100 thoughts on “Lewandowski sounds off on new Hunter Biden fraud allegations”

  1. The tip of the Biden-Demoncratic-Hollywierd sleaze, corruption and perversion. During the Vietnam war, the village needed to be burned down … in order to save it … good approach for the Demoncratic village.

  2. They did not want this family investigated by Trump. They forgot about the rest of us Deplorables will do it without the president!! Take that Democrats!!

  3. I hope the sowing of Hunter Biden’s wild oats is the thing that blows this Burisma corruption and China WIDE OPEN!!! EXPOSE ALL THE INCOME HE MADE!! Subpoena his financial records and dig into any kickbacks back to Quid Pro Joe and any possible ways this money was laundered. Mainstream Media’s response – crickets 🦗

  4. Joe is using his drug addict son to launder money from the time he was in office ! He probably has power of attorney of him so he can't even touch a penny of it !

  5. Sick and tired of this Democratic pony show
    Lock them treasonous rats, prosecute them and strap them to the electric chair.

  6. I have been convinced from the get go that the judges of the FISA courts are complicit in ignoring proper procedures in order to "grt" Donald Trump.

  7. The Democrats say no one is above the law. But THEY think THEY are. The Bidens are evidence of that. And there was fraud in that FISA application. It was done with intent to spy. Isn't lying on a legal document a form of perjury? I guess that doesn't apply if it is a Democrat.

  8. One day in the near future crazy Joe will go before the MSM cameras and wail like a stuck pig…. the faucets set to overflow and his alt left buds in the media will try to shame anyone who is not fooled by his feigned anguish …. Poor Hunter ::sniff sniff::

  9. Conservatives/Republicans should pursue the Biden’s involvement in this scandal. This is very serious. If we are told that “no one is above the law” then we, the people of this country should see this happen. If we don’t, then it would appear we have a split legal court system in our country, one that virtually ignores politicians, civil servants, and the Uber-wealthy. The other court system will go after those in our country that are ordinary citizens. That’s not our Constitution as I understand it.

  10. The Democrats are strictly corrupt to the core they lie more than a junkyard dog barks…….. All the Democrats should be impeached for lying and forth even and conniving……… Crazy Nancy and buckeye shift


  11. Hunter impregnates a stripper and well him doing that was his undoing but keep your eyes on his baby momma and what happens to her if shes assaainationed or no money goes to her or the judge doesn't grant it to her or arrested by the fbi or doj for no reason holding her until hunter leaves the country its time to storm the doj and fbi building and washington were fed up with this crap. Seriously

  12. He is an idiot; everyone knows that tRump and his clan are the most corrupt group ever to reside in the White House. His daughter even owns exclusivity to nursing homes in China
    tRump deflection at work again folks.
    PS: and I didn’t bother to discuss the voting machine connection.

  13. They demand Trumps TAX RECORDS GO PUBLIC ???

  14. The Demo-Rats are criminals, it keeps getting worse!! The FISA warrants are corrupt, at the highest levels. These FISA judge's need to be investigate for criminal acts.

  15. Crack head hunter Biden has a LONG…..RECORD!

    Nevertheless the father was laundering money threw his son!

    Family matter?? Yes one of CORRUPTION at the expense of the US government and while been vice president????

    Sort of of TRASHY!

  16. If you're a criminal run for president, then claim any investigations on you are an attack on you because you're running for president.

  17. So republicans innocent even if found guilty in trial like trump being impeached , Democrats Guilty without needing a trial or even if found innocent in trial Like Hillary.

  18. Biden needs to be investigated, and his son needs to testify in a fact finding court. his not getting away with his crimes. NO WAY.

  19. I’ve never smoked crack before, never even seen what it looks like, but if I did smoke crack, it would be with Hunter Biden.

  20. Just think how you would react if that was your kid

    Joe just says it's Family Matter

    87 times in rehab for smoking crack

    this guy is Street trash 💩

    or a prominent Democrat 💩

    basically the same thing‼

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. If anyone had any sense, they would see this irrelevant and Trump should obviously still be impeached. I mean how could this possibly have any correlation? The Dems were right to not allow the criminals who were the subject of Trumps inquiry to testify.

  22. The fisa court just wants to protect itself from scrutiny. It's obviously being used as a political tool to go after people without ramifications or due process. Fisa is unconstitutional. Period.

  23. Surely it’s time to fix the media in America…you have some huge superannuation funds in America that could easily afford to buy one of the mainstream media outlets. CNN will be for sale in the new year probably cheap too. Simply boot out all the existing biased morons in there and make some serious rules and policies and employ credible journalists to work there. Annual auditing by the superannuation fund and performance changes immediately if required. Too long America has had this disgraceful propaganda media situation. Fix the problem or the tech companies will takeover everything. Eric Schmidt is a CFR member, George Soros is a CFR member, George Clooney is a CFR member.
    Do you see a pattern here?

  24. Four Decades of total corruption, it's amazing are the Democrats can get away with whatever they want whenever they want. We the American people are sick and tired of it and want to see these rotten seditious crooked bastards held accountable.

  25. The FISA court judges are as crooked as the FBI and all the other ‘letter’ agencies. That’s why nothing will ever happen to anyone.

  26. One America News has the whole story on why our President was impeached!
    Please,,, Americans Follow this Story!
    Biden's , Pelosi's, Obama… It's all about the Burisma/Ukraine/ Money Laundering!

  27. nobody thinks Trump has no access to surveillance tools like the the DS does , Trump can hear a fart much less a criminal organization rolling roughshod halfway around the world.

  28. we have all known for years the fis. a applications were tainted only the media ,the dems and law dogs cant figure it out DS blues people

  29. When and why was the FBI established? Talk about a beaurocracy.
    That's right, the FBI was formed in 1908 to fight spies. Now the FBI ARE THE SPIES!
    So ABOLISH IT and we save how much? ! We have too many alphabet agencies doing the same crap. This financial albatross should end.

  30. YO! CRAZY COREY! isn't it painfully obvious by now that the bidens were never more than impeachment stink-bait for catching your great orange sucker?

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