How Freeeup Works – Top Freelance Website 2019

How Freeeup Works – Top Freelance Website 2019

hey everyone my name is Nathan the CEO
of freeup we know that any time you use a new service or a new marketplace or
platform it can be confusing and we are definitely different than the other
platforms out there so I wanted to create this video to really walk you
through how free app works and what we’re all about this video we’re going
to go through the concept of freeeup then we’re going to go through how does
it actually work how do you submit a request and meet a freelancer then we’re
going to go through the billing and last I’m going to share some other cool
things about freeeup that you might not know now the concept of freeeup is
pretty simple I was a long time ecommerce seller that used VA s and
freelancers to scale my first business and I used all the other platforms out
there I hated how I had to post a job get 50 people to apply interview them
one by one and it just took me forever and even if I found someone I liked if
they quit on me I was right back where I started interviewing all these people so
I wanted a better faster way and I kept looking for it when I couldn’t find it I
built freeeup we get thousands of applicants every week virtual assistants
freelancers agencies from all over the world we vet them for skill attitude and
communication letting the top 1% in that’s one out of every hundred
applicants get onto our platform once they’re in our clients get fast access
to them with 24/7 support on the back end and a no turnover guarantee if
someone quits for any reason we cover replacement costs and get you a new
person right away so that’s the concept the pre vetting the speed the great
customer service and the protection but how does it actually work the weight
freeeup works is actually pretty simple once you create a free account any time
you want to request a freelancer just click request a freelancer right inside
your account it’s a button right on your dashboard from there it will ask you a
few questions so we know exactly what you’re looking for just fill it out to
the best of your ability if you don’t know something
it’s okay to leave it blank it only takes a few minutes and once you submit
a request we’ll introduce you to a freelancer within a business day usually
faster now we normally send one freelancer by default most clients come
to us because they don’t want to meet 20 different people they want it to be fast
and efficient however if you want to meet more than one just put that in the
ticket if you put send me two or 73 will of course honor your request from there
we’ll introduce you to the freelancer via email and they’ll also reach out and
introduce themselves you can set up a meeting and interview make sure you like
them and if you do you have a few options you can hire them at the rate
inside the ticket which they set themselves you can negotiate rate which
is a button right inside the ticket submit the rate that you want to pay per
hour we’ll present it to them and they can accept reject or counter if they
want to you can also agree to fix pricing which I won’t talk about in this
video but it’s very easy to setup just contact our support team and we’ll set
it up for you very quickly and the freelancer most likely knows how to do
it as well if you don’t like the freelancer we’ve provided there’s a pass
button or they do not hire button now this will respectfully pass on the
freelancer informing them and it’ll give you the option to provide us feedback
we’ll take that feedback we’ll introduce you to someone else based on that
feedback we’ll even update the ticket for you if necessary and we’ll get you
more options which you can meet and decide if you want to hire now once you
hire the freelancer the work is between you and the freelancer they don’t share
the work with us in any way it’s all confidential between you guys and it’s
actually against our Terms of Use for the freelancer to share the work with us
with that said we are available 24/7 with support if you do have issues or
questions or anything that we can help with please don’t hesitate to reach out
an important thing to remember is that per our Terms of Use
freelancers should be responding within one business day so if they don’t feel
free to reach out to us these are real people stuff happens emails go to spam
but for the most part you should be getting a response within a business day
and most people respond much faster now that’s really the process of in a
nutshell you create a free account you submit a request
you meet a freelancer you decide if you want to hire a negotiate rate or greater
fixed price or you pass on that freelancer and get some more options and
at any point you can always request more options without passing on the
freelancers that are already on the ticket those options are all available
inside the ticket next we are going to talk about billing now before we talk
about billing it’s important that you understand rates the default on the free
up market play is hourly the freelancer set their own rates and you can
negotiate like I mentioned before and the rate that you see already includes
the freeeup fees so if you see that Bob is 10 bucks an hour you’re paying 10
bucks an hour nothing else you can also agree to fix prices just email support
at freeeup calm and we’re more than happy to show you how to do it it’s
really easy now our billing periods are Wednesday to Tuesday we charge you every
Thursday during the billing period you can pause and unpause freelancers and
you can also set weekly limits so if you set a weekly limit of 10 hours a week
the freelancer can’t bill you more than 10 hours during that billing period so
it’s Wednesday to Tuesday we charge you on Thursday and you have a full week to
dispute anything before we pay the freelancer the next Thursday now if you
do fix prices we charge the fixed price upfront and we hold the money until it’s
released to the freelancer when the milestones are hit or when the project
is complete or on a different payment schedule that you guys agree to so Billy
is pretty straightforward now there are three payment methods that you can
choose from ACH for US bank accounts is the cheapest and you get a 1.1 percent
discount for using that credit card is the other option and if you’re
international you can do a retainer option if you don’t have a credit card
to use reach out to accounting at free up comm and they will explain the
retainer option more in detail I’m not going to go into it now because most
people will be using ACH or credit card so that’s how billing works and of
course reach out to us if you have any questions and now I just want to go over
a few really cool things about the free up platform first of all my calendar is
right at the top you can book a meeting with me at any time you can add me on
skype my phone number is also there I’m very easy to contact and if I’m ever
away or sleeping or in a meeting my team is around 24/7 via Skype via email via
live chat ready and available to help freeeup loves feedback we are always
looking to improve whether it’s a software the quality of freelancers the
system’s the processes we want to hear from you how can we make it a better
place for clients and freelancers alike to use the platform and get access to
better talent faster with the best customer support possible so if you have
any feedback feel free to Skype it to me email it to me Nathan at freeeup calm
and we will take it very seriously lastly we have an amazing referral
program we paid out almost $300,000 last year in referral money for any client to
refer to us you get 50 cents for every hour that we billed to them forever
now you can introduce them to me personally via email or Skype you can
use the affiliate link right inside your account or you can have them sign up and
mention your name whatever is easiest for you we love referrals we hope you
have a great experience and we appreciate you using the freeeup
platform don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all
hey everyone I’m making content like this all the time if you like this video
please comment and like below also click the subscribe button to get even more
content brought to you thanks again for watching and I’ll be back at the end of
the next video to remind you again

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  1. 0:40 Our Story and why we built FreeeUp
    1:12 What is the FreeeUp Marketplace?
    1:55 The Process of Using FreeeUp/ Submitting a Freelancer Request
    2:14 What happens after you submit a request
    2:40 What happens after we introduced you to a freelancer?
    2:50 Hiring and Negotiating rate
    3:18 What if the freelancer you sent is not a fit?
    3:43 What do I do after after I hire the freelancer?
    4:05 Freelancers should be responding within 1 business day
    4:49 Understanding Rates
    5:15 Understanding FreeeUp Billing Periods
    5:21 Pausing and Unpausing Freelancers, Setting weekly limits
    5:44 How fixed Prices Work
    5:56 Three Different Payment methods you can choose
    6:33 Booking a time with me and my team
    6:43 About our 24/7 Support
    6:50 We love feedback!
    7:20 Earn money with our Referral Program!

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