Employ 101 Overview

Hi, my name is Diane McLaren and I’m Manager
of the Careers Centre here at UWA. Welcome to Employ 101!
University is not just about getting great grades.
Your time at university offers a world of new experiences and exciting opportunities
that can greatly improve your current employability and help you to figure out what your future
career direction might be. Employ 101 will help you to take your first
steps towards finding your ideal career pathway! Within each module of the Employ 101 course,
you will find a series of activities that guide you through the creation of a personal
‘Career Toolkit’ that you can use to help you with your job search.
Your ‘Career Toolkit’ is a collection of ‘living’ documents that you will continue
to develop as you progress through your studies and refine throughout your career.
As you work through each module of Employ 101, make sure you record your activity answers
and personal reflections in a journal or word document (whatever works best for you), as
you will be asked to draw upon them as you progress through the course.
So, by completing Employ 101, we think you will be able to make:
• sound course and career choices, • informed decisions about your future,
• and progress on your ideal career pathway! AND the completion of the Employ 101 course
also contributes to the achievement of the UWA Careers and Employability Award, a program
designed to elevate your employability and advance your career.
Developing your very own ‘Careers Toolkit’ is an important step towards understanding
the key to your employability, and from all of us here at UWA Careers Centre, we hope
you enjoy this journey. Now, let’s get started!

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