Investing in Stock Market vs. a Business – (which one makes more money?)

Investing in Stock Market vs. a Business – (which one makes more money?)

23 thoughts on “Investing in Stock Market vs. a Business – (which one makes more money?)”

  1. I like the business investment better !!

    Your knowledge has helped my business and my YouTube channel !! Thank You !!

  2. When you have a real man business reinvesting in your business is a better idea you can barely invest any into yours except time

  3. The big advantage that you can sell stocks in a nano second,

    and venture capital in your or others business is locked up even up to decades!

  4. Great points Jeff. Love the ICE method! I think it's important to do both, incrementally grow the business through reinvestment (not feeling pressured to throw money at it and risk wasting on low ROI projects) while building your nest egg in other assets.

  5. I still pick the stocks to grow my wealth, for me owning stocks and reinvesting in is simple, cheap and I can have a passive income return called dividends. I don’t need to own a physical building to take care or to sit in a chair all day to make my business roll up . Stocks gives me the ease of not feeling the pressure to reinvest and to be automatic balanced thanks to the new age of investing with robo advisers and investing like Wealthsimple here in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  6. I watched my parents put all their money into a business in the 80s and though I don’t know the numbers, I do know how our lifestyle changed over the years as the money disappeared. Their time was also so tied into the business. So definitely no guarantee of profits. At least with the stock market over the long term that has been shown to gain 7 to 10% if you buy and hold. I just feel more comfortable there.

  7. I am retired now and I am not looking to create a job for myself. I like investing in the market but I only invest in the Bluest of companies. I am extremely diversified and I don't have to worry about losing most of my money like I did in the crash of 2000! I still have my website that pays for itself and gives me a little extra. I have to be careful not to create a lot of extra work for myself, it is so easy to do that.

  8. Businesses are more active, stocks are more passive.

    Businesses are hard to diversify, stocks aren't.

    But few realize that stocks are businesses too!

    They're not that different…

  9. Interesting stuff!πŸ’° I also recently showed on my YouTube channel

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  10. The was gov treats small biz ?..ide keep it to a minimum ..unless the biz has major growth plans..
    So many high yield (12% average) stocks available now..

  11. Investing in your business is an Active Investment. Investing in the Stock Market is a passive investment. One is not necessarily better than the other. Either way, diversification should be enacted.

  12. Despite my previous losses while i traded blindly, i was encouraged by a friend who traded with Helena and after i met her from recommendation, i was able to recover my losses of over $12,300

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