Five-or Nothing Vs NetTradR a Fairytale

Five-or Nothing Vs NetTradR a Fairytale

Five-or NOTHING Vs NetTradR a Fairytale This is only a Fairytale Any Resemblance to
Real Life is Purely Coincidental Once Upon A Time Fred, a Self Employed Entrepreneur…
had a dilemma You see, Fred Works Online And Is Very Good
At What He Does Fred is so good, that lot’s of other people
want Fred to do their work for them! People Hire Fred by Outsourcing their Mini
Jobs to Him Life is Good for Fred, but Fred has a problem. Some people want Fred to do larger jobs…
jobs that are worth much more than just $5 But, Fred works in the Land of Five-or Nothing
where you can only charge $5 for a job and no more! Fred doesn’t know what to do, should he
turn down the work or should he try to find a way to charge more? Fred talked with other Entrepreneurs to get
some ideas from them He even held a conference call with people
in other countries They all agreed that Five-or Nothing was the
only choice. Fred could only charge $5 and NO MORE! Fred Became the talk of the Town, People were
Protesting, Fights Broke Out. Fred Had to Find an Answer As a Last Resort Fred Sought the Advice of
the Old Sage who said `Look to the Sky for the Answer!` No sooner had he left when he saw sign in
the sky for NetTradR NetTradR was the key With NetTradR He was FREE at last! No longer stuck at only $5 And, so was everyone else in the land of Five-or
Nothing With NetTradR You Too Can Escape the Land
of Five-or Nothing And Earn $2 – $5 – $10 – $15 – $20 – $50
or $100 for your Mini Jobs NetTradR is Free to Join if you want to sell
your skills or if you want to outsource your work to someone to have them do the work for
you! A Fairytale is never complete without One
More Thing – They all lived Happily Ever after. . .

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  1. Great video for anyone wishing to generate another revenue stream without spending a penny or even understanding the Internet much.

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