never use this phone number with us and that’s
your phone number like we can’t we can’t unsubscribe you so there would be people
who would call and they’d be so angry because it would be like their fifth
time calling us threatening to report us to the Better Business Bureau and they’d
be screaming and I’d have to look good and like listen to it scream in my ear
and they’d be like get me off the list this is the seventh time I’m calling
this is abuse this is legal this and that then they would hang up and I still
would have no idea who they were like whose fault is that and of course we had
those customers who had quite the reputation of abuse of the customer
service agents something was always broken and then it’s fine but like
always broken and then we’re seeking a free replacement cuz that’s what we did
or they’re always pushing us around trying to get gift cards out of us this
just happened all across the board I feel like a lot of people do this to
just like some degree there was worse cases but nothing comes to mind just
because it was really just a typical day having customers like that
lastly I want to address the question everybody kind of wonders is do customer
service agents talk and laugh at these customers so to a certain degree yes but
we also don’t have time to be laughing at every individual person often times
will happen if I get a crazy customer and I pull up their profile and I see
contact notes and I see like other co-workers have talked to them then it’s
like an inside joke like I gotta get on that so I’ll send them a message through
like an instant messenger and I’m like guess who I have you know and I’ll say
it but like it’s nothing this company does that’s any different
than any other company there are always you know if they have the time they’re
laughing about something because our lives are so miserable they are just
such a morbid environment like even if the company I worked with had better
management that still wouldn’t make the actual duties of my work good so okay
that’s enough for you guys I know this video is all over the place but the list
of confessions I have about a customer service agent are really just all over
the place because you find yourself wearing so many hats dealing with so
many situations and so I kind of wanted to cover a somewhat of an inside scoop
I’m always down to make more videos that expose the life of a customer service
agent so you just have to let me know in the comments below you know what you
want to hear about ask me some questions and I got you subscribe to join the fam
BAM and I love you I mean it bye I’m gonna go he’s in the car tips the scales

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