Digital Marketing Interview Questions To Ace Your Next Job Interview

Hey, guys.
My name is Jared VanderMeer. And in this episode, I’m going to talk about some
digital marketing interview questions that are gonna help you ace
your next job interview. Let’s go! [MUSIC] [INTRO] Alright, guys.
Number one. Right away, right into it.
The first question I ask in a job interview when I’m trying to hire a digital marketing specialist is- do you know how to set up conversions?
what are conversions themselves? Now I leave it wide open
because it’s a question that a lot of people, specifically out of marketing school
or if you’re just a social media marketer you may have not heard of before right off the bat.
But conversions are absolutely vital to a digital marketing toolkit in order to
track the ROI of the different campaigns that you’re running so it’s important
for you to at least have a 10,000 foot view of what conversions are and how to
set them up before you go into your job interview. If you do you’re going to set
yourself above the competition and it’s really going to help in them making that
decision to hire you over everybody else. The second question I ask always and
this is an easy one is- what is your favorite social media platform?
and what is the social media platform that’s up and coming?
which one is coming next? I ask this ’cause I like getting a perspective of the person
that’s sitting in the room with me. It helps me to get to know them and
allows me to get a little bit of their perspective, and where their skill sets lie. For companies that are hiring just one digital marketing position, they’re expecting the person to handle
most of their presence, most of the platforms,
but it’s not realistic to expect that every single person that comes through the room is going to be able to fully understand all of them right at the beginning. So I really like to know what your skill set is
and what you’re good at so that there’s a good idea of how much training
that’s gonna have to go into place to handle all of the different platforms
that are out there. Most of the answers right now come
in as Instagram which is fine, it is the big platform but a lot of people
still don’t answer the second part of my question right which is-
which is the next up-and-coming platform? A lot of times they get stuck on it so just know, there’s some platforms out there that are coming up. TikTok is one of them, TikTok would not be a bad answer at this time to answer that question. Tip number three. The third thing I always ask in every interview is- of the three pillars of content making, which one is your strong suit? The three pillars are-
written content, graphic content and video content. And we always want our
digital marketing specialist to have one of those three pillars as a strong suit. For any of the interviewers watching this episode, It is very hard to find a digital marketing specialist
that has all of the pillars that can do all of it and
do all of it well. We always expect that our
individuals coming into our agents have at least one of the pillars that they’re
very good at. That allows them to coordinate with the rest of the niches within our marketing department to get the content required for client to
market out a specific brand, but be prepared for this question.
Know your strong suits. Understand if you’re good at graphic design.
Talk about Lightroom, talk about Photoshop. Talk about Illustrator,
talk about your skill level in those areas. With video, know the editing softwares. Talk about if you use Final Cut pro, or if you use Premiere. Or if you’re still in iMovie, just be honest
and talk about what your skill set is. If a written content is,
bring some of your blogs to that interview. Show off the content that you’ve written,
talk about how it impacts SEO. Know your strong suit And be able to execute it when that
question comes up. Tip number four. Know the acronyms in the
social media and digital world. Know SEO means, know what GMO means.
Know what SEM means. Know them so that if the questions come up, you’re able to dedicate that part of conversation, to showing off your knowledge in those areas but if something comes up and you don’t know what it is, do not be afraid to say
you do not know. Once again, a digital marketing specialist
has to have a wide breadth of knowledge and it takes time to learn if this is an entry-level coordinator position. That agency, that company
has to understand that you’re not going to know every single thing. But the more that you know,
the more you’re gonna set yourself apart from the competition when you’re going into that
interview process. Lastly,
tip number five. The last thing I ask in every interview is-
do you have any platforms, any portfolio, any campaigns that you’ve worked on
in the past that I can look at? If you come to the interview prepared
with some of the stuff that you’ve worked on, some of the stats, maybe just
some of the exports, of some of the insights from one of the platforms that
you’re really good at, even if it is just your personal Instagram profile. Something to show the level that you are
at in the digital marketing world is going to help that recruiter
make the hire for your position. Having a portfolio is the easiest way to
increase your value to the company that’s hiring you. If you don’t have one then
you’re getting hired at an entry-level position and you have to be able to get in there,
take the job and prove yourself. If you have one,
it’s the easiest way to increase your value and justify the salary that you’re looking for,
and for the position getting hired for. Guys, beyond that I don’t ask too much in interviews. I ask about hobbies. I want to make sure individuals
are ready for the culture of our agency, Every single business and every single recruiter is different but know those five basics. It’s going to help you stand out in comparison to some of the other people getting interviewed. Recognize that the more practice that you have,
the more knowledge, the more you learn about digital marketing, it changes so fast. Then you have to be prepared for those interview questions. If you haven’t done
anything in digital marketing for six months, you may not be with the current
settings in specific platforms. Stay up to date. Have that portfolio.
Keep practicing, it’s gonna help you. It’s gonna help you find the next job. Guys, I hope you got some value from this episode. Hit that subscribe button if you
haven’t already, I promise you will not regret it. I talk about digital marketing and social media
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