How to RANK HIGHER in UpWork Search (5 TOP RATED TIPS)

How to RANK HIGHER in UpWork Search (5 TOP RATED TIPS)

– What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Josh Burns Tech. Do you know the 1/3 of jobs posted on Upwork are invite only? So ranking high in Upwork search is vital. In this video, I’m gonna
give you five prorated tips that have personally helped
me consistently rank high in Upwork search, coming right up. (upbeat music) So, listen, if this is
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in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. And now let’s go ahead
and jump into the video. So before we get started, I’m gonna give you a little
background and history of my journey on Upwork as a freelancer. I started in May of 2016 and since then, I’ve made nearly $400,000
working with companies from start ups to high level
universities like Stanford and Fortune 500 companies as well. Becoming a freelancer on
Upwork has helped me achieve the entrepreneurial goals
that I set for myself, make as much money as I want to make by putting the hours in on
different types of jobs, and be able to take on
so many different types of challenging projects that have really helped
me advance my skill set and work with numerous
amounts of amazing clients. My main goal with these types of videos is to show you what is possible if you apply the same
techniques, put in the work, and find you niche in the
Upwork job categories as well, which will open up many doors for you like it did for me, give
you the ability to make as much money as you’re
willing to work for, be able to work from wherever you want, and freelancing is the wave of the future. It gives you so many opportunities
to do work for yourself, it gives companies the
ability to hire someone quick without having to go through
a long hiring process. You can find a freelancer
so fast on Upwork to fulfill a certain task
or job project that you have that you don’t need someone long term for, but just to fulfill this specific task. However, but a lot of my jobs have turned into long-term jobs. I’ve worked with certain
clients for, you know, two to three years. For the entire time that I’ve actually been on Upwork, I’ve had long-term
clients with certain ones. And for myself, getting
up to $400,000 earned on Upwork was not an overnight thing. I didn’t start out making the hourly rate that I’m making now. I had to prove myself,
give myself the credibility on Upwork that clients could see. And my first job on Upwork,
I made like $25 an hour. However, I got a decent
amount of hours out of it. I made about three to four
thousand dollars total on that job, which for me, at the time, being confined to the salary that I was at at my company, making about
4,000 extra dollars was drastically huge for me that year when I was freelancing. And I have always kept that mindset that anything that I make on
the side freelancing is better than what I would make
otherwise being confined to just my salary and that type of mindset has had a steamroll effect and has allowed me to get
invites to clients’ jobs on Upwork every single week. And a lot of times, I
have to turn down jobs that I would love to take just
because I get so many invites to jobs and my schedule
gets so overwhelmed, I have to turn down a lot of jobs just because I can’t fit them into my schedule with all the other
invites that I am getting. So the best way to dive into
the five top rated tips is to first take a look at
searching for freelancers from an Upwork employer account which I have because I use
it for Youtube video editing and other jobs as well. So I’ll look into my
Upwork employer account and we’ll do a search for
job categories related to myself to see where I rank. So my previous plan was to log in to my Upwork employer account and then do a search
for a specific job type that I fall into to see where I rank at. However, I realize that I
did some previous searches for myself, other freelancers, so that may skew the results. So what we’re gonna do instead is I opened up Internet Explorer, which I never use. I definitely use Google Chrome. So I opened up Internet Explorer,
went to Upwork’s website. I can still do a search for freelancers even without logging in
to any type of account. So from here, we’re gonna go ahead. I’m gonna do a search for SQL server database administration, which is a specific job
type that I fall into. So we’re gonna see where I rank at. So to do the search for SQL
server database administration on Upwork’s homepage of their website, if you go to the top of the screen, you can see here find freelancers. You can literally type in
any type of job category in here for a specific job
that you’re looking for as an employer. So I’m gonna type in SQL
server database administration and hit enter. That’s gonna do a search
for that specific job type. So the search is finished and Upwork returned the top freelancers for the job type of SQL server
database administration. Now, it just doesn’t
return the top freelancers as far as how much you’ve earned, how many jobs you’ve had, what your job success score. And that touches on a
point that I really wanted to make clear in this video. If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to worry
about not getting noticed because all these other
freelancers have made a lot more than you have, have
worked way more that you on the platform. You can still get noticed
if you follow the techniques in this video and you
follow those to a point where you’re getting
all those things done, giving yourself the best
chance to get noticed. Upwork is gonna systematically
rank different freelancers high when you’re doing
these type of searches so that new freelancers and even freelancers who
have just started out, haven’t made much yet, they still have a great
chance to get noticed by employers when they’re
looking for freelancers for their specific job type. And now let’s dive into the results. So you can see the list of SQL server database
administration freelancers that were returned here. The first one we have
has made over $10,000. And this updates, when
you’re between $10,000 earned and $100,000 earned, this
will update every $10,000. So when this guy gets over $20,000 earned, it’ll update, etc. So he’s made somewhere
between $10,000 and $20,000 on Upwork, he has a 96% job success score. You can see his tags are good. This is something we’re gonna go into. It shows how many tests he’s done and then how many
portfolio items are listed on his profile as well. These are things we’re gonna look at. So also, if you hover over
how much they’ve earned, it’ll also show how many
different jobs they’ve had, both hourly and fixed price
as well as hours worked. So if we take a look and
go further down the list, we can see the next person
has made a lot more. They’ve definitely work a lot more hours, had a lot more jobs, and their success score is
a little higher as well. So, again, this goes back
to my previous point: the first person listed on
the search has made a lot less than the next person down,
has had a lot less jobs, a lot less feedback, yet
they’re listed first. Like a said, there’s a
systematic type of approach and we’re gonna go through
a lot of techniques that you can use that will
help get you ranked higher. And if we go down to the third freelancer, we have my profile. So my profile typically ranks
in the top 15 freelancers for SQL server database
administration consistently. And as you can see with my profile, I’ve worked a lot more hours, made a lot more money on Upwork, and have 100% job success score compared to the two that got returned above me. Like I said, this is very important. It gives other freelancers
a chance to get noticed so that the very top earners and the top, that have worked
the most amount of hours, aren’t consistently getting listed first every single time that there’s
a search for this job type. That’s important. I think they need to
keep this in the platform because it gives other people
a chance to get noticed and work with more clients. And as I mentioned in
the first of the video, 1/3 of all jobs on Upwork are invite only. So when an employer
creates an invite only job, freelancers cannot find that job when they’re searching for jobs to bid on. They have to be invited
to be able to bid on it. So, with that being
said, it’s very important that you follow the
techniques in the video to give yourself the best chance to get ranked high in Upwork searches. And if we scroll further down the results, you can see there’s a good mix of how the freelancers are returned in regards to how much they’ve earned, their job success score. You can see this guy’s
only made $1,000 so far. Keep scrolling down, $200,000, but they’re way down on the list. If we keep scrolling down, you can still see the big differences in how much they’ve earned, what their job success score is. So Upwork does a great job
of giving everyone a chance to get noticed when
employers are searching for specific freelancers
for their job type. So with that being said,
we’re gonna go ahead and transition into
the first top-rated tip for ranking high in Upwork search, which is selecting job categories. So selecting job categories
is probably something that gets overlooked by
a lot of freelancers, but we’re gonna go ahead
and take a look at that now. So if I click on my account
at the top of my profile, I can go into settings. So I’m gonna go dive into settings. Pull up where the job categories are at and we’re gonna look at
my selections for it. So in settings for my freelancer account, I clicked on profile settings. So I clicked on profile settings. This will give you things
like your visibility. If you want your profile
to be public or private. It’ll show your full name,
how you want to list it on your profile, what type of
projects you’re interested in, whether that be short-term
projects or long-term projects. And now if we scroll down
a little bit further, after experience level,
we have categories. So the main category that I fall into as an Upwork freelancer is
the IT and networking category for database administration
as the subcategory. I’m also in data science
and analytics as well for data visualization,
data extraction ETL, and then other data sciences
and analytics as well. So the way that you select
these and/or modify it to update it is you
click on this pencil icon at the top right corner. And then this gives you the
ability to select your category and subcategory and/or services that you provide to your clients. So you can see for myself, I’m in the IT and networking category. I selected database
administration as my service in that category. In data science and analytics, I selected data extraction
ETL, data visualization, data science, and analytics for other. Now, if there were other skills that I wanted to show up in searches for, I want it to be recommended to me when I’m looking at jobs to bid on, I could scroll down to
the other categories, so engineering and architecture. If I click on the drop-down for it, if I had skills in any of
these other categories, product design, interior
design, architecture, mechanical or electrical engineering, any of these, if I select
it and then save my options here at the bottom, then that new category and skill would show up
here under my categories. Now, we’re gonna transition
into the second top-rated tip to being ranked high in Upwork search, which is your reputation. That consists of your job success score, your client feedback,
and your job ratings. So the first factor of
your reputation on Upwork as a freelancer to help you move up in the rankings is your job success score. So your job success score is listed on the top of your freelancer profile. You can see mine here at 100%, which is something I strive to maintain. To figure out what goes in
to this job success score, to factor out to 100% or
whatever you’re listed at, you can hover over it. There’s a learn more option. I’m gonna go ahead and
open that in a new tab. And then if we scroll down, you can see how the job
success score is calculated. And I’ll zoom in on
that a little bit more. So it takes all your feedback, whether it be positive or negative, that’s gonna factor in, so all your job feedback that you get when you complete a job on Upwork, your long-term relationships
and repeat contracts. So if you have contracts
open for a long time and you’re still working on those jobs or if you complete a job for a client, they end up opening a
new job down the road and then they send you an invite and then you work on that again, that factors into your job success score. And then this negatively
affects your job success score. It effected mine for awhile previously. There was a time when I
was stuck at around 99% and it was due to this one right here: contracts without activity,
excessive lack of feedback. So what happened is I
had a lot of jobs open that hadn’t been closed out, like I had completed jobs for my clients, but we kept my job open and they would just
send me additional work and I would log it
through the same contract. What I should’ve done was
had that job closed out and then asked them to
create a new project or a new job and then invite me to it. That would allow me to get the feedback, the job success score would be updated and that would help me reach 100%. So I had too many jobs open that didn’t have any feedback
and weren’t closed out or completed successfully. And the next two factors for
your reputation on Upwork as a freelancer when
building your credibility is your client feedback
and your job ratings, which we will take a look
on my profile right now. So for the client feedback,
this is what the client types in as your feedback whenever
a job is completed, whether successfully or unsuccessfully. They type in a review for you and it appears on your profile. So we take a look at some for myself now. If I scroll down, we can
see this review here. Let me go ahead and zoom in
on these a little bit more. So I have a great review here. These are type of reviews
that you want showing up on your profile to build your reputation. I’ll scroll down to some more. You can see really good
reviews, really good feedback, a lot of great clients
that I’ve worked with, very amazing people. And this is something that
I always focus on highly. My mindset is that my feedback and job ratings are more
important than the money that I make on projects. If you have great feedback,
you have great ratings, it’s gonna lead to making
more money on Upwork and being more successful as well. Think about going to Amazon,
searching for a product. If that product has, say,
three stars or below, I’m personally likely not
gonna buy that product. I’m not gonna invest in
something that has low ratings or low feedback. If I go to a product, it has
four to five star ratings, really great feedback,
really great reviews, that’s something I’m gonna buy and I’m gonna invest my money in. And the second part for job ratings, that’s the rating that
the client is leaving you when they give you your feedback. So you can see this one
has a five star rating. It’s also something I
do my best to maintain. You’re not always gonna get five stars. Some clients are just gonna
give you a little bit less than five stars, it happens. However, almost every one
of mine are five stars. I think I maybe have like two
or three different feedbacks where I got something
between a 4.5 and five, somewhere in that range,
but most of them are five. If we scroll up and look at those, you can see these are all
five stars, all five stars. There will eventually be one, I think I had one by the top, okay 4.5 so like I said, my goal is five stars on every one of my jobs. It doesn’t always happen. At the very minimum, do your
best to get between a four and five star rating for every job you do. If you could maintain
between four and five stars, it’s gonna boost your reputation and help you get ranked
higher in Upwork search. So make it a goal of
yours to focus heavily on your client feedback and
your job ratings as well to help you, in turn, get
ranked higher in Upwork search. Now, we’re gonna move on
to the third pro-rated tip for being ranked higher in Upwork search, which is keywords and skill tags. So when I say keywords, I mean keywords in the sense of the way
they’re using Google and/or Youtube when you’re searching for videos, your keywords
are gonna be the jobs you’re gonna be applying
for around your skills. So for myself, some examples
of keywords would be: SQL server database administration, SQL server development, and business intelligence
development as well. Those are the three types of jobs that I focus on personally,
that I bid on, and apply for. So if we take a look at my profile, first we’ll look at my overview
and I’ll expand it out. So we’re gonna be looking
for these keywords: SQL server DBA. We start taking a look at my overview, we can see how many times
that I mention my keywords. In the first sentence, you
can see I mention all three: SQL server DBA, database development, business intelligence development. Scrolling down further,
again, SQL server DBA, SQL server, SQL server
mentioned various times. So I probably could’ve mentioned
my keywords a little bit more in my job overview, honestly. In this section, I can mention
SQL server development, which I don’t currently have in there. It’s probably something I
need to come in and add. So overall, I feel like
I mention my keywords pretty organically and
well within my overview. However, there are things I could improve. Like I said, I could mention
SQL server development, I could come in and
add something different for business intelligence development. There’s definitely
things I could improve on within my overview,
however for the most part, it’s pretty organic. I didn’t keyword stuff and
add a bunch of keywords in. That’s not something I recommend. So just make sure you do it organically. Don’t keyword stuff and
just make sure it flows well when you’re going through
your job overview. I do have another video which
covers Upwork top-rated tips. I go in depth into the job overview, explain how I created mine,
and give tips and pointers. So that’s gonna be linked in the cards that’s at the top of the screen. Make sure you check that out. And then other areas where
you can apply keywords are in the jobs you’re applying for. Apply for jobs that around your keywords like database administration, SQL server, database, SQL server. Apply for jobs around your skills, which is gonna help out your keywords and help you get ranked
higher for those keywords in searches and then in your portfolio, you can add portfolio
items around your keywords, SQL server DBA for instance. And then for your employment history, make sure that you’re
including your keywords around jobs that you’ve had
previously if applicable. If you take a look at mine, you can see various ways
that I use my keywords: SQL server DBA, business intelligence. I definitely use it pretty well with my employment history
so make sure you’re doing that if applicable. And then for the second portion of this top-rated tip are skill tags. So if you scroll down on
your profile in Upwork, you’ll get to a section called skills. If you take a look at mine here, you can see the skills that I have. I’m gonna go ahead and zoom in just a tad. So you can edit these at any time. If you click on the
pencil icon right here, it’ll open up all your skills and you can have up to 10 skills. So I have all 10 of mine here. You can see the different
keywords that are in here around the jobs I’m applying for. So we’ll take a look:
database administration, SQL, business intelligence,
SQL server, SQL server. Make sure that these skill
tags apply to the jobs that you’re gonna be bidding on and that you want to receive invites for. So when a client goes and
searches for a specific skill, say they have a job around SQL server database administration, they go to Upwork like
we did in the first demo of this video, type in SQL server DBA, one way to rank you higher
in that results set is to have the skills entered
for your skill tags that are gonna be applicable to that job that the client created. So for instance, if a client creates a job for Microsoft SQL server administration or database administration, my skill tags are gonna
apply directly to it. It’s gonna help me get
ranked higher in that search. And then same for business intelligence and all these other skills
tags that I have entered. Make sure that these apply specifically to the type of jobs that you want. Now for the fourth
top-rated tip to rank higher in Upwork search, we have response time. So if you take a look
at my profile right now, I’m gonna hover over the
question mark by available. So you have response time. Mine is currently less than
24 hours response time, another goal that I strive to maintain. And if you hover over the question mark, it’s gonna explain what
your response time is. So your response time
shows how often you respond to client invitations. Top freelancers accept or
decline all invitations within 24 hours. That’s why this is one of the main goals for myself in ranking
high in Upwork search. The top freelancers reply within 24 hours. This is why it’s one of my top goals to rank high in Upwork search. Maintaining that less than
24 hours response time not only will help you rank
higher in Upwork search, but it will give clients
a sense of reliability when they come to your profile and they see that you
respond within 24 hours. That’s something you definitely
want to strive to maintain. So when you get invites to
bid on jobs from clients, make sure that you reply
to those invitations in less than 24 hours. For the fifth top-rated tip to rank higher in Upwork search, we have skill tests. So I recommend that you take skill tests around the jobs you’re
gonna be applying for. If you take a look at mine, you can see that I took one on knowledge
of SQL server 2008 skill test, data structures test,
Microsoft SQL server 2005 test, SQL test, and I also took
the Upwork readiness test. You should definitely
take that one as well. Most freelancers end up
taking that skill test. But when you take skill tests related to the type of jobs that
you’re applying for, it’s gonna help you rank
higher in Upwork search. You can see earlier at
the first of the video when I did a demo showing you how I search for SQL server DBA and we saw my profile on that list of all the
different result sets, it showed the number of
tests that I had taken when it was showing my
profile in that list of all the other profiles. And don’t be afraid to
take the skill test. For instance, if you took one
and you didn’t do well on it, you don’t have to display
it on your profile. You have the option,
it’s an on/off option. You can turn it off so it won’t display it and you can retake these tests. So if you don’t do well the first time, you can go ahead and retake it until you get a score you want and then display that on your profile. You have the ability
to turn that off or on. There’s tons of different
tests you can take on Upwork. I recommend taking the
ones that apply directly to the jobs that you
want to get invites for and bid on as well. Make sure you’re taking those. Take the Upwork readiness
test and then just explore and take a look at all the other tests that are available to you. So if you follow the
techniques that I detailed out in this video, apply them
to you in your job category for your niche, I am confident that you will be ranked
systematically high in Upwork searches and you
will start getting invites to jobs from clients. So for the question of the
day, in the comments section below, let me know which
technique has worked for you to be able to rank high
and get job invites from clients on Upwork and
also if there’s any type of freelancing topic that you
want to see me do a video on, leave that in the comments section below. I would love to hear those. My channel focuses on tech how-to videos, tech reviews, and
freelance consulting tips. So on this end screen, be sure to hit that subscribe button for
more videos just like this. Until next time. (gentle music)

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