Jay-Z is Worth a Billion Dollars and These Are the Companies and Finesse Moves That Got Him Billion

Jay-Z is Worth a Billion Dollars and These Are the Companies and Finesse Moves That Got Him Billion

this door tower with JT News today we will be discussing some other things smash that like button in that subscribe button today we're gonna be discussing jay-z okay and how he got to a Billy okay now I think that dr. Dre beat him to a Billy he just doesn't you know put out Forbes you know didn't hire a publicist to announce it but jay-z got there and rightfully so and these are the brands that assisted him or he used to get there no shame in that it's business Jordao JT news smash that like button guys we're gonna break this down little by little and hit that subscribe button hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday it is Friday TGIF remember that saying it's Friday okay so jay-z started this all obviously with music okay you know jaz-o kind of walked him into the game then you know he met up with game – after that and they started they started their label Rockefeller Records okay now it was him Biggs and Dame – and you know he was he became a top artist over the years there they signed many acts and eventually jay-z ended up they ended up like some trick happened where they sold the label to Def Jam and 2004 5 but jay-z was really buying it back and then ended up selling it back to Def Jam for more money same with rock rock what was the clothing line Rockefeller clothes it wasn't Rockefeller clothes it was whatever anyways that they had a whole clothing line as well I can't believe I can't remember the name before we mine I never really I think I bought one thing from that clothing anyways so the way jay-z really like really finessed the game before everybody else was how he sold his albums okay he would sell albums oh is Rocawear close but he would sell his album so to make sure they went platinum he was not gonna chance it to the fans not supporting them and this started with the black album if you remember the black album that was his last album with Rockefeller Records with him Dame Dash and Bix right the way he pre-sold a million albums as he did a deal with Heineken he did a bunch of Heineken commercials around that time I think he did five million dollar deal with Heineken which they bought a million albums made sure it went platinum and of course he went platinum okay then after this happened that's when they sold the label all the acts on it it all went to Def Jam and it was some funny thing that happened especially with the Rocawear clothing where jay-z had bought it for five million from Dame Dash and sold it for a hundred million or something like that Dame Dash breaks that down better than anybody okay and I don't I don't blame him for being bad cuz this is something they started together his brothers and yes egos might have got involved and destroyed the company but it's sad to see a company crumble that started really from just being entrepreneurs and believing in yourself you know so then after this jay-z kind of went on a hiatus he was president of Def Jam retired he he announced he was retired in the Beyonce or on a hiatus at this time I knew they started dating around the black album then he would least another album in the mid middle of that or it was like lost once was on it and he was you know this is where he and I was breaking up a biack Beyonce officially and around this time he was president at Def Jam I forget what album lost once was on it wasn't a was it on Oprah it wasn't on blueprint three it was before that anyways I you know he was president of Def Jam you're signing axe yeah this is where he son Rihanna and everything else and you know was good times Matthew dough but jay-z returned to the game when he did American Gangster album you know so he did he did an album for the sound sure you did the soundtrack for American Gangster when that came out and I think this is around this is around the time he dropped he stopped being retired and he dropped Kingdom Come album which did okay and this is where lost once was on okay and then shortly after this time he did rock nation left and Def Jam started rock nation which sounds like Live Nation maybe they did a whole deal together who knows okay but anyways his next album was blueprint three okay go back to the go back to the ones that work blueprint one blueprint two and now blueprint three 2009 now the way he sold out was in this one if you look at all the imagery in this one I couldn't find a specific deal but he doesn't rap about Jaguar on any of the songs but they're in most of the videos the Jaguar car okay so they obviously sponsored it who knows if they bought enough albums maybe maybe that's how they flipped it who knows but again guaranteed platinum and you know he was the first one to do bundle packages okay people were doing that now with their bundling you know their tours and everything and merch and it counts towards album sales jay-z was one of the first people to do a slut as a type of bundle you know jay-z dj khaled just tried to do this one that I do drink and it didn't count but they didn't do it right you can't bundle it with an energy drink that is drink probably what I had to buy a million beats themselves for it to count and it didn't count that's why Khalid was throwing a hissy fit and you know as time went on we had Magna Carter album which is a great album and you know that came with the the deal with Samsung where they they bought a million copies and it came on the new Samsung phone and then after I'd you know he creates title sprint buys a third of title and then all of a sudden the four four four albums coming in all the sprint phones that are bought that you know they bought a million copies you know you got a you got a plaque four four four four before it even dropped okay so you know he's very creative I'm not downplaying him in that I'm just saying he's very creative on making sure success happens because with success comes more deals okay another thing he did another genius thing he did was he bought into a company that had champagne crystal had said some unforgivable things about the culture and people he was very big on making crystal big in the culture up until 2000 when did he denounced it was 2003 or 2006 it was one of those years he denounced it because they came out and said they don't really like it can't control who buys their liquor and everything so he bought a champagne that was discontinued too called cat ear and it's sold for $60 a bottle and he hit the Armand dead brig on I'm probably saying it wrong we got Brenna whatever they own this discontinued liquor right so he partnered with them they repackaged it in a silver bottle and a gold bottle and they called it a subspace and this is the liquor he was doing so instead of selling for $60 bottle now it's $300 a bottle 250 $300 bottle and if you wanted in the club it's $1,000 a bottle okay and a 2014 he bought this whole company back from I'm into Brent I don't know if he bought the whole company Armand a brand that was reported that he buys bought the whole company Armand brand Ace of Spades champagne labels so he just bought the label back from them okay so he owns a spade straight out now and they say this is worth three four hundred million okay then on top of that so that so you know he repackaged so he tricked us from buying a $60.00 bottle champagne to pay for $300 cost $13 to make I mean pure profit right liquid gold and you know hey everybody does it why not why can't jay-z do business just like my way and all the moa and all these other companies you know there's nothing wrong with that I'm just giving you guys a little you know breakdown to the whole thing then we got rock nation as a whole company after he left Rockefeller and it would that Jam right left them he started his own Roc Nation label where he you know he represents cascade was a big future Jay Cole who he signed at one point he will he's still signed him DJ Khaled he had Nipsey Hussle before before his passing he had big he has Big Sean and he has a sports section they just they just signed Kyrie Irving think of the percentages they get on sports contracts he has Jaden Smith he has he has like 50 artists I guarantee you 40 of them you've never heard of before in your life then he has like 40 50 sports people okay he's getting a piece of bait in sports contracts are huge there are millions of dollars and they're getting us percentage of this deal okay he even has Van Jones signed form from Siena okay I mean come on so rock nation just from all the money they get from that and being a label and everything you know he's doing quite well and that company's probably worth a couple hundred million and then you know he has title which has a worth of a couple I think a hundred million now but but now that Sprint invested in it right I think sprint how much did sprint actually put into the title they bought a third of it sprint buys title right so they bought 33% and I think they paid so net so they paid two hundred million right so they're that automatically that values title at six hundred million was jay-z probably owns probably fifty percent okay so that that would give him three hundred million right there then he has the liquor company that's worth three hundred million then he has rock nation then his whole catalog and his I did not to mention I didn't even mention this but his Live Nation and jay-z they did these deals worth like two hundred million dollars right there he's a billionaire I think I think right after he signed his latest Live Nation deal pretty much set him at a billion dollars in 2017 a 10-year Live Nation deal two hundred million crazy right and then he probably has a tons of other investments you know so that's how he's worth a billion dollars it doesn't mean he has a billion dollars in his bank account but if he liquidated all of his assets he's worth a billion dollars to Forbes and that's pretty big now dr. Dre didn't do so many company deals you know he did the the headphones deal but he hasn't done a ton of those if he did even one more probably but it would that billion dollar evaluation or if he still held on to a piece of beats by dre maybe who would be valued warm I don't know because you know putt is probably worth more today you know I don't know it actually apples the one that made it worse so much they were wanting to pay so much for it we got a lot of these companies like Apple and everything they have to make big purchases like that so if you're worth a trillion dollars right and you're generating you know billions of dollars every year you have to do write-offs you know and you have to write off buying a company you know you can write that off if you don't you give it all to the government so you might as well buy a company that's an asset now you know anyways guys just breaking this down I mean I still believe dr. groves probably the first billionaire because you know he got 750 million from the beat steal now obviously they're gonna calculate taxes and everything so they probably didn't worth it in jay-z has asset Holdings they don't calculate the taxes yet because he didn't sell them it's just on paper he's worth this so that's what I thought anyways guys what do you guys think let me know in the comments I appreciate you guys so much and I will check you guys in the next one don't forget that like

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  1. Hova ❤❤🙏💯🐐 Brooklyn✌
    It rocwear jordan I'll help you . I use buy the ladies clothing I still got a couple things 😍🤗

  2. Respect the five elements in hip hop Afrika Bambaataa created this to empower each other not brag about money

  3. If you can't remember anything that is hip hop history, why are we getting our news from you ?

  4. JAY Z IS A BILLIONAIRE BUT AS SOON AS BEY FILE FOR A Divorce he GOING back to the millionaire CLUB wit 500 MILL lol

  5. He doesnt have a billion dollars from what i see he doesnt own a buildind are bought properties in the forbes list is a projection it not accurate the only one that has a billion dollars is bill gates warren buffets of the world in they have banks in propertys jay z what property he has to garner that suppose billion dollars donsld trump you can go in actually see hes propertys to know that hes worth more money so jay z nothing you cant make a billion from record salesin bieng in exect in making liquer moves lol stop putting these rappers on a pedestal believe half of what you hear in more of what you see question everything

  6. Dr Dre was the first billionaire, unlike jay-z he doesn’t broadcast it. I believe puff daddy is, he just be quiet under radar

  7. Dog U don't know shit about what ur talking about any time u gotta keep saying or something like that…I don't wanna hear it!…HOT GARBAGE!!!

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