Does The President Really Need Air Force One?

Does The President Really Need Air Force One?

In early 2016, aerospace company Boeing received
the contract to deliver the US President’s next official airplane, colloquially called
Air Force One. The new planes will replace the aging Boeing 747-200Bs, with two Boeing
747-8s. The two replacement planes are expected to cost about $1.5 billion dollars, after
being outfitted with all the necessary comforts and defenses. “Air Force One” does not
actually refer to a single aircraft, but ANY US Air Force plane carrying the US President.
So, what exactly is the story behind Air Force One? Well, the very first plane outfitted specifically
for the President was the Douglas VC-54 Skymaster, a non-combat military aircraft. It was originally
used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who notably flew on it to the Yalta Conference
between FDR, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin. The plane was also later used by President
Harry Truman, and nicknamed “The Sacred Cow”. But today’s Air Force One planes are less
like cows, and more like eagle-eyed high tech defense systems. According to the White House,
the current models are able to be refueled in mid-air, meaning that they can fly an unlimited
number of miles. The navigational and communications equipment on board is also shielded from an
electromagnetic pulse, which in most other cases would disable all electronics in it’s
wake. In fact, Air Force One is able to serve as a command center for the President. This
is in case the US is attacked, or an immediate national security decision needs to be made
in flight. But the plane is also incredibly comfortable.
It has three floors, with 4,000 square feet of floor space. End to end, that’s almost
as big as an NBA basketball court. The plane has a separate section for the President which
includes a large office, a conference room, and a private bathroom. There is also a medical
unit, which has a doctor on staff at all times, and can be used as an operating room. But
if that’s not enough, Air Force One is frequently flanked by additional planes, which carry
any extra cargo the President might need in remote locations. One interesting misconception is that the
President and Vice president are not allowed to fly on the same plane, in case the plane
crashes. In fact, there is no official policy prohibiting this. But in practice, they do
not fly together. Both the President and Vice President have such different schedules and
such a large support staff, that it is usually impractical for them to share a plane or helicopter. Air Force One is an enduring symbol of the
United States, and holds considerable practical and symbolic value. Nonetheless, this aircraft
is incredibly expensive to fly, estimated to cost more than $200,000 dollars every hour
of flight. So while the president is jetting around the world on diplomatic missions, Air
Force One keeps him safe. It just comes with a huge price tag. The United States military is another one
of the country’s enduring symbols — and like the Air Force, it also comes with a huge
price tag. Find out why the U.S. has spent up to 1 trillion dollars yearly on national
defense by watching our video. Thanks for watching TestTube News! Don’t forget to
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100 thoughts on “Does The President Really Need Air Force One?”

  1. Come on there's no way they gonna just let the president take commercial airline. There's no point in this debate, doesn't matter how much some people think this is a waste or unfair.

  2. does the president really need air force one? – brought to you by Boeing… up next are french fries delicious? brought to you by McDonalds

  3. no!!  taxpayers don't need to pay for royal travels' of politicians…  we also don't need to pay for their bodyguards, maids, other servants…  those cops are better used in the neighborhoods combating real crime…  we don't have a shortage of wana-bees…..

  4. All one needs to do to bring it down is to shine a laser through that cockpit. Not that most people want to do that. Who gives a shit about the leader of t he most retarded nation on earth anyway?!

  5. any domestic flight and whenever the president flies on his vacations, the aircraft size should be dramatically reduced. Perhaps a 737-900, that aircraft can be outfitted with most of the telecommunications as AF One. It is a huge waste of money and absolutely no reason to have such exuberance. As retired USAF, I have seen how precious tax dollars go to waste that have no rhyme or reason. Every year, and this across the US government, in the last quarter of the fiscal year (July, August and September,) agencies usually have money left over. This money is often spent on needless or excessive items since the new federal fiscal year begins on October 1st. There is no mechanism in which to return those unused dollars back into the US Treasury because then the following year, the threat of US Congress withholding monies that we unspent from the previous years lingers. We are not becoming "industrial complex nation", we have been and more so after the Cold War. Why do we need a new USAF bomber? The F-35 is mostly grounded due to the complexity of maintaining this A/C. If were going to cut, then cut on the ridiculous weapon systems and a cut on other federal agencies across the board. We are bloated with overspending. The American taxpayer could never survive if they ran their household budget the way the US government does…disgusting!

  6. This video never really answered the question about rather does the president need it. It is more about the history of the plane and its cool features.

  7. those engines arent the stock engine sizes that cone with a 200. ive seen airforce 1 live and the size of the engines really stood out when you compre it to other 200

  8. A380 is much bigger and better that this old 747-200 or air force one, A380 is also bigger than the new airforce one coming or 747-8.

  9. First aicraft to use Air Force One call sign was Lockheed VC-121A-LO Constellation nickname Columbine II. 747/VC-25 is meant to represent american power, bussiness jet would do the job just as well. For years they used 707, very few countries uses wide body aircraft for VIPs.

  10. Ok since when does the US president need an expensive plan , many other diplomatic jets carrying presidents , prime ministers , kings etc aren't nearly expensive, so WHY !!!

  11. What people doesn't know is that Obama ordered 4 planes, 2 pairs. One with the similar old-fashion white and light blue color scheme. The other being colored dark blue with most of the equipment inside covered with gold.

  12. The 747 is very obvious as a target to terrorists. They should just have the president fly on some DHL Cargo DC10 or something. No one will ever know…

  13. I don't know why people insist on perpetuating this myth that this 747 is actually designated as Air Force One. The media always refers to the presidential helicopter as Are Force One so most people who are mildly informed should know the difference. At least Boeing gave you some money for it.

  14. The video hasn't even answered the video it set out to answer… It just described what air force one does, the costs, features and some other stuff like the military. But does he need it? Still to be answered.

  15. No ofcourse not. Whenever the president want to visit London or Iraq, all he has to do is hop on his pogo stick or a broom. What a dull n naive title

  16. The current purchase for a new Air Force One fleet, is actually going to consist of 3 planes. This was one can always be taken out of service for maintenance. And when ever POTUS flies over seas, two presidential planes are used. the 2nd one is used as a back up, if the 1st one brakes down or something worse happens.

  17. I've heard that Air Force 1 will perform a flyby during the inauguration ceremony, carry a slogan "Hillary, you are fired".

  18. Yeah they spend 500 million on fuel alone, and obama spent billion on vacations flying air force one. that shit gonna stop. don't need to be flying around the world on taxpayers dollars, drain the swamp….

  19. Obummer spent $200,000 an hour campaigning for a corrupt politician for months instead of working for the American people. Obummer was a disgrace as president, I'm happy he's finally leaving Washington.

  20. FYI the Government plans to buy 3 replacement planes not 2. So one can be down for maintenance and still ahve 2 in operational status.

  21. For those people who didn't think President Obama needed AF One or that his travels were too expensive…. I agree with you now and trump should fly on his own plane and not be allowed to bill the US government for its use. His plane, as it is, without defensive technology or special shielding… as is, just like that.

  22. Air Force One is a massive waste of money – why doesn't the US government just fit out a smaller plane with even better defences, it would still end up being a billion dollars cheaper.

  23. Air Force One is a massive waste of money – why doesn't the US government just fit out a smaller plane with even better defences, it would still end up being a billion dollars cheaper.

  24. Yes, it's the symbol of american power and everyone knows this plane. So it's probably worth the price tag.
    If I remember correctly Trump wanted to fly on his own plane as President but there is just room for a very tiny crew and no technical
    equipment. AF1 has an entire command room almost as big as Trump One. Plus I guess all the military upgrades would have been crazy expensive. Not even sure if you can outfit
    a normal plane with anti-radiation and flares.

  25. Yes, the President needs Air Force One. Our nation needs Air Force One. First, it keeps the President safe, and enables him to stay in command even in the even of a major attack on the U.S. But it is also of huge symbolic value. The President of the United States has by far the nicest plane of any world leader. It is a symbol of prestige and power. It is the most well known plane in the world. It may seem expensive, but it really isn't, when you compare it's cost to other much more expensive and completely worthless government projects.

    As a veteran, I can also tell you that a strong military is an absolute must. No other nation would dare attack the U.S. on it's own soil, because we have the most powerful military in the world. That military, which I was proud to be a part of, is also symbolic of our nations power. Our Navy (I was a Marine) is not only the most powerful navy on earth, but more than 10 times so. Unlike any other nation, we have a worldwide military presence.

    But President Eisenhower was right about runaway military spending. The so called "cold war" was nothing more than an excuse for both the U.S. and the Soviet Union to spend trillions of dollars on the military.

  26. Does this puzzle you I think that a 747-400 would be a better air force one for the existing president with more space on the top deck's for the office and  for a conference situation room… And retire this old girl to the bush's and the other to William Jefferson Clinton

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  28. It can't fly for an unlimited number of miles. Eventually the engines will wear out and need maintenance. It would be different in outer space.

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