GOP Rep. on why impeachment ‘has been unfair from the beginning’

GOP Rep. on why impeachment ‘has been unfair from the beginning’

90 thoughts on “GOP Rep. on why impeachment ‘has been unfair from the beginning’”

  1. The evidence is overwhelming FOR IMPEACHMENT… just like the evidence of human induced climate change that Trumptards JUST DENY

  2. 'Boopsie' Pelosi should be arrested for obstructing justice! The president should have his date in court. 'Boopsie' is just being her usual hypocritical self!

  3. Trump is a Belial.
    A self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  4. No no no, Chuck Schumer can call more EXPERTS as their witness for the Senate trail, and go down as the dumbest Minority Leader.

  5. I think Mitch should go to the nearest hardware store and buy a spanking new galvanized steel trash can which he would then position in a prominent place on the Senate floor, as if in waiting. Then when Nancy sends the impeachment over he should say "thanks", lift the lid and put it where it belongs. And that…. will be the end of that. Boy, talk about apt symbology! There is no need to use haughty language or to be mean. Just a simple gesture of disdain is sufficient followed by: "have a nice day". This is exactly what I would do.

  6. Not to mention that Mitch didn’t say he wouldn’t allow witnesses. He said he wouldn’t allow them to tell him what witnesses to call. That was their job in the house. If they forgot to call some witnesses then maybe they shouldn’t have done this so quickly. Mitch said they’d read the case then decide who they needed to speak to. Nancy is just drunk on power and doesn’t realize that she may be able to bully her way in Congress but she can’t in the Senate.

  7. Wow, what an example of the statement "Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts completely" The Democrats are proving this

  8. I'm serving a special drink this New years, It's called Peach Mint Fizzle, it's one shot peach snaps, 3 0z Sparkling white wine and half a shot of gin, served over Ice, the mint is not actually included. It's guaranteed to keep you from leaving the house.

  9. Another fat head getting his media time. They do nothing but talk. He's holding office and all he can do is gloat that his party may benefit from this. Preaching to the choir is getting a bit much. We know all that. You got nothing new then just shut up.

  10. Who is Pelosi to DICTATE how the Senate is to conduct it's session? Marxist collaborators always USURP power they don't have. They are lawless buffoons who FORCE their whims as the rule on us and make their fictitious power appear to be legitimate! Away with these
    hideous, dangerous political gangsters!

  11. Considering there were news articles about impeaching Trump before he was even elected…
    I'd say "unfair" is an understatement.

  12. If Democrats want to bring more articles, let them have it as much as they get a kick from it. They're just digging their hole deeper. But they would need to vote on it right from the beginning.

  13. Pelosi is out of control and abusing the power given to her as Speaker of the House, isn’t that exactly what she has accused Trump of? I think she needs to be removed from office too bad we have no procedure for that. I hope the people in her district are paying attention!

  14. They just wanted some talking points. If you think about it impeachment plus passing USMCA almost in the same day? Pelosca is worried about her 31 vulnerables. Boy did the squad play this woman!

  15. don't under estimate the duplicity of these snakes and their willingness to work behind the scenes to create some kind of "insurance policy" like they did with the DNC primary to steal the nomination from Bernia Sanders. And ALL of this is so they can regain access to the US military for regime change, this is thier true intentions. The Imperially deranged puppets hate they don't have control of the military to create another Iraq or Libya for endless war and glory of their one world government. Good doco: @

  16. It's crooked millennials sexual immorality and their lustful lifestyle blinded by their digital electronic chip set 👀optical fiber world database management internet world of elite-pop-music-religious compromising food practices where more meat in consumed hourly and increased hunger which raised toys land population.

  17. The House is out til January 7th 2020……time for Pelosi to get more plastic surgery……wonder what she will look like when the House reconvenes. The eye surgery that gave her those high eyebrows was definitely a fail!

  18. We the people know that dems are working on fixing the ELECTION INVESTIGATE them all by any means . What's good for the goose .

  19. Pelosi will use the Impeachment papers to embarrass Pres. Trump at the State of the Union address !!! Pres. Trump must be prepared for that

  20. Nothing for nothing, but it's getting really old watching videos of people explaining how the the impeachment is unfair. Most of us know that now.

  21. Nancy Pelosi has as much control of the Senate as she does her dentures that keep coming loose.

    Silver lining to this is she is actually helping Trump with his re-election. lol.

    Hilarious really.

  22. Still calling it an impeachment, come on this is a coup always has been since day one three years ago. Charge these idiots with sedition and lets get back to fixing our debt, and society.

  23. How the tables have turned!
    Three years ago, Trump triumphantly became the most powerful leader in the world, while Nancy Pelosi was nobody, the obscure head of a defeated House minority.
    In less than 2 years, Trump offended, insulted, and made enemies of half the country, lost his House majority. Americans turned to the Democrats, and Grandma Nancy stepped up to guide the nation in its response to Trump's abuses.
    Today, the failed would-be autocrat is assured of history's scorn, while Nancy is due the nation's permanent gratitude for helping us through the Trump nightmare.

  24. Go read some comments on CNN or NBC these people have supporters and many are extremists who want zero republicans and a majority vote deciding elections. It's sad but scary


  26. “Our nation is indeed at a crossroads. Will we pursue the search for truth, or will we dodge, weave and evade the truth? I am of course referring to the investigation into serious allegations of illegal conduct by the president of the United States — that the president has engaged in a persistent pattern and practice of obstruction of justice. The allegations are grave, the investigation is legitimate, and ascertaining the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the unqualified, unevasive truth is absolutely critical.”
    – Mitch McConnell (R) February 12, 1998.

  27. The louse didn't send it to the Senate because……
    1. They wanted to see how the impeachment vote "went over" with the cult of deplorables
    2. They wanted the deep state media to assist in condoning and supporting and spinning it
    3. They did what their handlers demanded them do by giving President Trump the legacy of being impeached and they truly needed a little R&R
    4. The deep state is planning on giving a Christmas present all its own to president Trump.
    5 and least plausible of all is that they are idiots and simply hung themselves. They can't get rid of their self incriminating evidence and therefore stop inquiry into them so how are they going to stop being investigated.
    As long as President Trump is breathing they know to fear him and all inquiries his righteous wrath will surely bring. They don't seem at all afraid. I wonder just why. Never underestimate the belly of the beast

  28. Nancy wants to be president – via impeachment. She is the impeachment princess -the DIP. And what a DIP she is! Nancy rolled out the precedence of denying minority rights. Why would she expect anything less from the Senate? McConnel played her perfectly by saying that it has been a partisan proceeding to date, so why change now? She knows what that means. She has lost. She's lost impeachment and any respect for her past accomplishments. Why aren't feminists rushing to defend her in her hour of shame? She's the first woman speaker, and the first whose policies caused her to lose the position. She's twice the loser!

  29. I was not aware that th^ House can make their own rules as they investigate or try to impeach…..It seems quite obvious that they have different standards and rules than 'We the people'…

  30. Rep. Guy Reschenthaler is sooo good. I live next door to his district and am jealous of those who live in it. Too soon to run for the Senate but I, at least, would not miss either of the ones from my state.

  31. Pelosi and others have been trying to deliver impeachment for HRC but she wants removal in Senate. She likes to announce running again but needs him gone for sure before she will do so. Shame on them for such destruction of the busy and great presidency.

  32. Well, given that impeachment didn't happen, there's nothing unfair about it. The House Democrats are giving the 2020 elections to the Republicans

  33. Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a treasonous criminal along with Adam Schiff & the democrat congress members because they took part in this treasonous act against the president & the American people…I believe voters will make big changes in congress because they have not done the will of the people in fact they have done absolutely nothing for the American people ..Congress democrats must be removed & prosecuted for treason.

  34. Major Demoncrat donor booked for PEDOPHILIA towards a 9yr old. DR. Hensley is tied to Schiff, Shumer, Pelosi, Nadler, hell all them are pedos✌️

  35. How incredibly hypocritical of the dirty dems to try to dictate how the Senate will handle this and insist on calling additional witnesses, when they blatantly broke the rules by not allowing the Republicans in the House to have their day of witnesses, as required by the law! The public (the ones who look for truth) see right through this sham, and the whole world is watching their foolishness.

  36. We no longer want a President who is so insecure that he buys into Russian Security Services Conspiracy Theories. Fox News, stop minimizing the profound need for the American People to hear from Presidential Advisors in testimonial in the Senate!

  37. What bothers me about THIS Republican is that I watched him desperately try and use this fiasco in the House to gain attention for himself. He saw others get attention by standing up to democrat leadership in the house and senate and saw how it helped them and you could tell he really wanted to follow suit and reap the same rewards and honestly it just really turned me off. Matt Gaetz is a naturally passionate individual. Ratcliffe was sincere when he stepped up. Others were as well. This guy stepped up prematurely more than once and took a ball and a bat to the face.

  38. 🇺🇲McConnell needs to change the rules that the House has two weeks to send the articles over or it's nullified

  39. Did Nancy forget to call so called essential witnesses in Congress??? Just lazy or too scared to challenge executive privilege of Mcgahn in courts…. so now she thinks she can bend Senates arm??? Good luck

  40. Why can't we all just get along?!
    Oh, that's right, the dims don't want us to because then they have no power!
    Peace & love all my brothers & sisters. Stand united against those who will divide us!
    We get along just fine without government interference! 😊✌
    Don't get me wrong, i'm all for border security & a strong military so that we can all be safe & secure!
    Merry Christmas!

  41. Don't worry, Be happy she might go to jail with her some of he Do-nothing Party worker go to prison. It's about time. President can get new house of Speaker or never just GOP back up.

  42. Democrats needs to get a taste of their own medicine. Now Our President can lay it all out.Senate is the key remember.

  43. The house can be liken to a grand jury, they can't convict, only an OK to convict..the Senate can be liken to court..they can choose to accept or not through normal court process. other words, the grand jury does NOT have the power to convict, nor dictate the process!

  44. Nancy stop pretending you are in control coz you are not. First you no longer know what you are talking abt. Like Biden who have no idea as to where he is. But most Americans know why you are doing what you and the other like you are doing, COVER UP YOUR AND YOUR FAMILIES ' CORRUPTIONS. YOU MADE YOURSELVES FILTY RICH WHILE YOUR JURISDICTION BECAME THE FILTIEST PLACES. SHAME ON YOU CORRUPT ELITES DROWN DROWN DISGUSTING FILTS.

  45. Are you still besting your dog? A yes is condemning. But a no is also condemning. They want a no win question to be the article to get a conviction on an innocent man.

  46. Unfair from beginning :

    – fake Professor witness
    – crying ex-ambassador ( Yovanovitch)
    – no whistleblower testify

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