Just the Facts – Feb. 19, 2020

Just the Facts – Feb. 19, 2020

Hey, Seawolves. Chancellor Sandeen here
with Just the Facts for February 19th, and this one is on the subject of
expedited program reviews. Why are we doing doing expedited program reviews? Back in October, our Regents voted to stop the one-accreditation model and directed all
of the chancellors to do their own expedited program reviews. We have a big
cut, as you know, 70 million dollars over three years and the Regents specifically
directed us to look at academic programs as part of these reductions, so we will
be consolidating, revising, and phasing out some academic programs at all of the
UA campuses. Of course, we want to look at administration as well, so we’re
conducting some administrative program reviews, but basically, the Regents have
directed us to do this, and we are following the regents’ direction. What is an expedited program review? The expedited program review process
here at UAA will involve collecting data, both quantitative and qualitative, about
all our programs. Now, the majority of them will be deemed as sustainable and
strong, but because of our budget reduction and because of the directive
from the regents we will be identifying some programs for revision or for phasing out. What can I expect? This will be a process. We’ll start
seeing some preliminary recommendations from deans at the end of February.
There will be a period for feedback from everybody, faculty, staff, and external
stakeholders, and then the Chancellor. I will make the final decision and final
recommendations to the President and to the board at the end of March. The board
will vote in June, so again, this will be a process, and you will be involved.
I also want to point out that we will be scheduling some listening sessions for
staff, faculty, and students as we go through this process. What if my program is affected? It’s important to remember that the
majority of UAA degrees and certificates will continue, but because of the budget
and the regents’ directive, some programs will be reduced or phased out. Doesn’t
mean they’re bad programs, it’s just the situation that we’re in right now.
If you’re a student, and you’re affected by some of these changes, I want to assure
you that we’ll have comprehensive advising available for you, and we will
have degree completion options. We are here to support you. Where do I go if I have questions? As I mentioned before, we’ll have a series of listening
sessions for staff, faculty, and students, where some of your questions can be
answered. And for students, please seek out your academic advisors or your
academic dean’s office for further information, and I promise you, as we go
through this, we will keep you informed.

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  1. I don't think the budgets should be cut. Education is too vital to Alaskan growth. Especially where is concerns cultural and anthropological programs. We need these to preserve the last, indigenous people, who live as their ancestors did, in America! The LAST! The other Native cultures are mostly assimilated into regular culture.

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