Local Business Marketing: How You Can Dominate Google With Online Marketing Tips and Techniques

Local Business Marketing: How You Can Dominate Google With Online Marketing Tips and Techniques

Hi guys, its Brandon, from www.soldwithvideo.com
and today I want to show you what every local business should be doing to market their business
online and dominate the first page of Google. But Iíll also show you the top 2 mistakes
that local businesses are making with their online marketing today.
Ok, so letís jump into the top 2 mistakes that most local businesses are making with
their online marketing today. Mistake #1: They donít think online marketing
is important!Well let me tell you somethingÖ Anytime I need to find a business in my area
whether it is a coffee shop, a restaurant, a tile store, a plumber or some kind of contractorÖ
It doesnít matter! I always do a search on Google to see all of the local businesses
in my area and most people do the same. And if youíre not on Google, then youíre missing
out on a lot of free business and youíre probably giving it to your competition. Mistake #2: Most local business spends so
much time and money trying to make their websites rank number one for their desired keywords. And yeahÖ Thatís great if you can do it
but itís not completely necessary. And you may be thinking, ìWell Brandon, you just said online marketing
is so important?î Well yeah, it is so important, but you donít
need to keep going until youíre number one in Google. As long as you are above five and
in the Google Places listings then youíre doing just fine and Iím about to show you
exactly what I mean. Alright guys, Iím about to give you the biggest
secret for local businesses to dominate the first page of Google. Are you ready for this?
What most people donít realise is that there are other ways of getting on the first page
of Google, other than using your website and Iím about to show you the top 5 ways of doing
this. Method #1: Now this is a method that weíve
already talked about but it is the process of getting your website ranked in Google.
Itís called website SEO. Letís say you own a plumbing business in Los Angeles. Every
time someone types in ëPlumber in Los Angelesí or ëPlumbing in Los Angelesí, youíre always
going to want your website to come up on Google, right?
Well you can get your website ranked and once you have your website ranked, people can go
on your website, see your contact information and see what your business is all about. Now
the mistake that we mentioned before is that people keep going and going and going until
they are number 1 in Google. You donít have to be number one in Google and as long as
you are within the top 5 or above the Google Places listings, youíre doing just fine and
that is why we are going to go onto method number two. Method #2: Google Places. When you do a search
normally, youíll see that Google Places has a whole list of businesses in your area. You
want your business to appear in those listings. So all you need to do is go to Google. Fill
out a Google Places listing and list your business. Now if you have a website and a
Google Places listing, you can potentially take up two spots in Google anytime someone
does a search in your area. The only problem with Google places is that you need a real
address, so if you own an online business or something else, you need to find a real
address that you can put downÖ Otherwise Google will not accept your listing. So as
long as you have an address, you can always fill out a Google Listing spot. Method #3: Alright, method #3 ñ video SEO.
This is the process of getting your video made, advertising your business and services
and getting it ranked in Google for certain key words. So if you owned a coffee shop or
restaurant and you get a video made advertising your restaurant or coffee shop then you can
get it ranked in Google for certain keywordsÖ Like: ëCoffee Shop in Los Angelesí or ëRestaurant
in Los Angelesí. And this way if you have your website ranked, your Google Places and
your video ranked, you are now taking up three spots on the first page of Google. Now video ads and video SEO are services that
we offer at Video SEO and we guarantee that weíll get you on the first page of Google
for all of your local keywords. Now if you want to give us a try or contact
us to see how we can help, feel free. If you like us on Facebook or join our newsletter
at our website, weíll even give you a discount code to use on your first order. Now, video SEO is something that you can do
on your own and weíve written a complete step by step guide on our website explaining
what you need to do to get your video ranked on Google and you can access it by clicking
the link below this video and if you have any questions ñ feel free to ask. Method #4: This is the trickiest method and
the method that most people donít even realise they can do. Go to Google and do a search
for businesses in your area. So if you own a coffee shop or a running store, type in
ërunning store in Los Angelesí or if youíre in Bolder, ërunning store in Bolderí ñ
whatever and see what listings come up. Now go through the listings and if you see a ëYellow
Pageí or a ëYelpí kind of directory sort of sites. Create a profile on those sites
and try to get ranked on those sites as well. So go to ëYellowPagesí and try to be number
1 in ëYellowPagesí, number 1 on ëYelpí or whatever directory site there is that comes
up on the first page of Google. This way if someone does a search on Google for your site,
they are going to see your website coming up, your Google Places coming up, your video
coming up and then they are going to go to ëYellowPagesí or ëYelpí and then they
are going to see you at the top there also. So that is four different ways that you can
dominate the first page of Google right there. Method #5: Alright, Google Adwords. You can
actually pay Google to put a search for your result for your desired keyword. So if youíre
trying to get ranked or seen for plumbing service in Los Angeles or running shop in
Bolder, you can actually buy an ad and place it on Google for anytime someone searches
those keywords. Yeah this is a paid service but you only pay
when someone clicks on the ad and that means you are only paying when someone actually
sees your website or whatever your ad was linking to. Now these are five different ways
that you can get on the first page of Google and really dominate the search results and
itís so effective that I encourage every single local business to do this. Now let me give you a little example: If Iím
looking for a tile contractor or a lawyer or a certain retail store in my area and I
go to Google and type in ëTile Contractor in my Areaí and I see the result number one:
ëBobís Tile Contractorí but right below it I see ëJoeís Tile Contractorí but I
also see that Joeís Tile Contractor also has a video on the first page of Google and
Google Places on the first page and an Adwords going and then I then see a ëYellowPagesí
listing below and I click on that and I see ëJoeís Tile Contractorí at the top. You
better bet your ass that Iím going to call Joeís Tile Contractor! Iím not going to
go call Bob! Yeah he has the number one spot in Google but who gives a crap!
When I see five different results on Google for Joeís Tile Contractor, you better bet
Iím going to realise that he is a top quality tile contractor and really knows what heís
doing and this is the same for any business. It doesnít matter if you are a tile contractor
or you own a coffee shop or a running store, or youíre a lawyer or you own a restaurant
or whatever ñ any local business will always see a benefit of having five spots on Google. I hope you found these tips useful and I would
love to hear any success stories that come from these tips. So if you leave me a comment
below or send me a message letting me know that these worked for you that would be awesome! And if you have a friend that is spending
way too much time and money getting ranked in Google for keywords, do them a favour and
send them this video. Show them how they can dominate Google and if you found this video
useful ñ let me know! Leave me a comment under the video, slam that ëLikeí button
down! All you need to do is subscribe here and youíll be notified when our next videos
are ready. And this is Brandon from www.soldwithvideo.com signing out! And donít miss out on anymore of my feature
videos where I give you more marketing tips on video, social media and online marketing.

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  1. Great video Brandon! Question: how do you feel about video SEO with YouTube vs. video SEO with self hosted platforms like Wistia, Flowplayer, etc… and getting a video thumbnail image that ranks for your own web page – or would you opt for the YouTube page? Basically, would you rather have your YouTube video page or website page rank?

  2. Bobby thanks for the comment! This is purely 100% my opinion and I don't have the proof to back it up but I feel Google gives a little more power to YouTube video since they own YouTube. They have stated they don't but when you look at Google search results YouTube videos are usually all over the first page. Plus, YouTube is a PR9 site which means their pages (and videos) will rank WAY easier then a self hosted video. Unless you have a PR 9 site…which almost no one does.

  3. I think having your own website rank may hold more benefits for Google searches but YouTube videos are much easier to rank and if done correctly, can still bring in a ton of leads and website traffic. Plus, when you use YouTube and get videos ranked in YouTube and Google you are not only getting web traffic from Google but YouTube searches as well.

  4. Yep, this is all the stuff I already do. But honestly, if you do the first 4 properly, you won't even need PPC. What it really comes down imo, is KEYWORDS. Rank as many keywords, from as many different sources, on page 1 of google, and you will have a WINDFALL of business on a daily basis. It takes me months to set up a proper local business funnel, but once they're set up, I NEVER need PPC.

  5. Well maybe PPC would come in handy in the first few months when you are setting up your local business funnels. PPC is great if you need instant results.

  6. now how about if you own a mobile service? according to the google guidelines you cannot display adress and there is also a good chance that they will take your listing off.

  7. I would sign up for Yahoo and Bing local because they allow you to use a PO Box which is like $30 for 6 months of service. Google won't allow that but you can rent office space for a few hundred dollars a month and use that address to get a Google places listing.

  8. Hi. I really think that a success of an online marketer is also dependent on what software he/she is using. Am I right? I have been an online entrepreneur ever since and I have noticed how successful people always have the right kind of tools (software). So if you really want to earn money online, look for a software that is as effective as the one I am using.

  9. Hi ,

    i watch your video .
    i do't know to enter business address to google listing spot.

    so reply me . we have website also.

    i need more tip for online marketing.

  10. I like the way he cuts the idea down to size: You do not have to be literally on the first spot on every Google search results page. The first page is enough, and maybe even better. Great thoughts.

  11. Not a lot I can put into my motorcycle shop advertising but want to get on Google. Your video is impressive, now how to get it done. I want Maxim Cycle to appear on all local sites as often as possible. Thanks for getting me in the right direction.

  12. Incredibly amazing businessman! Thanks for these methods you have shared that might be useful indeed. Well, knowing the top two mistakes are really important. Thus, it may now give a lot of opportunities for every businessmen. This will surely contribute a big help particularly to beginners in Online Businesses. Extending your wisdom are worth pondering!

  13. Excellent video! This is exactly what our strategy is with our local clients and it works, like crazy! Thanks Brandon, keep the tips coming.

  14. Brandon,
    You certainly practice what you preach, by Delivering Value!
    Ive been looking into Local Video Marketing for small local businesses for a while,
    will your "Video Overtake University" Course help me with this? 

  15. Thank you SO so so so Much Sold With Video this video just plain rocks and it was filled with so so so so many awesome ways and strategies to really have a dominating presence for your local business online thank you again for this video & please keep Doing What Makes You Awesome ….

  16. So what happens if 10 other Coffee shops or 10 other plumbers in LA or any other market for that matter follows your method or a similar SEO method… wouldn't that mean chances are your business will likely still not rank 1st page with these methods alone… ?  Or at least not consistently…?  I just think if everyone is doing it… MY QUESTION TO YOU BRANDON IS… WHAT IS THE DIFFERENTIATOR? 

  17. Nice summary of what can be done for a local business. However, if you've spent any time at all doing local seo, you know that none of these ways of ranking are remotely easy to accomplish if your local market is at all competitive (which it is these days for most urban and suburban areas), except for adwords, which only costs a lot of money to rank. As for video seo, I checked a bunch of services in my area and the highest ranking videos I saw were on page 4-5, and some of those videos looked like they had some seo work, so I don't think they were just randomly thrown up on youtube.

  18. This is run-of-the-mill stuff. 1) From my testing there is 0 point of doing SEO unless you can hit the #1 spot. I've hit the #1 spot various times and it pays well but anything lower than that and the traffic is nonexistent (especially for local). 2) This is outdated. Since the pigeon update, at least in my niches 90% of 7 packs are gone = huge reduction in traffic. I was ranking #1 there too so now I'm left with nothing but geotargeted YT videos. And those barely drive enough traffic for us to survive. We're also in hundreds of directories, rank in a few and traffic from those is also nonexistent. Best advice I can give anyone is don't buy links, build your own PBN's.

  19. Helpful video, it includes the important things one should focus on, if they want to be successful on the internet market. 

  20. Hi,
    I have local places for my retail location on google places. I wanted to create another listing using my website using the same location and google said that account is already taken by some one else which is me. You said in your video that we can list our website on google place and have 2 listing on Google places . How can I list my site on google places using the same business location that is taken by my retail business on google places. thanks

  21. Great video! Very informative. I like the idea of utilizing multiple strategies to dominate the first page of Google. It also gives you some breathing room if one or more of the strategies you've implemented does not get you on the first page; you still have the other techniques keeping you on the first page.

    Thank you for the video!

  22. This is wonderful Its all right in front of me! Im working on my success story, cant wait to update u when it comes to fruition.

  23. This is great example of online marketing strategy. Almost forgotten by almost people but actually it is very effective!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. Really great video – nice work! I have to ask, however, if you feel like these techniques are still an effective method 3 1/2 years later. Intuitively it seems like not much would have changed in this case but I wondered about your personal opinion and experience. Thanks again!

  25. I agree that small businesses should combine multiple marketing strategies and tactics in order to achieve their business goals. In the military this is known as the force multiplier affect. You do this in order to hit your targets from multiple angles and protect against changes in the marketplace. If one method becomes ineffective, you have the others that are still working.

  26. Thanks SO much! I had no idea of anything beyond the basics. I've got a small machine shop that I'm trying to get off the ground; I'll definately let you know I'd these things work for me.

  27. Your links are screwed up. It doesn't take you anywhere after you sign up. You click on confirm e-mail and it does nothing.

  28. Thanks for the video guys! Check out this additional info that is perfect for small businesses, and services everywhere.


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  31. Solid information. Thanks for posting. I have a question: have you experienced a diminishing return with AdWords? I have used AdWords sporadically over the years, but the last 2 years has not been anywhere close to being as good as it was years ago.

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