HOW TO EASILY CLEAR YOUR HIPS IN THE DOWNSWING – The complete process and a magic drill

HOW TO EASILY CLEAR YOUR HIPS IN THE DOWNSWING – The complete process and a magic drill

hey everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us
this way I’d like to help you open your hips far more effectively through the
impact area why why is it important why do the best ball strikers do this
because it generates so much more power it helps you deliver the power and it
also helps you to hit it much straighter so getting the hips open through impact this
is one thing you’ll see so common with literally every decent player on the
planet they’re having a wonderful clearance that’s what I want you to
learn because if you’re not doing this if you’re finding yourself an impact
here where you’re very straight on you’re gonna end up having a swing that
has a very little power and then obviously watch this if there’s no space
here you end up having to just flick the club with the arm so you’ll have impact
positions also that look a little bit like this you might even have a chicken
wing that starts to come out as a byproducts all of these factors are
generating inconsistencies huge loss of power so it’s very important that you
learn to open the hips that is what I’m going to share with you in this week’s golf
training video before I get into the video though if you’re new to this channel and
it’s one of your first videos online hop into the community by pressing
that subscribe button and the bell and I notify you every time there’s a new
video just like this one now let’s get started why is it important well I’ve
just given you a brief introduction of why getting the hips open is important
watch this if I was to pick up a ball in the most simplest fashion if I pick up a
ball and don’t move my hips and just throw it like this all I’ve got is an
isolated arm – there’s no power in that if I do this and now I’ve got my hips
open I can use my body the entire bow to sling the ball so clearly there’s more
power involved the other factor is clear you know when you’re here if I don’t
move I getting this flicking motion as I said the club gets unstable it closes it
kind of opens it just becomes not nice so I want to show you now how to open
those hips first thing the easiest thing to do is this stage number one I’m the
question to you is what is your target what is your target
most people have so much attention on their golf swings the golf ball
keeping their head down that everything’s here they do want to hit it
down the fairway but the problem is is they’ve got so much focus and worry
about what’s going on down here that their body is just don’t move from this
spot so where you put your attention okay where you put that attention we’ll
have a but a completely direct impact on what goes on with us hips if your
attention is it in this area why would you turn through you know you’re going
to focus on here you’re going to look something like this so I mean it’s in
the in its extreme there’s no ball police at the ball makes make a good
swing hit it straight I mean I’m silly exaggerating here but
that is going to create a very static motion the golfer who’s kind of out
there thinking about where they’re going to hit it and they’re focused there now
look there they’re there they’re moving towards this target as a movement
towards its target that is going to naturally encourage more hip motion it
doesn’t guarantee it but it’s going to increase the likelihood that it’s going
to happen what does guarantee the hips not moving
it’s too much attention to much obsession too much thinking going on
about the swing and concern over where the ball is going to go all right so
stage number one make sure that your target draws out the hip turn that’s
important the target needs to be out there tip number two is I want you to
imagine now you let’s grab that grab a jam jar a cookie jar and watch this when
if to open the lid there are two forces at play here so when you kind of take a
a jam jar okay and you kind of twist it you’ve got opposite forces all the time
working yeah like this twist so I want you to imagine now your feet are work is
working in opposite directions so if you most people are trying to open their
hips that’s just out official or whoop that’s not what we’re doing
no-pros tries to open their hips their hips are a byproduct of what goes down
on in the feet so when you get yourself set what I want to imagine is you’re
stood on a gigantic jam jar and what you’re going to do is is with this slide
here you’re going to kind of unscrew the jam jar
so you’ve got a force going this way with your right foot and a force going
this way with your left you really feel and imagine the jam just a little bit
stuck yeah and you’re gonna push it out you really gonna drive it now actually
driving that there and you twist to the jam now what happens to the hip it moves
the by prett the difference this is the hips not moving because it’s some limp
Martian it’s moving because it’s how you’re generating that power so what you
do you get yourself set make a few swings I want you to imagine on both
sides you’re gonna turn the jam jar this way this way you’re going to turn it
there feel that in the feet and then on the way through it you’re also going to
feel like you’re gonna turn the jam they feel lost forces working and I would do
this to start off with in a really nice slow fashion turn the jam jar this way
and then from here turn it through that way and really sense that ground working
artificially moving the hips and trying to get them up and just won’t work and
if it does it’s a fake Martian as professionals we don’t want to up in our
hips artificially their their opening because it’s helping us generate speed
into this Martian so have a look at this again we’ll get yourself set or stood on
that jam jar I’ve often used the gigantic screw here but I think the jam
jar and the opposite forces worked nicely as well so we get ourselves set
feel the force is going in opposite directions you’ve got one force going
into there another one’s unscrewing here and then again unscrew it here you can
really feel those legs working have another look at this simple nice and easy motions to start
with now on to the number three which if you’ve ever seen the new hotshot at the
moment Matthew Wolfe go and check him out sensational player he has an
interesting drill which I think could also help you learn the feel of what is
open so watch this one thing you’ll see Matthew Wolfe do check him out online
here’s he has a little knee move so when he gets himself set here he actually
turns his hips this way and these shoulders slightly open as well now
what’s he doing here well I think this kind of drill will help you feel what
open actually feels like a lot of people don’t really know what it’s supposed to
feel like at the moment they strike a golf ball so if you get yourself set
here normally and then just open your hips open your toes a little bit so
roughly you want about thirty degrees out will you hit fifteen degrees out
mules would be a good guide and the open you get a feeling come back and then
just very slowly you move into that position so again I’m not
hitting this hard in any shape or form at this stage what we’re trying to do is
teach you and help you learn the feel of this situation so someone have a look at
this get yourself set him there we’re going
to open the hips a little bit here by twisting that jam-jar we’re going to
open the shoulders a little bit feel what that’s like
hold it there for a second or two come back to square nice and smooth so if
somebody what have we done well the very first thing you need to do in order to
try and get those hips working is well first of all understand why you get them
working because it’s one of the main reasons why you generate power and
accuracy when you throw a ball it’s how you get everything delivered flowing
through to the target you know what leads all that’s what creates all this
the target you know if you’re focused on down here could you’ve got so many
throwing thoughts you’re worrying about this worrying about that you’re gonna
say very fixed to this area and you have these just these isolated motions of
just your arm working when you get more target orientated in your intentions out
there your body’s more likely to move that in itself could be curative that
could naturally just improve it but to fine-tune this once you’ve got that in
place then you’ve got those other couple of exercises this isn’t and I’ve just
Artie what I’ve got to kept my hips open the hips moving are opening our core a
result of natural athleticism in the shot no matter your edge
imagine that jam jar there’s always opposite forces you know to screw the
lid off you’re kind of moving the jar one way and the lid the other way the
same principles true in golf we want to move the hips what’s happening is is
you’ve got a force going into the heel of the the lead foot here my left foot
and a force going this one I’m twisting the jam jar as I’m doing this my hips
are the byproduct open but they open with power they’re not just artificially
doing this so you get a few balls get that sensation I would take your time
with no hitting long shots initially just really sense that and if when they
really feel the jam jar going through I’m playing a few short shots to start
with together get that sensation and the third and final thing is
the Mafia wolf exercise this is person one in life ropes I really like this if
somebody who also can get a little bit slightly trim pat myself and and don’t
always get the hips open this I really really like and that’s just a case of
getting yourself set here feeling that you’re gonna turn the jam jar here you
are opening up your hips about thirty degrees
holds about fifteen you learn to feel what that’s like there hold it come back
into Center again no big shot back and away we go
and it is as simple as that he says so I hope you enjoyed this training if you
did don’t forget it a thumbs up and share it with somebody who you think
could benefit from something like this maybe this film with some distance and
accuracy this simple exercise will really really help
and of course look you need to channel press that subscribe button there so I
can send you some more videos next week but until next week everyone have a
great golfing week

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  1. Great vid again Danny, the more you show your swing and actually hitting the ball is something which really helps, itโ€™s almost as good as being at the driving range! Maybe a whole montage video of hitting the ball with your relaxed swing would be a winner? Have a Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ„

  2. Iโ€™ve just started working on this in my winter training. This explanation and drills will certainly be a great help.
    Now thatโ€™s what I call a Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ present ๐ŸŽ! Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas Danny. Working with you was the best golf decision I ever made. I was completely lost, but since following your advice, I now enjoy my golf every time I play. Thanks.

  4. I didn't know who Matthew Wolff is, but thanks to you, now I do. What an interesting swing. I think his pre-swing ditty is more of a set up trigger, rather than a hip turn drill. What impressed me the most was how much he lifts his left foot (heel), and all his body motion. When I do this, my golf mates scold me. I get much more hip turn when I do it correctly – and that's the rub. I tend to sway and lose my spine angle. When I do it correctly, resetting my left heel is the trigger for sequencing. I also noticed that Matt bends his left arm, which increases his back swing. This is something else I've worked on. When I do it correctly, my left arm straightens at impact, and the club face is square again.

    I like your jar lid analogy, but for me the best analogy to understand Matt's body motion is coiling and uncoiling a spring. When the spring coils, it gets shorter. Matt has a lot of knee bending that allow him to coil his body more in the backswing, causing him to squat. And when the wound-up spring is suddenly released, it briefly gets longer than the spring at rest before it snaps back to the starting position (law of physics about opposite and equal reaction). As Matt uncoils, he practically jumps off the ground. These are my first impressions after watching videos of him, but it's definitely worth more study. For someone athletic, it can add tremendous power. But even for someone old and stiff (like me), it can add more flexibility when done correctly – again, that's the rub. Thanks for another great lesson, Danny. Enjoy the holidays, and all the best for the coming year.

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  22. It took me a long time to realize the importance of the point Danny made about thinking target … using the natural throwing motion of swinging as if you are throwing the club to a target (of course you don't let the club go). If you do this, the brain knows that it has to get the hips out of the way to give the arms access to the target – no conscious thought required. Siimilarly, the brain will cause the "jar twisting" with the lower body as a result of executing the task of throwing the club at max speed. To demonstrate, have someone video you while throwing a club as far as you can. You will see an impressive, sequenced swing starting with the jar twisting move …. lag, open hips at impact, etc. Also, I may be a slow learner; but, it took about 12 months for me to think directing the swing at a the target rather than at the ball consistently and under pressure.

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  39. This might sound odd but curling toes up slightly, versus curling down inside the shoes makes a bit difference in swing dynamics. Just stand on the floor in stocking feet and compare the cause and effect. When toes flex up the arch of the foot flattens and weight shifts to the insides of the feet โ€” ideal for the start of a golf swing. But if toes are curled down the foot arches higher shifting weight to the outsides of the feet which will make it very difficult to clear the hips in the downswing. Curling the toes of the lead foot down in the finish will make it easier to shift weight to the outside to roll it.

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