Hey there this is Tim Verdouw and thank
you for checking out my create review and today I’m going to show you what
create is all about I’m also going to show you my custom bonuses that you
definitely want to check out because I got something very very cool I’m gonna
give you software my own software that I’ve been developed or have paid a lot
of money to develop this video software and I haven’t to release this product yet, so if you decide to buy through my link you’re gonna get this software
for free which I will charge for in the future so make sure you check out my
bones too so I’m gonna give away more congruent bonuses to create we’re gonna
talk about the upsells what you can expect when you buy create the options
that you have for upgrading so yeah if you’re interested make sure I’m gonna
put my link here then go to tim verdouw dot com slash create if you want to check out my page
and my bonuses but let’s dive into this software let’s dive into the bonuses
first so that you know what you’re going to get I’m gonna talk about the few
bonuses and I’m gonna add more bonuses on launch day so make sure you check out
the page here in the screen my first bonus which is an awesome bonus is I’m
gonna give away create by the way is a video editing software so I got a very
congruent product for this create software which is my personal developed
exclusive video software what you’re seeing right here let me zoom in this is
my own video software I pay the developer a lot of money to create this
video software and it’s called square my video and what that allows you to do is
it creates square videos very quickly there is no other program that creates
square videos as fast as this program and you see it an example here at the
right bottom let me see if I’m on top of that let me get myself to the left side
of the screen let me get rid of my banner here and as you can see here at
the right side these videos are the videos that you’re going to create
actually let me open the software myself so you can see what it is and what it
does so this is
my software is called square my video or you can create the videos super super
fast and if you know square videos they get the most engagement they get the
most likes to get the most comments and this is definitely something if you want
to have more engagement on your videos this is something that you want to use
so how my software works is like this you simply import one of your video so
you go to your videos let me simply select one of my videos so you got an Iidea
this is one of my videos and as you can see here it’s at the right side I can
change this wherever I want to have this video and this is the size I can change
the output resolution this is 700 pixels but I can also put that to tout two to
nineteen hundred pixels just whatever you like you can decide the output
yourself now let me show you how easily this software works so the only thing
that you have to do is type here how to create and then you change the font size
to 180 and then here you say killer videos for example and this is also 180
pixels right now my video is done I can export this and say click export and
will export this video to square video that you can use in your social media
you can use this on Instagram you can use this on Facebook etc you can change
the fonts the fonts also here you can change to all the phones there on your
computer so you can change to whatever you want you can change the color so you
can also make it red for example super fast and you can upload your own
backgrounds you can change the backgrounds you can change this to white
for example if you say okay I want to have the white background here and I
want to have red phones here you can change that and it’s going SuperDuper
fast and once your video is done simply click on export and it’s done and you
can also import your own background images so you can do that on the top and
bottom you can change the size for example if you want to have a bigger top
banner or you see how to create or how to let’s say how to make and that $100
oh sorry 100 dollars a day and then check out my
website check here or whatever you see and you click
on export in your video is dumb and this is the fastest way to create square
videos and no other video programs charge a lot of money to create the
videos like this and you can do this on the fly with square in my video and I’m
gonna give that away to anyone who purchases create through my link also
I’m gonna give away one other bonus let me zoom out my second bones is 170 lower
thirds now what are lower thirds that’s what you’ve just seen in here so let me
get that window back bring all two fronts one second here this is a lower
third what you’re seeing right here I’m gonna give you 180 of these lower
thirds that you can modify these are anti lower thirds that you can use
yourself in your video predictions simply go to Tim Friede alikum slash
create and you’ll see these bones so this is my second bonus 170 sorry 170
lower thirds for your video productions that you’re going to get now I’m gonna
add more bonuses to this page during launch day I got these two bones is
ready on my page right now but I’m going to add other bonuses which you will like
very very good bonuses I’m gonna add to this page if you decide to purchase
create through my link alright let’s dive into the software
because that’s what you’re all here for but I definitely wanted to mention these
bones is because there are no other bonuses out there I mean you can get
peel our bones or other stuff but you want to have bonuses that are congruent
with the product itself which is a video creation program now this is create this
is to software what you’re seeing right here is the video software and I like
create a lot because I mean look at this software look how sweet this looks the
interface is very clean it’s very easy to understand that literally everyone
who’s going to work with it will understand how it works you don’t need
to have any knowledge of video programs because this software is so easy to
understand well it starts here when you start when you open and create you can
use your current projects that you or you can start a new project and this
is a project teller already created and let me show you just one example that I
made with create and you can make a lot of things with create but this is just
one quick example of something totally different then I do normally I do
product reviews but some things like this is also possible so take a look so like you see a like you see this is
something that you can create with create it’s a funny name create but this
is what you can do with this software so what it allows you to do is to add all
different kinds of sources in to create so you can import videos you can import
images like you’re seeing this video I imported these images at the end
these are simple stock images that I used to create this video but you can
simply drag and drop anything into your video editor or you can simply click on
this plus button here at the left top and you can import the file so you can
import images you can import more files mp4 files PNG files all different kinds
of files you can import in here and then simply drag and drop it in your timeline
so for example if you want to have this video this is a video that I’ve shot you
simply drag and drop that into your video editor and right now you can edit
it you can make it bigger like this so it will fit the whole canvas and then
you can work with it now I already told you I’m gonna give you lower thirds also
so this is an example lower third that you can just drag and drop in here and
like you’re seeing it’s in the editor and it’s super simple to edit so let me
make it a bit smaller and like you see I can just drag and drop it in here and
it’s it’s kind of a timeline that you’re working with so here you got all
different kinds of layers where you can put your videos your images on top of
each other your audio files and you can modify these images so it’s it’s very
simple it’s not an advanced editor but you can simply fade this in so as you
can see here now it’s fading in and you can say fade out so for each image or
video that you dragged into it it’s very easy to create fade in and fade out now
this is one of the options that you can do with create you can edit videos you
can edit images and you can also add text etc so let me move a bit to the
right let me delete this part actually so I have a clean field so
it allows you more things to do also it also allows you to record your screen it
allows you to record your webcam but I’m gonna talk about that later first let me
go to this left menu here is your library now the library is saved for
each project so this is a specific project which is called welcome to my
world this is a video project which is called welcome to my world
and all the images videos etc audio files are stored in here in this project
here at the left sides for each project it will store the files separately now
you can also use the library that’s inside of create and we’re gonna talk
about what is inside create when you buy the front and the product and what’s not
on the inside what you can upgrade but this is one of the things that you’re
going to get so there’s text images that you can use and you simply drag and drop
it in here and you can modify this to your own needs simply double click it
you can change the sizes etc of all your words you can change the font colors etc
and you can add text to your video and like you see here in the timeline it’s
has been added to your timeline where you can add all these things so now I’ve
added text to my timeline and you can also add images now there’s a library
which comes with you upgrade I think we’re gonna dive into that later
but you can simply drag and drop these images also into your timeline so right
now I’ve dragged and dropped this image in here you can simply modify that
welcome to my world in here you can also use here at the right side align so you
can align the images you can align the text etc so everything is centered etc
so this is the whole library the funny thing is that it also comes with
Smiley’s here you see these mines that you can use you can simply drag and drop
them and these are animated smiles which is pretty funny in your video
productions and here also it’s you got animated or static icons so these are
static emojis that you also can use in your video productions let me get this a
bit smaller so there’s a wide range of things that you can use
inside of creates and these things are the things you can import so you have
text you have images and you got emojis that you can use in your video
productions now with the front end products there also will be given I
think it’s 20 audio tracks now the audio tracks are pretty cool audio tracks
there’s there the quality is very good so let me show you some or hear you some
here’s one I think that sounds pretty good so there’s a whole library I got
the full librarian that you’re gonna get more tracks with the upgrades which I
really recommend you to do I’m going to talk about that later why you should
upgrade with the first upgrade if you’re serious about video making videos with
audio tracks but there’s a lot of cool music in here I really like the quality
so you got the folder with your images your videos etc here you got the library
with emojis text etc and you got your audio files now this is how you can
create normal videos now what you can do more with creates is a very cool part
because you can record different kind of things which would create when I click
that record button here I have the option I cannot zoom in but here at the
right side you have the option to record your complete desktop or you can select
a region of your screen so now I can say okay I will only want to record this
part of screen I hope this goes everything goes well right now because I
also recorded right now but you have the option to record a region of your screen
or your complete desktop like I just showed you also you got the option to
show your cursor in your recording and display your mouse click so when you’re
recording you can show people when you click a link and you can select your
webcam and your microphone in here so that you can tell create what you use
when you record your screen now once you hit that start recording button it will
give you a countdown timer and will record
everything so it were caught your webcam like is doing right now with me I’m also
recording my webcam am i and I’m recording my scream at the same time and
that is all possible with create you can record your your desktop and your webcam
at the same time and then at the end once you’re done it will be here in your
library where you can simply drag and drop it so for example if this is the
recording I can simply drag my recording and then is if this is my webcam I could
drag and drop my webcam on top of it and then I got a wonderful video like I’m
having right now only not with the background now this is how easy this
software works and I really like how easy it is because everyone can
understand and if you want to delete tracks you simply click on this trash
button and it will delete the tracks in here they call it tracks you can also
call it layers it’s very easy and once you’re done simply click on this export
button and your project will be exported to another file format your video file
format now let me dive into the upsells what you can expect I think I’ve told
enough about the software you can also ask me by the way you can change here
the size this is the only thing that I didn’t mention you can Jane you can do
this full HD you can do it for iPhone screens for iPad air screens Facebook
and Instagram very easy to work with you can also here when you have this finger
you can you can change this or move this screen or you can just zoom in zoom out
very simple things that you can do with your videos but let’s dive into the
upsells what you can expect when you buy create and first you got the front end
products which is being sold for I think it was forty seven and sixty seven
dollars but make sure when you’re on my website to create the cut to use the
coupons here in this area you will see the coupons that you can use coupon code
create 12 for the first until 3 p.m. on lounge day you’re gonna get twelve
dollars off so make sure take a look at these coupons
depending on when you see this video that some of the coupons will still
working so the front end product is what you’re going to get the personal license
is $47 and use the coupon codes which is a very cheap alternative if you look to
other programs like Camtasia which does a similar job I went to the website of
Camtasia it says $261 euros I think in dollars on the website it said something
like $249 which you pay for a similar program and right now you can get this
program for forty seven dollars I mean that’s insane insane a very cheap on
launch day definitely a very good buy when you buy this you can’t go wrong
buying create now here are the front-end features so like I said you’re gonna get
here 100 looping animated and Static emojis so you’re gonna get these emojis
you’re also going to get icons that you can use within creates you’re gonna get
30 premium audio backing tracks so I just showed you wanna listen to to one
of the audio tracks just go over this I don’t think it’s smart to go over all
these details it’s on my website you can go there and let me bring it on screen
again simply go here to Tim for the home slash create or click the link in the
description below this video and it will also redirect you to my website then the
first OTO this is something that I really recommend you to take it’s it’s
sixty seven to ninety seven dollars where you going to get instant access to
of one and a half million royalty-free images and videos added directly into
your videos within the create app so you can use these in your video productions
the one I really like is the audio flow where you’re gonna get 200 plus premium
tracks logo sting audio and one hundreds of sound effects now why do I recommend
you to buy this upgrade because I’ve been a video editor myself I have my own
video company I sold videos to companies etc and I personally had to pay 56
dollars for single royalty free tracks for a single track right now for that
same amount of money you’re gonna get 200 plus premium tracks audio tracks to
use in your video productions with which is a no-brainer
this is very cheap and you can use this simply to create videos upload that to
YouTube use these audio files because if you’re using normal music audio files
you’re gonna get copyright claims etc YouTube’s going to delete your videos
not when you use this audio flow premium tracks you can use these in your video
productions also you’re gonna get a Gift Creator inside create app so you can
export your videos as gifts which is pretty cool which you can use in emails
etc you’re gonna get the text-to-speech creator so inside creates you’ll get
this with multiple languages and accents accents Pro developer rights hundreds of
tax forms export templates it’s a so this first upgrades is definitely
something that I recommend you to take then we got the second upgrade which
includes 50 high quality done for you templates so if you have no idea how to
create videos you will get templates inside inside create so you can preview
downloads and import or you can import these templates into create and use them
to create your own videos it’s very useful if you have no idea how to create
something nice this will definitely help you and not only do you get 50 unique
done for you templates immediately but you will also receive 15 brand new
templates every single month so that’s over a 50 180 extra templates there’s a
– correct yeah 10 times 15 is 115 times 2 is 180
brand new templates over the next 12 months so pretty cool
then there’s the create agency suite where you can create and manage clients
folders ready-made agency video templates ready-made lead generation
funnel ready-made sales scripts ready-made client contracts when
please local business voiceovers 5 outsourcing virtual assistant licenses
step-by-step agency training special agency Facebook group this is another
upgrade 467 to $97 and then the last upgrade is member by infidel Oh what
this is is you’re going to get access to a fully hosted membership platform where
he can embed your videos so for example you’re going to create the membership
site with Videla where you can upload your videos where he can use your videos
and you can protect this from other people or you can sell this because this
membership software is integrated with the most popular payment platforms and
includes multiple levels themes and member management so depending on what
they pay you can say ok you’re gonna get access to these videos so you’re gonna
you can set up a complete membership website with this member by free
download so again if you want to get access to my exclusive bonuses make sure
you go to my website there are links on my website so when you click here click
secure your exes and bonuses this will get you to the sales page on lounge
dates and I’m also gonna get I put the coupon don’t forget to use the coupon
when you click this button you’re gonna get access to my exclusive video never
released video software you never have to pay for this so for world I’m going
to release that where you can make square videos faster than with any other
program I’m gonna give you over 170 lower thirds like you’re seeing right
now in the screen that you can add it and modify to your own needs and I’m
gonna add more bonuses during lounge day to this page here came $4 calm stress
great or click the link in the YouTube description yeah where you can get
creates through my link you’re gonna get more bonuses than I’m having right now
I’m gonna tell you there are more bonuses that you definitely will like
these are the best bonuses that you can get with create so make sure you check
them out if you have any questions make sure you
ask them in the comments below also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
if you want to get my latest product reviews just hit that subscribe button
and the notification with the so you will also get a notification and well
that’s it I hoped you enjoyed my review you can give it a thumbs up and thank
you for watching and hope to see in my next video
have an awesome day and a talk soon bye bye

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  1. Kind of disappointed Tim. You glossed over the product's capability to create square videos in order to promote your own square video bonus. This is something that the lesser lights in affiliate marketing (aka-Jono) do in their marketing. go back to CBD, my friend. I didn't lie, I just failed to mention it.

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