DRAWING ON A SCREEN! | Wacom Cintiq 16 Tablet | My Digital Art Process

DRAWING ON A SCREEN! | Wacom Cintiq 16 Tablet | My Digital Art Process

so this is the brand-new Wacom Cintiq
not to be confused with the Wacom Cintiq Pro – no, no I’m just super excited to open this
up and share it with you and maybe I already did…hehe I have it all set up so
let’s jump over to my computer I can show you this thing in action ♪ so here we
are my digital workstation if you’re looking for like a technical review
that’s gonna like talk about all the specs you might want to go elsewhere
today I just want to have fun and draw and share with you what I’ve noticed
about the tablet and things that you would need to know if you want to buy it
but my favorite thing about digital art [in general] is that you have every single color you
know available to you and you don’t have to buy refills it’s just all there so
whatever you want to use you can do and then of course, digital art is really cool
because you have all those editing features where you can kind of fix
mistakes at any stage of the process it just works really well with my
workflow being able to fix mistakes at any point instead of having to really
plan ahead at the beginning – whenever I do a digital sketch or illustration I
like to start with a basic pen [or brush] so the hard round, brush but I set the size and the opacity to be adjusted by pen pressure so the harder I
push the thicker and darker the line is and the lighter I push the thinner and
the lighter the line is – so that’s how I like to do a sketch and I like to keep
all the details for later I just want to get like the idea of the pose out and
make sure all the elements are the right size like this head is a little too
small so I can actually make it a little bigger and I can move it around because this
is not traditional art yuuuuuuuuusssss okay so this stage of the process is really about
figuring out how I just want the character to look and you’ll notice like
for the eyes I’m just drawing sort of dots and the mouth is like a triangle
I’m not putting a lot of detail into that because I don’t want to get too
attached to anything if I have to change it in the future and the more time you
put into something the more-the worse you’re gonna feel when you have to like
you know erase the whole thing so I like to start very simple make sure I like
the idea before I put too much you know time and effort into it something I
don’t really like about Cintiq versus like other brands is that they have such
a large frame that goes around the screen like I don’t mind this size I
think the size is perfect but the screen is so small –
and then imagine if that screen went all the way to like this edge you’d have so much
more drawing space and I-I think it’d be a little bit cooler but then again I’m
used to drawing my old tablet was six by nine, so like you know this big – so I’m
used to be able to go from the center of Photoshop moving my hand like this far
and being able to reach these so one of the things I had to get used to when I
moved on to this or even the Huion that I was using for a while, I realize how
much time it takes me to go from here to way over there – well like it doesn’t look
very far you but it just feels so different from my like workflow and I
had to get used to that but that probably sounds really stupid… – and if you
hear these clickety sounds, that’s me using keyboard shortcuts which are going
to be very crucial if you’re going to buy one of these things because it does
not have any hotkeys which I thought I always wanted hotkeys but then I tried a tablet that had hotkeys and I just ended up going back to using a keyboard so I
think it’s more important to have a smaller tablet and be able to reach the
keyboard for me personally but you may feel differently – anyway I’m really
excited about having this tablet because now I can show more of my digital
process and I feel like make a more interesting video in that way so I’ve
got to keep practicing trying to get like the lighting proper I don’t know
how this is working I’ve tested it – I filmed so many little short
snippets with my camera trying to like test it with different aperture and you
know different shutter speeds and things like that
see what looks best but it’s really kind tricky that’s a very-it’s definitely an
art, photography, and that’s not one that I’ve practiced for very long so I’m
gonna have to keep practicing with that and hopefully I’m gonna add that to my
new year’s resolutions it’s still January I can do that it’s a little not
quite art resolution I want to know how to use my camera properly – I mean it has
a manual mode maybe I should figure it out – one thing I’ve noticed when it comes
to me in my art is any little factor can completely change the way a drawing
turns out, and I’m not even talking about specific lines I’m saying if I have a
camera in a different spot and it’s almost
bumping my head, I just feel uncomfortable and my art is definitely
feeling a little bit more stiff and I don’t know I just feel I’m not feeling
I’m not loving this so I kind of want to start over and I’m usually pretty
against starting over because it just feels kind of cruddy but I kinda just want to try something else kind of got an idea I want to draw a girl with those glasses but we might change the shape – we got eyes, got a mouth, and then I want her to have those little like space buns at the top but then like long flowy hair, not like Sailor Moon
ponytails, but like it’s a half-up half-down sort of look – gonna
follow it trying to get the composition to not
look boring, though the Cintiq is sort of their budget more affordable version of
the Cintiq pro so there are some things about it that you know aren’t as good as
this Cintiq Pro because obviously not paying as much for it so there’s
actually a slight amount of parallaxing but it’s way better than any Huion I’ve
ever tried like this actually feels like I’m drawing directly on the screen I
don’t even have to look at the cursor I can do that, get the purple exactly, get
that green, like I don’t have to really think about it which I love – some of the
Huion they’re just like slightly off so you kind of just have to pay
attention – this first stage of the drawing I’m just trying to get all
the elements of her or the character that I’m drawing on the page
and then I can go in and start chiseling away at it, look a little bit more
detailed or the way that I see it in my head but what we should do is probably
flip the canvas here before I get too attached to it
we’re gonna ‘image rotation’>’flip canvas horizontal’ grab this and rotate that a little,
feel like that looks a little bit better I’m actually gonna duplicate that layer
and then go in and start adding a little bit more details, chisel away at this
sometimes I’ll just draw it directly over top of it – the face I can lower the
opacity of the old layer because it’s digital! [celebrate!] I don’t have to erase
anything add a little bit of shading under the chin – Do I like the layout of this head better? I might even pull that head down a bit Spacebuns! I might actually
raise that space bun a smidge, I don’t like the layout of it – its actually raining
outside which is part of the reasons it’s so dark so hopefully you can see –
everyone saw it just goes full pressure okay it fixed itself – this used to happen with
my old Wacom but not to the extent that it happens to this that I’ve noticed it
definitely happens with this thing a lot more I’ve also noticed I don’t know if
it’ll happen but I found like this one spot and it’s really hard to like find,
but I found this one spot that just goes full [pen pressure] every time and I’m not
entirely sure if it’s just I get really unlucky and whatever happens that makes
it go full [pen pressure] always happens when I get to that area of the drawing or if
there’s literally just like a dead pixel that makes it go with full [pen pressure] when
I hit it, so here I have the character’s body kind of going to the right but the
hair going to the left and I feel like it adds a little bit of ‘oomph’ to this
drawing, I might even rotate it a bit though I’m kind of happy with the layout I
think that’s gonna be something fun to continue drawing and this is like the
first layer and the second sketch layer and we have basic-our basic idea I
usually put the clothes in the second sketch layer so I should probably figure
out what I want her to be wearing I’ve been into scoop necks, why don’t I just give
every character ever a scoop neck, and some three-quarter length sleeves,
a high-waisted skirt – do something like that, –
oh we could-I added this little element this little slit element to her skirt we
could do something similar to the shirt that make it more interesting like that and then add those little straps, kind of like something I did
recently with the artsnacks box, I think, that was for like the neckline – it
was kind of interesting I like just to take something really normal and then
just adds like the smallest little element to it that just makes it a
little bit out of the ordinary if that makes any sense
anyway yeah I’m liking this so I’m gonna take all my layers I’m going to group
them, duplicate them, merge them, hide the behind layer by clicking the little
eyeball and lower the opacity of that flip the canvas again for good measure: image>rotation>flip canvas horizontal so for line art I always zoom way in ‘bwaaaa!’ okay not that far maybe somewhere like here, lower the opacity a ton so I can like almost
barely see it, that same hard round brush but I turn off the pressure sensitivity
affecting the opacity and now it will always be full opacity
you’ll only get smaller when I draw lighter and bigger when I draw harder –
now I can zoom in on the face and start doing these eyeballs, there we’ve got the
head done I’m using a size 35 round brush if you’re interested – I’m
definitely feeling a little bit more comfortable with this camera angle as we
go through so hopefully this picture won’t turn out too bad – oh one thing I’ve noticed I’m
doing hair is like don’t like to do like a hard line like oh there’s the hairline
I like to kind of just do little ‘swoosh’ ‘swoosh’s’ and then leave some spaces where
there actually isn’t the line and then you can just color that in and when you
color it in you’ll see the differences between those two sections and you won’t
have that harsh line that just I don’t know, I don’t-I don’t love it so I just
stopped doing it – well something you’ll notice which is annoying when I do a
speedpaint but I like to zoom in and zoom out and zoom in and zoom out and
zoom in and zoom out a lot and that’s so that you can like get a better
view of what you’re drawing and then you like Zoom back in then you
fix a little something, and then you zoom out and you take it all in from a distance
and that’s very important because if you spend a lot of time like looking at it
an Ear and you draw like a super-realistic Ear and it looks perfect and you zoom out
and it doesn’t suit the rest of the drawing it’s no longer a perfect ear
because of the way it contrasts will everything else so you really have
to zoom in and zoom out and really take it in from a distance and see what everything’s looking like – draw these little details I’m actually gonna shrink the
brush for this and push a little harder OOOP! did you see that? I went full [pen pressure]
and that was not me – how’s that look from a distance not too shabby
I can do this other arm – okay that arm now that I’ve zoomed out I’m noticing that
this arm right here is much skinnier than that arm and I want to adjust that – one thing
about the Wacom is that the pen actually has a little eraser on the other side so
you just flip it and start erasing, flip the back over and it’s a pen, pretty cool! so once I’ve done with the line-art, usually
what I’ll do is remove the sketch layer here we have the lineart – I’m actually kind
of liking it I like the line variation that I got out of this one so I might if
you want to download this line art and color it yourself I’ll have it available alright so what I’ll do to color is I’ll take magic wand tool and I’ll select my
line art layer which I should probably name line art and then what I like to do
is just click outside of it and if you get all of these little marching ants
that’s what I think they’re called inside of your lineart it means you
haven’t fully closed the lineart and there’s spaces where like if you were to
pour water in this section it’s getting into the lineart so you can zoom in and
just follow along the outside and fill in all those little edges so you’re
gonna go around and look for anything where there’s like an opening on the
outside here you only need to go on the outside of
the character then once you’ve gone around the whole thing then you can
click on the magic wand tool and it should select only the outside: yeah baby then I’ll hit select>inverse and now I have the whole inside selected but it’s
selected to the very edge of those pixels and I don’t want that so I’m
going to select>modify>contract by about 3 pixels (which the things up on
the other monitor) right here, contract by 3 pixels hit OK and now it’s all shrunk
so if i zoom in you should see that there’s a line outside of the marching
ant and a line inside the marching ant [selection] and now I can color in here and it won’t
go outside the line art, pretty handy so I’ll make a new layer underneath the
line art and just fill that in with a solid color, like that, now my normal
process what I do from here is I’ll create a new layer above that basic
color layer and I will right click on that and create a clipping mask and what
that will do is it creates this little arrow right here that you can see, now
anything I draw in here will stay within this shape so if I grab like a different
color and then I draw outside it’s only gonna color it where there’s purple! aint
that really cool? I think it’s cool – and I always tend to draw this color in the skin first so I mean why change
things up now? – I’ll just go in and color anywhere that there’s skin with a color
and I’ll probably and I usually change it later it’s not really the color I’m
going to stick with it just has to be different than the color that I used to
color in the [background] color that way I can see where I’m drawing and you
could probably plan your drawing so you could use the paint bucket tool for all
this but I don’t – I enjoy the coloring part and then her hands as well – now because
the clipping mask is only the size of the hands I can actually just grab a
huge brush and color that in I like that there you go skin is all colored in and
now I can actually use this image>adjustment>hue/saturation tool and I can
just use these little sliders and like find the skin color that I’m looking for
and the next thing I usually do is color in the eyes so we can just create a
clipping mask above that and do the same thing but use
a different color obviously and this one I always know what color I draw the eyes
I always draw them white so I don’t have to worry about anything there so you’ll
notice this little circle is a little circle it appears on the canvas and
exercise my brush my brush tip is very small and when I draw it’s not the full
size of that circle but that’s because of the pressure sensitivity of this
tablet – so there we go there we have our basic colors down and what we can do
actually is take all our color layers put them into a group, and duplicate them,
merge that group, turn off the one that’s beneath it, and you can actually use this
color balance tool which helps everything fit be more cohesive so we
can make like everything be a little bit more pink or everything be a little bit
more green you know like that – I kind of like that better, so we’re gonna stick
with that – for the hair I’m just gonna grab a selection, grab the hair, oh we
have a lighter color for the shirt here so that’s probably not gonna work, we are probably gonna have to go darker
let’s grab that go darker, you can even change the hue a bit, maybe go towards
blue and then grab this little gradient oooh, Why don’t I try to go a little bit more blue,
don’t hate that, so now I have some like basic gradients, like just thrown on
there, and I can use them to shade if I turn the pressure sensitivity to apply
to opacity, again, and then I use the Alt key grab some colors and just pull down
and kind of create strands here it’s a bit of a ‘paint-y’ technique – grab from the bottom and pull them up and do them in different shapes there we have it there we have some very
simple shaded hair, if your hair feels a little flat still even after adding some
simple shading you can actually go in lock the transparent pixels of your
lineart and then pick a color that will look good just draw over the lineart and
see if you like that ooh I like it with the blue actually, a
little bit more subtle I like to leave it straight black on the edges just a
personal preference and then I like to make the eyebrows the same color as that
but sometimes I’ll adjust that a little bit
then for skin the lineart around the skin I always change lineart around that
just because I feel like it helps to tone it down make the character feel a
little bit more alive so I’ll do that now
there we go let’s go ahead and add some shame to the face, I usually do that
lineart thing after I shade the face so this was a bit of a mistake because
sometimes when you shade the face and there’s areas that are darker and then
you don’t actually see the lineart and I like the liner to be a little bit more
obvious unless I’m going for a very painterly look – let’s create a new layer
for that just sort of shade it in I’m gonna grab a soft round brush for this
to have a little bit of blush like the nose and the ‘cheek-ies’ add it wherever it looks like it needs
it – try to make the face look a little bit more dimensional basically – I like to
shade the upper lip and then shade underneath the lower lip unless a I add
like lipstick or something – there’s a little bit more somet-something to the face it
looks a little clay to me – a little bit of shading to the teeth, because they look a little crazy alright and
then we need to add some shading to the shirt – uh-oh it just stopped working ,what
happened? okay… works again I don’t know what happened
I’m running a few programs so that might have something to do with something,
but there add that to the list of things that happened harharhar look at that face is the skirt here I just
wanna make it look like leather something just like add a streak shine
like this, we can actually flip the canvas here, it’s been a while since we’ve
done that and see how things look…ehhh I’m seeing some problems move that up a smidge
see how that looks this is why I like digital art because I
can just fix it all in post basically now I like to play with eyebrows and
grab theskin color and draw a couple lines in there like it’s skin
showing through the eyebrows – Ill just add some last minute details basically so I’d
like to do I’m just playing around that trying to make it look a little –
visually appealing, hehe – even if it was just like a doodle-sketch-a-rooney, hehe oooh! what if we duplicate that and add an
‘outer glow’ [layer style] that’s set to screen and enlargen it, make it like that green
color and these things will look like the glowing! thats kind of cool? is that
interesting? that I’m kind of just doodling well right something I like
about just art in general is that there’s no rules you can just literally
do whatever you want and no one’s gonna come out of nowhere and just tell you:
“don’t do that!” I mean they could try but probably not gonna work fun little digital
drawing so that was kind of like my process of creating a digital illustration, I’ll usually spend a little bit more time on it but I’m just feeling so
‘erggh’ it’s this setup it’s something new yeah that’s something that I came up
with using the new Cintiq 16 yeah I think I covered everything I wanted to
say about it like I’m annoyed about the extra room but that’s how all Wacom kind
of work and then I really like the new pen and then you have the little holder
with the little nibs inside which is cute I always liked that they had like a
little case that you could keep your pen in like this – that you keep it on your
desk, but like I’d always forget to put it in there. this is kind of handy because now
you can’t lose the holder because this you could lose this and then you didn’t
know where to put your pen but with this you don’t have that problem because it’s
always right on the side of the Cintiq which is nice I had a lot of fun I used
really bright fun colors and I’m kind of in a good mood and now that I have this
I kind of like to do more digital videos in this sort of format but I still need
to work out like the camera angle and like getting it bright enough and trying
to figure out what exposure and like shutter speed I need to get this to look
good so it’s all gonna be a learning experience and I’m looking forward to
2019 and making fun videos for you guys anyway thank you guys for
watching if you’re interested in checking out more about the Cintiq 16
which they provided to me to try out and test and share with you and you want to
learn all like the specs and stuff I’ll have a link in the description
to their website and you can learn more about that if it’s something you might
be interested in I used it as the base model so I used the stand that came with
the Cintiq it only allows for a 19 degree angle you can actually buy an
adjustment stand which they sent me but they told me it costs $79 for that thing
and I know as the cheapskate that I am (unless I’m buying a $60 coloring book) I
was not going to spend $80 on a stand for something if I was going to buy this
so I wanted to prove to you that you don’t need it and you can still draw
something I’ll probably use it because I have it and it seems like a waste not to
use it but for the purpose of this video and like I really wanted to not use it
yeah we’ll see – anyway thank you guys for watching I’ll see you all next week and
I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!! ♪ ♪ BYE! ♪ ♪

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