How to Make an Optimized LinkedIn Profile (5 LinkedIn Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out)

How to Make an Optimized LinkedIn Profile (5 LinkedIn Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out)

Hey there! Welcome to Work In Progress, a
how-to series that’s meant to help you with everything from prepping for a job
interview, to boosting your confidence, or negotiating a raise.
Here’s today’s question: Before we talk about how to optimize your profile, let’s
talk about why LinkedIn matters and why having a LinkedIn profile is so
important. There are over 500 million professionals on LinkedIn and it’s the
biggest professional network where recruiters are looking to source and
hire candidates. So by not having a profile on LinkedIn, you’re actually
taking your chances of not having a job land in your inbox.
Step one is the photo. Make sure that you have a professional photo. Profiles that
have a photo or more likely to show up in search results. Step two is keywords!
Keywords are one of the most important things on a LinkedIn profile. And, what
they do is they allow recruiters to type in keywords or search words into a
search box and then if you have those keywords in your profile, you can be found by
the recruiters. These might be buzzwords or themes—for example in social media
the theme of social media or Pinterest or Instagram those might be keywords and
you can find them in your summary section, your experience section, as well
as in your skills and endorsements section. Step three is your summary and
your headline. Your summary and your headline are both keyword rich areas, so
you want to make sure that whatever keywords you want to include in your
profile, you include them in your headline and your summary as well. Not
only do they help you get found by recruiters, they’re gonna humanize
your profile. Your summary allows you to tell your story—who you are, what you’re
passionate about, and maybe what your accomplishments are. Step four, expand your
network. It’s really important to use LinkedIn as a professional network
because that’s what it was intended to be used for. So you want to invite people
to connect on LinkedIn, you want to join relevant groups for your industry or
interests, you want to follow companies that you’re interested in, or
publications, and always feel free to reach out to people you don’t know to
connect with them for informational interviews or for professional learning
opportunities. Step five is stay active. LinkedIn is a great tool, but it’s even
better when you stay active—and your profile is more likely to show up in the
search results if you’re using LinkedIn more often. You can do this in a variety
of ways, like engaging with other other connections—you could comment on their
posts, you could like their posts, you can share your own articles, updates, or
relevant news, and you can endorse your connections applaud them for their
accomplishments—or even ask them to write an endorsement for you! And lastly,
make sure that you keep your profile page updated with new skills, experience,
and accomplishments. In addition to these five skills, if you’re looking for more
help, you can go to the LinkedIn Lab—our online course that teaches you how to
optimize your LinkedIn profile step-by-step. We’ve even included
interviews with real recruiters, as well as a variety of tools so that there’s no
guesswork involved.

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  1. What's a skill that you can add to your LinkedIn profile? How do you stay active—do you write posts, like others, share content?

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