How To Overcome The Fear Of Recording On Camera?

How To Overcome The Fear Of Recording On Camera?

Hi! Tyrone Shum here from Outsourcing Live. All right, welcome to this next part in the
video series that I’m showing you on how to outsource and another common question that
I’ve been receiving is how to overcome the fear of standing in front of the camera, and
talking and just presenting from the camera. I know a lot of people are fearful with that
and personally when I first started, I was exactly the same. I was worried about how
my hair would look, I was worried about how my shirt would fit, I was worried about how
I talk, all that kind of stuff. And it was nerve-racking. But after a while, after practice,
after doing this many, many times, I felt a lot more confident. And it’s just like public
speaking or getting onstage and talking to people in a large crowd. Even today actually I still get nervous speaking
in front of an audience of hundreds of people so it goes to show that it’s not something
that just comes naturally. But what I wanted to share with you inside this video today
is to give you some pointers on how to be able to create videos and be comfortable in
front of the camera and it’s very, very much practicing thing. It’s not something that
will just come easily to you but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very, very
easy and that’s how I’m able to create a lot of videos very quickly because I can just
hop in front of the camera and just share with you my knowledge and tips on how to do
it. So the first thing I want to share with you
is if you’re not comfortable with doing the camera first, that’s fine. Script it out.
Write down some notes, I’m just actually giving you an example right now. I’ve written some
notes down so that makes it easy so that you can see that I actually follow my notes. But
the most important thing is just write down an outline or guide so that way you don’t
get mentally blank. You can stand in front of the camera and talk by following your guides.
And it’s okay if you’ve got to look at the script here, it’s fine to read it off sometimes
but make sure that you have you eye contact with the camera because that’s very, very
important. So that’s the first tip. All right the second tip I want to share with
you is pretend as though there is a person in front of you like a friend who you are
talking to. So just imagine there’s a friend who’s saying hey tell me a little bit more
about so and so. And it’ll be like gazing or talking to somebody as though you’re introducing
them to the first time about a particular topic. And if you’ll think back to the days
if you’ve ever tried to pick up a girl, I know that this is a very popular and hot topic.
When you’re trying to pick up a girl this is a similar idea is that when you talk to
them, you want to make sure that you have eye contact but also strike a conversation
that’s interesting to them or with them and just talk as though you are talking to another
person and that’s very, very easy to do because once you don’t think that you’re in front
of camera but you’re talking to another person, you can go for days if you know what you’re
talking about. So that’s the second tip. The third tip I want to give you is turn it
into interview style and it’s actually not that hard to do. So once again, it’s very
similar to number two except that you don’t have to look in front of the camera, you can
actually turn to the side which is what I’m going to do right now and pretend there’s
someone in front of you. And have a list of questions or you’re pre-prepped. So what you
could do is whenever you got your question in front of you, read it out loud, answer
the question as though you’re doing interview with someone and basically go through that
step one, step two of each question. So as you can see that wasn’t that hard. You
can stand in front of the camera, facing at a different angle and get an interview type
of style. So that is my third tip there and really there’s not much more that I can give
you in terms of how to overcome the fear of that but I think the main thing is practice.
And overtime, once you become confident to get in front of the camera and talk and share
ideas like this it becomes much, much easier I can guarantee you do that because personally,
I’ve done it. So I feel as though I’m at ease when I’m sharing
a lot of things with you, it’s like as though I’m actually talking to another bestfriend
or my wife on a general – everyday. This is how I talk everyday, I talk to my wife like
this as well so after a while it becomes very easy to be able to communicate with you and
I hope that’s how you feel when you watch these videos with me. Okay, anyway, if you’ve got any other questions,
feel free to ask me down below. I’d like to actually know what else do you find fearful
when you get in front of the camera. Maybe I could create another video on that but I
think this sort of gives you some tips and some strategies on how to be able to overcome
that fear in front of the camera. And if you can do that, you know I’d love to be able
to see that so leave some comments down or some of your feedback on what other things
that you get scared about in standing in front of the camera and I love to be able to answer
your questions. Okay, my name is Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing
Live and as always, just outsource it. Now, if you like more resources like this
one, you can find them inside Mass Outsource Mastermind along with video tutorials and
step by step instructions showing exactly how I use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial
membership to Mass Outsource Mastermind, simply visit Until next time, I
wish you success in your quest for outsourcing.

27 thoughts on “How To Overcome The Fear Of Recording On Camera?”

  1. @GideonShalwick hahah. sure has changed over the last 2 years. I'm sure there will be more growth from me as I do more public speaking. 🙂

  2. @alrayesweb I recommend Adobe Premier Pro for editing if you want special effects. Otherwise basic editing I personally use Screenflow for Mac. The equivalent for PC is Camtasia. Thank you.

  3. I find when I start speaking to a camera, I instantly lose the ability to form words and sentences. HATE MUHSEEELF!

  4. Just remember, that not caring and showing confidence is what makes people attractive. Looks and such don't matter much, yes some internet bullies and abusers feed on that, but you have to ignore that noise, as those people are unhappy and unsuccessful in most cases. And, if you want to, you can still make interesting videos without showing your face. For example, Husky Starcraft aint no Ryan Renolds (no offense to him haha), but he is HOT in the internet scene because of his charisma.

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this particular video. I'm currently struggling with everything you mentioned which has me fearful of making a video. I'm going to do my best to take your tips to heart and maybe soon I will overcome my fear and post a video that you can see LOL

  6. I'm terrified of people hearing me talking to the camera. I don't think I'll be able to make a channel until I move into my own place. D:

  7. People will criticise regardless. If you see some really good youtube videos, you'll notice there's always one who is a real damper. Don't worry about THEIR negativity, all they are doing is projecting their dark feelings towards someone who is even positive. It's complete immaturity. It's going to happen

  8. My voice. I mean, when I'm talking in real time, I think I sound wonderful, but if someone was recording me while I'm speaking, my voice would sound completely different, and then I would feel uncomfortable and less confident.

  9. how do you deal with fans that seen you on youtube that has always make me camera shy people on youtube can be mean;-(

  10. It's sad that you did not share new videos. You are so good. I like your 3 tips. They are so usful to me especially the first & the second.

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