How To Employ An Apprentice

How To Employ An Apprentice

We want to see them grow at our service desks
team and we decided we would look for an IT apprentice
so that we can train them to be the type of person which my business needs
when we first engaged with Baltic Training they came and discussed the IT apprenticeship
programme with us they listened to what we needed from an individual
and they presented how they could help us to grow that individual Taking on an apprentice it’s been good for
us we’ve started learning things
the knowledge they’re bringing in is beneficial to us and to our customers
we have five apprentices now and they all work well in a team
they do great they’re doing really good as an employer looking to recruit an apprentice
or create roles within IT and social media Baltic Trainign can help
the process is simple we’ll meet with you to discuss your needs
and find out more about your business and the roles to fill
from there we’ll match your job specification to our source of pre-screened candidates and
select three for interview the candidates will meet you for interview
you choose the one that meets your criteria and they’re ready to begin their apprenticeship
Baltic Training will induct the new apprentice giving them knowledge about their rights and
health and safety you can train the apprentice on the job alongside
their apprenticeship training molding them to your organisation and teaching
them the way you do things along with this the apprentice will recieve
training away from your premisis with Baltic Training
learning by webinar and receiving additional knowledge to bring back to your business
the apprentice will also receive ongoing support through their apprenticeship
with regualr visits to check on their progress at the end of their apprenticeship
the young learner will be qualified to a level 3 standard in your chosen subject
and have the opportunity to progress to a level 4 and a full time position
most of our apprentices do we work with over 260 companies
and 85.6% of our apprentice learners are employed after a Baltic Training apprenticeship we chose Baltic Training because they’re an
IT specialist apprenticeship provider and they definitely understand what businesses’
like mine need from the IT apprenticeship programme
their strong affiliate links with microsoft their microsoft IT academy and offering other
industry certified courses such as cisco and VMware I think it’s a great way to not only take
on new members of staff but reliable members of staff, but members
of staff you can mold into something that is going to be beneficial to your company I would definitely use Baltic Training again
I would definitely employ apprenticeships again Working with Baltic’s been great wihtin a
matter of weeks I had an apprentice that was great company
to work with

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  1. If you're looking to employ an apprentice in the Merseyside, Warwickshire or Milton Keynes area, call me on 01325 731 087 for a quick chat – I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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