Hey guys and welcome back to my channel for a very chilled, chatty kind of get ready with me video I asked Instagram what you guys wanted to see from me today and loads of you just said something chilled and chatty just like catch up So yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve done one. So I figured that’s exactly what I would do I’m just gonna update you on what’s going on with my life; self employment, buying a house, and all stuff like that. You know, fun adult stuff. I’ve already moisturized my face. I used the IT cosmetics “Confidence in a Cream”-moisturizer Um, full transparency. This was gifted to me I think everything IT Cosmetics you see in this video has been gifted to me I’ve used the CC-cream for years and years and years. Like, the day I got the email from IT Cosmetics like, “hey, we want to Send you some things” I was like, “yes, please! It’s my favorite in the world!” So I moisturize using this and I put some of the Glossier “Bubblewrap”, under my eyes and on my lips. It’s a plumping creme. Does it plump? I don’t know, but I quite like it. Um So let’s just dive straight with foundation and we’ll get shade. Okay, let’s be real Does anybody actually wash their Beauty Blender after every time they use it? Does anybody actually do that? because I don’t remember the last time I washed this and it’s looking a Little bit worse for where. I just, like, dampen it each morning. The bacteria on this guy! There’s gonna be so much bacteria on this But I just wish I cared, I just don’t! so I actually did a Q&A on Instagram the other day and a lot of people asking like the same questions so I kind of saved those to talk about in this video, because you know, content. The number one thing I was getting asked loads was how was My self-employment going cuz I feel like I did my video about going self-employed But I don’t really think I’ve spoken about it since then. Um, so pretty much, it’s going alright. Like, it’s been Nearly six… No, it has been six months! Geez, it’s been six months. Um, and I’m still feeding myself. I’m still paying my rent I’m still alive I’m still getting content out at least twice a week. Sometimes three times a week. I think I’m doing good. Something I love about being self-employed is being able to be in control of my own life I’m the kind of person who like I’ve never wanted to sit in an office 9:00 to 5:00 I did that for a couple of years. The job was alright, I just didn’t enjoy the hours It didn’t feel like I was in control of my life. I felt like every day, I was waking up at 7:00 a.m To drive to work, sit in traffic for hours Get to work, sit at a desk, eat food, gain weight, and then sit in traffic to come home, eat my dinner, and then go to bed cuz I was tired. cuz I was looking at a computer-screen all day. And that was pretty much my life and I hated it I hated it so much. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything with my life. I’ve been like adding to the corporate machine So the main reason I wanted to be self-employed is to be in control of my own life Like life doesn’t just have to be work and so being self-employed. Yes I work my ass off like I work really really hard, but I can work on my own terms Like, if I want to go out for lunch, I can go out for lunch. I’m going out for lunch with my nan today Which is why I’m doing my makeup I can go out on day trips to Thorpe park, or like to London for the day just because my friends are free and they want to Um, I can do my horse every day. It would be so hard to have a horse if I was working a nine-to-five job but being self-employed means I have that freedom to like do my horse and do I want with him and like It’s not hard work to do it. Um, so all in all: Yes. I love being self-employed I have like, got a little bit strict with myself recently and now, like, I have weekends It kind of got to a point where I was a little bit burnt out because I never really had a day off. Like, work was always In the back of my mind. Um, but now I work Monday to Friday I try to do eight hours Monday to Friday Like whether it’s two hours in the morning and six in the afternoon Or like wake up early, do more in the morning, then more in the afternoon. I try to do eight hours a day And then I actually give myself weekends off and I feel like that’s working really well for me at the moment Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week. I literally like, I wake up. I watched some TV in bed. I read a book I read a book every Sunday like a whole book every Sunday. I like, go see my grandparents now, like it’s just so nice I’m using the IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Under Eye” Waterproof concealer. I actually haven’t used this one yet They have like an old formula which I’ve been using, but it’s a little bit light for me So I’m going to give this one a go ’cause it’s in the shade light sand. I think it’s a little bit darker. Actually, to be honest I usually use the Glossier “Stretch”-concealer, like the one that comes in a little pot, but I seem to have misplaced it I have no idea where it’s gone so I might need to order a new one. Another question I get quite a lot about self employment is money. Like, do I get paid and all this. I’m not gonna give you like specific numbers, of course. Um, but the thing with doing YouTube is obviously You have to work for your money Like it’s very very rare that videos viral I’ve never had a video go viral and then suddenly I’m earning like, two-three thousand pounds per video There was that video recently about a girl who like, really like looked in depth at like the Google AdSense and stuff The amount of money she was earning on like, these videos I was shocked, like my earnings are nowhere near that amount I couldn’t believe it, and like, good on her. She’s living the dream, clearly. If you don’t know what video I’m talking about I’ll link it down below. It’s actually quite informative I would say I probably earn about the same as I did in my nine-to-five job. Some months I’ll earn double my wage there, and other months I’ll earn half So in the end it all kind of evens out I have been very lucky recently and I’ve got a lot of sponsorships, which is amazing Suddenly loads of brands seem to want to work with me. No complaints here, and you guys have been really nice about all the sponsorships. So, thank you So much. I have three more sponsored videos coming up this month, I think Yes, if I’m doing that properly. Um, so your support like honestly, it means the world. Um, where was I going with that? I feel like I lost track. Oh, yeah And those sponsorships have honestly saved my ass this month because, A: in the summer People don’t really watch as much YouTube as they do in the winter So like, pay in summer is always worse than it is in winter Um, but also my last three true-crime videos have been demonetized. I mean, I’m gonna be very straight up honest with you here. So my Video on the McStay family got demonetized which shocked me if I’m being honest, um because I didn’t think that one would. I usually have a good idea of like okay, if I film this video this is gonna get demonetized But I’m gonna talk about it anyway But the McStay-family one, it shocked me. I didn’t think I will get demonetized. It did. Um, I have earned, let me tell you exactly how much I’ve earned for it. $38 and thirty six pence, which is obviously about 32 pounds. Um, my Wanda Beach-murders also got demonetized, which again shocked me. I didn’t think that one would. On that one I earned 30 dollars and fifty six pence, which is about 26 pounds, and my Ian Brady and Myra Hindley serial killer spotlight got demonetized, which I do expect. My serial killer spotlight videos always get demonetized I film them knowing they’re going to get demonetized, I just do them because I really enjoy doing them But on that one I earned thirty four dollars and fifty six cents Which it’s about thirty pounds. So all in all my last three weeks of doing YouTube I have earned about 90 pounds So there’s this big misconception that on YouTube there’s loads of money. And there really really isn’t, especially if you do true crime Which is why I’m having to do sponsorships at the moment Like I cannot live on 90 pounds, that doesn’t even cover my food shop for the month So that is kind of the reality of doing true crime and YouTube which is why my Patreons help me out So so much, like when I say you’re helping me pay my rent I mean that literally, you were literally helping me pay my rent. My money from Patreon go straight to my landlord, like… No questions asked. And my merch as well, if you buy a pin that also helps me out And just by like watching ads all the way through if you see an ad you can watch all the way through. Like, that Really helps me. And just like, help me and support me with my brand deals. It is what it is maybe for the next two months not a single video will get demonetized. Like, sometimes that’s the way it goes. Um, but just when You need to have money coming in each month to pay your rent pay your bills, then You kinda need the money. But all-in-all, I am enjoying being self-employed. Like, it’s something that I like doing I’m the kind of person who like, I need to have stress and pressure to do my best work. Like, I thrive Can you hear my stomach rumbling? That’s so embarrassing. I thrive under stress and pressure so it’s fine. I just Hopefully over the winter it gets a little bit better than that, and that’s all I can really hope for. I actually received a really rude Comment recently about like, oh you complain about money so much but you’re always going on holiday. You’re always on holiday You must be getting some money in. Um, I have two replies to that. Um, up until February of this year I was working two jobs for a very very long time. So I was doing very good for money So every single holiday that I’ve had booked this year Has been paid for whilst I was working two jobs So I haven’t booked a single holiday… No I’ve booked one holiday but it’s one of those 99 pounds “missed you” holidays, which we’ll go next year But yeah. All my holiday is paid for when I was working two jobs, not that I should need to justify that But also, being self-employed, like the nature of my job means I can do it anywhere in the world So I go on these holidays and I’m still working So I’m kind of like paying for the holiday as I’m on it as well Not that I should need to justify it But I just feel like I don’t want people thinking that like, I complain about money, but I’m actually, like, doing really well for myself To be fair, like, I’m not doing awful I don’t wanna make it sound like I’m doing really really bad Like, I’m still some months earning enough to put money in my savings and I’m saving up for a house I’m not gonna be buying a house for at least another five years at this rate But like some months I do earn enough money to put money in savings But once my money is in that savings, it ain’t getting touched I don’t touch my money once in savings, like that is it. Yeah, let’s talk about the whole like buying house thing and my living situation. This is the Colourpop Eyeshadow in, I think “Super Shock” eyeshadow in sailor. Um so I Live in a flat with my sister. I get a lot of questions about that. Me and my sister live together in a flat The plan has always been basically my parents bought a new house about Two years ago now basically the plan was for them to move into this house It was only like a two-bedroom house for them living in it. Couldn’t have me my sister as well Plan was for them to do up the house. Hire som builders who was going to extend it, and then we were all goning to move back in Only it’s now been two years and I am in my mid-20s and I’m very very independent. I love living on my own I thrive living on my own. On my own, I mean I’m with my sister but like without parental supervision and I Don’t think I’m gonna be able to move back in now I don’t think like moving back home is gonna be the best decision for me, for my relationship with my family Like I get on so much better with my parents now I don’t live with them. And that’s not to say I had a terrible relationship with the before, I didn’t But it’s a lot easier to like somebody when they’re not like in your face all the time And it’s just little things that because I am now self-employed I do obviously stay at home all day every day like I leave the house to go do the horses and that’s pretty much it That’s the only time I leave my house in a day So if I’m like then moving back home, and I’m at home all day with my mum who’s also home most of the day I think we would really get on each other’s nerves and like I do my housework here But I do my housework on my own terms. If I moved home I’d be expected to like do this and this and this like, rightly so But I’m so used to not living like that now that I just don’t think it’s gonna work out for me So I’m staying is basically the moral of that story. I am staying in my flats I don’t know if my sister is staying with me or not I really really hope she is. I’m like, trying to persuade her to stay with me. She doesn’t need to move back home, it’s fine But if not, then I’ve got other options. We’ll see what happens But yeah, that is like pretty much my housing situation. Now I’m staying in my flat. I love my flat My flat is like my home. The aid years, like it didn’t feel like home But now it really really does. Like, my bedroom is one my favorite places in the entire world I’m just gonna put a little bit of eyeliner on with my Urban Decay Naked basics palette I just put on a bit of the brown. And what else do I have to talk about? Oh I mentioned holidays I’ve got one last holiday that i’m going on this year. I’m going to Las Vegas. I’m so excited We literally booked this over a year ago. I’ve been excited for this like over a year and finally next month I’m going Las Vegas. So I’m going with my sister and two of my friends. I am so excited. I’m literally at the point now where I’m on like travel forums or whatever, everyday just like looking for things to do in Las Vegas So if you’ve been to Vegas and you have any recommendations, food nighttime things, daytime things, museums, exhibitions anything, tell me. I want to do it all. There’s actually a Titanic exhibition on right now at the Luxor and I’m so excited for it. There’s like actual parts of the Titanic at this exhibition I’m so excited. I mentioned to my sister I was going. She’s like, Georgia We’re in Vegas, we’re not going to a Titanic exhibition and I’m like hell yes. Yes, I am So I don’t know if I’m going alone. I’ll probably end up going alone. I’m so Excited for it. My eyes are really watery. I think I poked myself with mascara. Oh, I’m just honestly so excited We’re actually staying at the Bellagio. Can you believe it? The Bellagio? Um When I booked it, like I said, I had two jobs. So I was like feeling fancy, I was like, yeah, I could spend some money It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I’ll probably never go back to Vegas again Like if I do it’d be like another like 10-20 years maybe, so it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime thing I was like we go to the Bellagio Oh actually no, we were going to do Caesars Palace, but then the Bellagio had a deal for two, free breakfast and lunch buffets So we did that instead. I am honestly so Excited. The only thing that I recently realized and I don’t know why didn’t check this beforehand, maybe because I’m an idiot and, wait a sec Wait a sec and I’ll get back to you. So the only thing is that I am Incredibly claustrophobic. It is something that affects my life on a pretty much daily basis like Think like the level of claustrophobia that you’re thinking right now and then like times it by 10 I can’t go in a room and close the door unless I’ve like tested the door. I can’t lock toilet cubicles I can’t go in lifts. I won’t go in lifts I haven’t been a lift since I was 18 years old and my mom literally had to drag me in kicking and screaming and That’s no exaggeration Kicking, screaming, mother dragging me into the lift. It was a whole scenario So anyway turns out the Bellagio don’t have stairs So, I mean I have to get in a lift which I’m like panicking right now Just thinking about. I have requested them to put us on like the lowest floor possible So I hopefully we’ll be on like the fourth floor which is the lowest floor they have guest rooms on But I’m gonna need to get something strong, I’m thinking like valium. I need to book a doctors appointment today actually. I’ll do that as soon as I finish this video. I need to go to the doctors and just see what they can Give me because otherwise I’m literally gonna be sleeping in the lobby. I can’t picture any scenario in which I’m gonna be able to get into a lift at this point. So we’re just gonna have to see maybe I’ll be brave Maybe I’ll be brave, but I wouldn’t count on it I’m just using a Benefit “hoola” bronzer, by the way My sister got me this for Christmas, like literally like five or six years ago It’s the cheeky sweet spot benefits like, blush pan. This has come in So handy I use this like all the time and the Glossier “halo scope” Highlight, I love this highlight so much. It’s so natural looking. I’m so over the really like harsh looking makeup Just like something natural, you know. I say with glitter on my eyes So yes any recommendations for what I can do in Vegas then please let me know I don’t know how much spending money I’m gonna take. I don’t have much spending money to spare So we’re gonna see maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe I’ll take like a hundred dollars and just like bet it all on like black on the first night and see what happens. Could go very wrong, could go very very right. Don’t really know what else there is to update you on. I’ve had like quite a few YouTube opportunities come up recently that I don’t really think I can talk about yet, sorry to be that person It’s not anything like hugely exciting but like for me it’s exciting as somebody who does YouTube as a job I’ve got all my videos planned up until the end of October. I have a mystery week coming up over the last week of October so Maybe like 24th to the 31st of October I think, every day up until Halloween I’ve got a video coming out I think I wanna do a couple of mystery videos, no, history videos in that so I do like mostly mystery But a couple of history videos like based around Halloween, maybe one on the Salem witch trials or the Pendle witch trials I keep having people requesting me cover Maybe a video on like the history of Halloween like where Halloween comes from, and then I’ve got all of my mystery videos planned for that week already Although if you have any mystery suggestions, then please let me know, or history suggestions What do you want to see during my mystery History Week? Oh, this is the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on lip pencil, by the way in 1993 it always annoys me that this is 1993 because I was born in 94 and I’m like why can’t it be called 94 ‘cuz it’s my favorite lip liner ever. I just put that on and then I finish up with a little bit of Fenty beauty gloss balm in Fenty glow. This is my favorite lip gloss over Actually this is the only lip gloss I’ve ever liked I hate lip gloss apart from this one, I really like this. It smells like cupcakes. It’s really yummy And that is my everyday makeup look. I hope you enjoyed this video I feel like I didn’t cover much but I just talk about the things that like I felt like I needed to talk about thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this as always make sure you a thumbs up and Go and check out my Patreon and my merch store down below. They’re always linked in the top line of the description Thank you so much for all of your support Like you have no idea like how much your support actually like, keeps me going. There are some days I’m just like I can’t do this anymore I’m gonna get a proper job And then I like log on and I see like a lovely comment and like it really is like nice Even the hate comments don’t really bother me that much. Like hate comments just make me laugh. I’m like, you’re still give me engagement So thank you, but no it is the like lovely comments and the people like tweeting me and sending messages on Instagram. I am terrible at replying to messages on Instagram, but know that I probably see it. I just don’t have time to reply most of the time. Thank you So so much, if you’ve got any questions then stick them down below and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys You

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    Maybe something Arthurian? Roman origins, earliest written records. The history apart from modern books and film.
    The last half of 1066? I guarantee 90% of your international viewers are unfamiliar & even a couple Brits I've known think of it as just Hastings.

  39. Vegas! I love vegas so much lol! They have a mob museum that i have been dying to visit. Idk why I'm so intrigued by old school mobster stuff. Also, the zak bagans haunted museum! I think that would be the coolest 💜

  40. i know this might be a sensitive topic; i feel like the revolt at auschwitz-birkenau is very interesting and unspoken about, Rosa Robota was even referred to as a hero of auschwitz and i feel like the revolt would interest you! i understand completely if you don't wish to cover this x

  41. I love your videos and if you need to use sponsors so be it! I don't understand what the big taboo is with it imo lol. I love that you are so real and open to information for others who would like to do YouTube, I have wanted to do YouTube for a long time now but chicken out everytime. You keep doing you and make that dollar we all appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos xx

  42. I love Vegas!!! I’ve been many many times 🙂 Definitely go see the Titanic exhibit, and at some point you should really take a day to go to Downtown Las Vegas (Old Las Vegas)!! It’s so much fun down there. The hotels are old and it has way less tourists, not as crowded. It’s so much fun! I stayed on the strip the first few times I went and then realized Downtown Vegas is so much better! Something else you would LOVE is Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum which is also in the Downtown area! It’s historical and creepy and I think you’d really enjoy it! 🙂 Much love Georgia!! ♥️

  43. I'm so glad things are working out well. I can remember you working other jobs, but even then you were always so consistent with your uploads! I've always really liked your videos because of how well you research and I think your intellectual curiosity about mysteries, history and crime (what you call your nerdiness lol), makes you stand out. I might be wrong, but it seems like you're so curious, that you're able to focus on the interesting elements of the stories, rather than letting the emotional side drag you down. Honestly, you're doing amazing!

  44. I hope this isnt over-stepping, but I don't suggest taking valium 2+ times a day for the elevators.You could instead see a clinical psych that could do exposure therapy with you? Xx

  45. Can you do a makeup collection vid!?! I love your true crime content and in every video your makeup is so beautiful and your lip colors always are so amazing and suit you so well:) love ya!

  46. I really appreciate and like how you talk so candidly about behind the scenes of being a youtuber and how youtubers earn money

  47. A lot of times, I’ll watch videos several times… does that help you earn more money? Do you earn per view? I’m so confused on how YT works.

    Also, what does it mean when a video gets demonetized? (Is that even the right word?) I do not understand YT at all. lol

    PS – your eyes are so beautiful! Love your makeup! I wish I knew how to properly apply it. I’m good to get mascara on! Haha

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