100 thoughts on “Jhené Aiko – None Of Your Concern (Official Video)”

  1. “I know that I’m deserving of more I know what u deserve not scared to be alone anymore not scared to be alone” 🙏👏🙌 preach sis preach

  2. Big Sean sounds like an add-on. I love the song, it's really good, Big Sean's part wasn't bad per say, he just sounds rushed. Or like Jhene wrote this song with no features but later on decided to add him.

  3. I think we all forgetting that they in a relationship and a group together (Twenty88) using music to give viewers a mans side and a women side

  4. Jhene Aiko went from “Ain’t nobody hit it since you hit it” to “don’t worry about who it is I’m fucking or who I am loving, just know it’s not you” talk about GROWTH

  5. DON'T GIVE UP, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is always going to be others that will extend their hand out to you & will listen to understand your story. Do not be afraid to interact with others and have faith that someday it will all be OK because it will. Remember, every heartbreak has its resolution. You are BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING. KEEP LOVING YOURSELF and NEVER STOP LOVING OTHERS. Remember, Love is limitless, and should not be put in chains because bitterness is set in your heart. Love is never wasted, but given in return with the same affection as it was received. Your love should never be underestimated, but only acknowledge by the power it has within your connection to others.

  6. Can u guys imagine if u smacked five people in a row ( straight down the line like a marathon runner reaching for waters)? Like, what if u grew how Super Mario does when he gets a mushroom? Smackatillion this would be…

  7. “Is it worth it anymore? am I being hurt anymore? I been hearing things and seeing things and so it seems you’re moving on from me” 😭

  8. Fam if you're thinking big sean was just missing the sex, read deeper. "your room is my only escape" This song is a healing of both of them sharing their individual sides. sex can be beyond skin deep, to some it is a form of expression & passion. It's own frequency and vibration. It's own language. Theres so much beauty and healing that had to occur for this project to come together

  9. So dope how they vibe so well on a track together… and then to get Ty Dolla Sign on the background again just like “Single Again” is special. They got something coming for sure. And NO relationship is perfect but you just have to find the person it’ll all be worth it with🙏🏾

  10. I ALMOST FUCKING CRIED 😭 I'm going thru this with a guy who left me for someone we work with 🙃 this shit is hittin!

  11. I've always said you're my spirit animal. I can always connect to your music throughout my many situations in life. I just love you J. You are a true vessel.

  12. I was feeling Aiko's song, spitting facts, emotional, great flow…..then Sean's verse comes in at the end…..I'm just like WhaaaaaaatDaFUK?!?!? Why decide that your contribution is gonna be about how you used to fuck…anyone can fuck, but not everyone can love one another. He couldve been like, "I think its also time we move on, despite good/bad times" or "i appreciate what we went through, and thats something I cant regret"….something that is on the same wave length of Aiko's theme…his message comes from left field…my opinion

  13. Lyrics are so true. When you have moved on from a relationship that was toxic, unhealthy, unworthy of your time and draining just to be in this is the song you should listen to. I can relate to what she is saying in this song. It's pointless for the dude to even be on this song….lol

  14. Y'all both clearly love each other, just be stronger, cause relationships are meant to go through the worse,but the strongest will look back 40 yrs later,work it out, but put God in front

  15. I thought the same how big Sean’s part was about sex. But I feel like he was saying that was his mentality of the past how sex was the only thing on his mind and his mind wasn’t in the right space to love her right.

  16. Aries(Big Sean) and Pisces(Jhene Aiko) are not compatible, that Zodiac shit real rather you believe it or not.

  17. She never seems to disappoint me.. This song was so timely for me, also love how simple and authentic you keep it. I vibe with this on another level✨

  18. I feel like his part completed the song even though he was talking about sex it still went with the song . Because at first he didn’t want her to be with anyone else but him . That’s why his part was short cuz he ain’t need to have a long ass part !

  19. Sheesshh she said what a lot of my beautiful hurt Goddesses feel when being fucked over by a man that is so emotionally unstable… yassss Jhene 💛☮️☯️♾💫

  20. So empowering when putting your Truth out there not given 2 fux what anyone think just releasing the bad and starting a new. Love you Jhene this really hit deep write it, release it, let it go

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