‘Hard Evidence’: Feds Subpoena Giuliani Business As Indicted Associate Hands Over Secret Tapes

‘Hard Evidence’: Feds Subpoena Giuliani Business As Indicted Associate Hands Over Secret Tapes

100 thoughts on “‘Hard Evidence’: Feds Subpoena Giuliani Business As Indicted Associate Hands Over Secret Tapes”

  1. i hope that the folks that watch fox, listen to rush ,q.realize they have been lied to, but they wont. sadly being partisan is addictive, for every piece of information that is positive for your in-group..you get a little kick of dopamine, and for things against your in group, you get another "look they are at it again!" we need to re-instate the law removed in 97 that said news outlets cannot be purely partisan. WE are better than this.

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  3. What happened to the dislike buttons on left leaning media channels? Usually its been at least 1/3rd thumbs down. Is the right getting out of its depth?

  4. True Mother Jones, you really know nothing about it and won't until, as Pompeo stated with a grin : 'When The Time Is Right, Good Things Happens' and thus you are just as clueless today as before you even knew about it!

  5. Trump did us all a favour, he has unmasked the corruption within the Republican party. As usual unbeknown to him, he got that right. 'Drain the swamp' while he was sinking himself and the Republican party. Mucky animals

  6. Ari, —> Public statements and testimony indicate that the DOJ did not open a formal investigation through the FBI or the Mutual Assistance Treaty. It doesn't sound like Nunes was working through proper legal channels.
    … Q: "I'd like to ask both of you if you believe it's proper for any president to ask a foreign power to investigate a U.S. citizen and, specifically, a political rival? (Rep. Castro)
    … A: "I don't believe it is appropriate for the President to do that. If we have law enforcement concerns with a U.S. citizen, generally, there are appropriate channels for that." (Amb. Volker, NSC Morrison, @ 4: 27: 53)
    House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Volker & Morrison Testimony /watch?v=HAI39mb3QaI&t=17160s

    … "Q: Deputy Kent, are you aware of any formal Department of Justice cooperation request made to the Ukranians?"
    … A: "I am not aware of any formal Department of Justice request in this matter, no." ( @ 5: 07: 50 to 5: 08: 21 )
    House Impeachment Inquiry – Taylor & Kent Testimony /watch?v=cdXAhuHhqUY

    .. ."The FBI didn't want to look at it. They were afraid to go to the FBI because they had been turned down so much." (Rudy Giuliani).
    Cuomo debunks comparison between Biden's and Trump's actions in Ukraine /watch?v=g529m_cZLhM .


  8. When Nunes does that little laugh when he responds about coming back, I have heard that little laugh when I have been lied to by liars. Great give away!

  9. Another trump lackey – Giuliani – is about to get the chop! Trump is already distancing himself! Will he EVER run out of disposable lackeys and actually have to do his own dirty work?

  10. I don’t understand why ANYONE would risk their freedom for trump. Trump is erratic and highly reactive. Why would anyone follow orders from such a person. I don’t understand how trump gets any allegiance from anyone! Trump is not a person anyone should defer to.

  11. Mr. Parnas, sing like a bird to the Dems, they will go easy on you and then we can impeach and hopefully remove #45. Secondly, spill all the beans cuz if #45 gets reelected, he'll make sure you fry in the electrical chair

  12. Back in those days when when Giuliani after the mob was because his father was a snitch and got tangled up with mob family so his hands has been dirty so he and Trump's father and Trump have a lot in common

  13. Lev Parnas knew this day would come and he prepared himself to be able to bargain his life with his valuable knowledge and information and to be honest they really don't know what Lev has on them.

  14. Nunes has always been a dirty rotten scoundrel. Remember when he evaded committee ethics when he released that stupid memo about investigating that FBI FISA warrant into Carter Page? He had to recuse himself from the House committee investigating Russian interference, yet still conducted his own "parallel" investigation that instead looked inward on the FBI and intelligence officers collecting information for the Mueller probe.
    And now he's sitting in on these public impeachment hearings as the leader of the House Minority with the ability to command 45 minutes of questioning, all the while, he's been in the same boat with the Trump officials accused of conducting this illegal withholding of the military aid. So how is he still allowed to keep his seat there? Especially now that the testimony is being compiled, and articles of impeachment are being debated by the Judiciary committee to discuss. If anything, he should have been sitting in the hot seat taking Congressional questions under oath as a witness to this whole sordid event. It's appalling that these numbskulls are immune from oversight and accountability.

  15. I will personally give everyone who's interested $10 a piece of my personal money if this impeachment nonsense is PROVED right and Trump gets impeached or Gulliani in jail.
    I'm going to go watch paint dry now

  16. @AM
    SDNY going after GiuLiarAni is another case of poetic justice.
    GiuLiarAni will just be another bump for Dumpty's bus B4 it hits his wall but will be devastating to GiuLiarAni.
    He can have a cell near Dumpty and not have to face public scrutiny once he's put away!!!

  17. Cusack is right…You and the rest of your cohorts at NSNBC bang on, rightly, about the lying, misleading Repubs while, at the same time, you're pushing, by lying and misleading. an anti-Bernie agenda…dont bother denying it, it's fukn obvious!…Y'all should be ashamed…but you wont be…Anyway, I'm no longer subscribing…I dont need you to get my news.

  18. Believing these people strains credulity. These police state media propagandist. They encourage the radicals in the judiciary who are willing to abuse their power to attack this President and anyone associated with the President.

    Disgusting propagandist.

  19. How dare Nunes not answer our questions, we don't care that bigger things are happening. That investigations are taking place and he can't disclose details at this time.

  20. Trump Knew About Whistleblower Complaint Two Weeks Before He Finally Released $400 Million for Ukraine on September 11; He Knew He Had Been Caught!

  21. wow the MSM does a good job at misleading and lying to Americans. I feel sorry for people not smart enough to think for themselves and see through this multi-layer sham.

  22. I have now unsubscribed from MCNBC. Until you apologize for your attacks and misleading information on Bernie Sanders I will never watch you again. I loved Ari, but I’m done here.

  23. Biden with nothing to investigate???? Read the "newly released documents from americanonsight, the same document they prove of Giuliani having a phone call with Pampeo. But they did not mention other proofs also in the documents, such as the corrupt Yavanovitch, and Biden's corruption.

  24. Giuliani definitely does NOT want to talk to Congress because then he would have to explain his insurance policy remark, a remark in which he implies he has evidence against Trump.

  25. If Trump was an honest man with nothing to hide there’d be no need for subpoenas and he would have released his tax returns

  26. No one is interested because this is yet another attempt by democrats. This will fail as usual then democrats will look stupid again.

  27. Its just a waste of time and money. Giuliani has enough evidence to prove the dems massive cover up. There was no deep state, the fem dems thought hillary was a shoe in and did it openly. Gulp! And the Donald caught them! Just a bunch of sloppy traitors that sold out the rule of law and the Constitution due to they have nothing going for them but the crooked press. Trump is power slapping with one hand tied behind his back and one lie aftr another is being slapped out of the entire base.

  28. So Biden has been nominated by the dem's as their presidential candidate? If not why would he be considered a rival. Quite a desperate reach but ok. This is how the Libs feel is the only way to win and this is not working. Right is right no matter how hard one cries. This whole schiff show will put Trump back in office with all 3 barrels loaded with republicans. The Democratic party will be stained after this mess subsides. Schiff and any other witnesses caught lying should be charged with treason.

  29. Thanks, Counselor Melber and panel. An important segment, well-done. Two additional points arise in my mind. The “Russia didn’t do it!” Conspiracy Theory touted by Firtash and his Repugnithug shysters diGenova and Toensing was a fiction cooked up by Russian Intelligence mavens, and promoted by Manafort’s Kremlin Counterpart, Konstantin Kilimnik, since 2016! Second: please review Dr. Maddow’s 4-‘17 report on the Buzzfeed article about Buryakov’s release from Elkton, remembering that fellow agents Sporyshin and Podobniy had successfully fled, having kicked off the FISA warrants on Page!

  30. What he really said wAs I rally was their with them and yes it about Biden because trump is a crazy paranoid ego maniac and I am sorry that the American people found out about me being involved and it show just what us republicans have to do to lower our selves to be praised by trump.I will be back after I go on multiple tv shows to deny this ever happened .I also promise that parnas is going to get what's coming to him for running his mouth.

  31. rudy better cut a deal while gettin is good. tRump is clearly setting him up to take the fall and Ghouliani wouldnt last one day in prison given all the mobsters he locked up back in the day.

  32. When your really cool NXS song from the 80s gets co-opted by Fidelity investments it’s no longer cool it’s just gross

  33. My God what all has more trump and his kids done that we dont even know about!! Surly this isnt his FIRST..we should have known something when he didnt turn over his taxes

  34. All these Republicans are corrupt criminals. Not one of them speaks out against any of Trump's criminal activity because they condone it and don't really care what damage is done to our country.
    The Republican party needs to be abolished so our country can continue to be a democracy.

  35. No one stands before an avalanche and thinks they can stop it.
    Don't tell that to this administration of republican swamp monster though.
    I laugh as one by one, they getting swept away.

  36. I’ve been around for a long long time and never have we had such a crooked administration like this one any other country would be taking to the streets to clean up that rat infested administration.

  37. The irony to this case is that Trump and his associates indicted themselves by mouthing off and lying instead of doing what any good attorney tells you to do: "keep your mouth shut and let me do the talking."

  38. During 9/11, Rudy was a national hero. Now it's like he's been cloned by the Klingons. What…TF happened??

  39. Jeffery Epstein was hired by AG Barr's father to teach in Dalton private prep school without ANY college degree and zero teaching credentials.
    "Jeffrey Epstein Taught at Dalton. His Behavior Was Noticed."

  40. Yeah, yeah, yeah, "Breaking news, breaking news, breaking news." I think we've all heard that one before. Ahem, now for the important stuff, does anybody know the name of the cutie on the left of your screen? Thanks in advance. Oh BTW, I hope they crucify Giuliani and he sings like a canary on that orange, bloated, pos!!!

  41. As much dirt comes from the Republican's I can't see how and why Trump hasn't been impeached the lower class are having their food stamps drastically reduced to where they don't even know where to turn

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