Lederhandschuhe – Manufacturing Process of Leather Gloves in Transylvania Romania

Lederhandschuhe – Manufacturing Process of Leather Gloves in Transylvania Romania

Since 1925 Hungant is a leather gloves
manufacturing company. We produce leather gloves from different types of leather : lambskin , elk skin , poni , peccary wild pig , carpincho , goat skin , crocodile skin
and deerskin, in almost all kinds of colors. Have you known that Hungant can make any kind of leather gloves from all kinds of leather types, colors, styles, using all kinds of sewings, linings. And if you dream of a special leather gloves, just let us know, and we will make your dream come true. We will show you the hand tailoring process and the parts which are necessary to be cut in order to make a pair of leather glove. Our gloves are made on calibers. We have different calibers, with different sizes for men and women. After that, we give the gloves the right size and make the sides of the gloves straight , if it is necessary . Here is where the magic happens, here we make the design of the gloves. First we sew the knuckles hols, after that we assemble all parts of the gloves. After the gloves are put together and checked for defects, the buttons are installed individually, according to the style specification. The last stage of the process is the ironing of the gloves. Every pair of gloves is dressed up on a hot hand shaped metal, so that the fingers are stretched and winkles are ironed out. This process will make your gloves look amazing. We hope you will love the high quality hand made Hungant gloves, which were crafted with love and care, wishing you to wear the hell out of them and returning to us for a new pair.

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  1. Onorable el trabajo de toda esa gente muy bueno. Mujeres en su mayoría. Saludos desde Uruguay 👍👍👍

  2. me parece espectacular el trabajo realizado por todos!! pero la chica que lleva las piezas es hermosa!! saludos y un beso desde mexico!! con todo respeto claro esta!!

  3. There's so much free easy to find music out there… And you had to pick the one that says audio jungle every 5 seconds 🤷🤷🤷

  4. Sizin yapacağınız işin amk. 85 kişi bı eldiven yapamadiniz himmina. Sabanin filmleri gibi, biri ona götürür, öbürü aşağı getirir… Zaten gotume benzedi.
    Ayrıca 20 sn de bir "viyoit caklit" diyen karı, inşallah aminda ciban cikarda sikisemezsin amk.

  5. Сколько они могут стоить? Хочу очень такие перчатки! Хотя даж не понимаю куда их носить.

  6. I got Peccary driving gloves from Hungant 2 years ago, and it's amazing. Much better than the glove I bought at Firenze leather store.
    So good to see how my gloves made.

  7. cant they just hire a bunch of chinese kids to do it for like, 1/15th the price? so i can buy a pair without worrying about the cost.

  8. Были у меня кстати,румынские перчатки точнее они сейчас есть. Считается самыми лучшими перчатками из свиной кожи это румынские.

  9. Very good… 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💚💛💜💓💕💖💟💞💗💚

  10. I know where my next pair of gloves are coming from and since they do custom orders I plan on ordering several pair for myself and my wife.

  11. Oh wow what an amazing video 😍❤️ thanks so much I really appreciate everything that is involved in the making … congratulations … Cheers from Texas USA

  12. SC Hungant SRL, is a romanian company from Corounca, Mures. Established in an area with predominantly hungarian population, is normal to hear hungarian language being spoken.
    The quality is exquisite and the leather is very soft and keeps the colors very well even after long time.
    They also has an online shop: http://www.manusidinpiele.ro/ (in romanian)

  13. Hello this tutoring is good but those messages don't have to be to much time on the screen, all the rich information watching the complete details are losing. Congratulations with your company.

  14. Hello from Germany!

    I already have got two pairs of Hungant gloves an I guess, there will be some more in the future.
    It's really great to See, where these gloves come from because I just appreciate to know the craftmanship and the people behind those things around me.

    So thanks to the staff for the great products you make!

  15. Amazing top notch quality! Can you tell me what model is the sewing machine that stitches horizontal? It was doing the main stitching on the outside of the gloves? It had a bobbin feed also?

  16. These good masters are Hungarians. Hungarian speaking people in romania. Ezek a derék mesterek magyarok. Magyarul beszélő emberek romániában.

  17. Из большого куска наделали мелкие детали не проще бы из кусочков собрать

  18. 13 постов от склада сырья до паковщика, 16 чел вместе с наччальниками шьют одни перчатки. Не мудрено что они стоят хороших денег.

  19. Это румынские перчатки. Во времена совка они славились своими качествами. До сих пор они есть у меня.

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