Macron under pressure as French pension protests leaves Paris burning

Macron under pressure as French pension protests leaves Paris burning

100 thoughts on “Macron under pressure as French pension protests leaves Paris burning”

  1. Is this the spirit of Voltaire returning? French leader Macron Snickering at president Trump was not wise. However the French people at large are good people. We also have had bad presidents in our past!

  2. They had the nerve to make Fun of President Trump at NATO mr. macaroni can’t do anything for his own country, karma stinks you go President Trump

  3. your witnessing socialist government crumble as they all do.and your witnessing what america is in for if the dems get in

  4. This is what happens when you have socialist crap that's impossible to maintain. So once you take it people get mad. Eventually SSI is going to come to this here.

  5. America has given them their country back twice already this time they need to get it back on their own so they appreciate it.

  6. This is what is going to happen because of the Dems! They have so many blood on their hands now from not securing our borders and changing the immigration laws! Civil War is in the making! Grab your AR!

  7. "Macron is a hypocrite!!!" He was in good company at the 70th NATO cocktail party with Canada's Trudeau, who is a world class hypocrite!!

  8. Something that are valueable like asset ; property, land, your unique people, christian culture & religion must not be bargain with such stupid ideology like open border, uncontrolled diversity: socialism, lgbt & uncontrolled mass migration. These thing will only eroded your own beauty people, culture, heritage & religion & demography. Trust me.

  9. Too bad Americans don’t do this for healthcare reform.. but then conservatives don’t believe in health care, they just say “ don’t get sick”..

  10. The French are the most arrogant, dirty people on the planet. America should get out of Europe and let the Russians take it. They'll sort it out in a very short time

  11. French and Canada are a TOTAL mess in terms of their government. Maybe they should take some notes on how to run their countries like a BUSINESS.

  12. Wow retire with full pension at 55? Start working at 20? So 35 yr working and then retirement for 35 years or so? Recipe for ruin.

  13. My Canadian friends are telling me, canadians are gonna pay, for Trudeau gaffs. Trudeau has a very weak government, he was elected with 3 millions Muslims votes.

  14. About the NATO laughs and gossips. We now know who is unintelligible. It must be Macron. Only talk, talk and no positive economy results.
    President Trump works for the American people and his positive economy results are there to prove.

  15. Most Americans no longer get pensions. So glad Pres. Trump is a businessman & understands so much in regard to the workings of industries & needs of the common population.

  16. Railroad workers that RETIRE @ 55 … hell, the French take more time off then most countries combined. BS. Burn it to the ground …

  17. Trump is stopping all the horrible trade deals and tariffs that were supporting the global economy and socialist policies.

  18. This is what happens when ungodly people rule in government….leaders who lack wisdom ( the Bible says to fear The Lord is the beginning of wisdom…..and the belief that God is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him..One World Government is not the answer…the Globalist world view is wrong ….All leaders who push this agenda will lead their nation's into confusion and their own lives into destruction.

  19. It's amazing how the Left never seems interested in troubles in socialist or socialist-leaning countries, isn't it? They and the media love it when these little twerps whisper about the President behind his back like schoolboys, but it's crickets when this kind of thing happens.

  20. Riots in France, Canada economy drops like a rock, Britain in chaos over Brexit and Leftist Semitic hate and those three stooges laugh at our President ?

  21. France is Done unless they did themselves of Globalist. Maybe too late already as I see it. They've given Radical Islam everything.

  22. Just like the government worker unions in Illinois which have been granted unsustainable retirement plans by the Democrats who have controlled Illinois for 50 years.

  23. This is a problem that all French presidents have since Jacques Chirac. There’s a delicate balance between France being in the global economy and world leadership but at the same time the people easily accuse the president of not meeting the demands of the French people and what the president is doing for France. It’s like the president (whoever it is) thinks because they impose globalization policies then that means they’re doing something to help the French economy. France’s economic structure is very regional at the same time. It’s a hot mess!

  24. Macron is totally out of touch with what is going on in the lives of the people of France. The bankers are not backing down they want more and more from the people and macron only serves the bankers who have and are stealing from the people.

  25. Wow, what an awesome leader Macron is! It sure seems like people in France just love living there! Man what a paradise! Macron reminds me of a modern day Marie Antoinette!

  26. NO Head of State should be taken seriously on the world stage , when their Country , State , or City is in disastrous chaos !

  27. France love freedom and they will encourage to continue for democracy and freedom, just like they support HK.

  28. in france there goverment and there presadent is causing all the trouble there and the french people ant taking it anymoure fair play to them they have balls and will weed out the coruption

  29. Macron little gossiping rut, to busy drinking free alcohol at NATO summit to worry about problems in his own country. Who is laughing and gossiping now little rodent? 🐭🐭

  30. Ok france is small. How many railroads can they have to employee so many rail workers that it cost billions to pay pensions? Id like to know how many railworkers over 55 that get a pension. The number cant be more then thousands. So divide that by a least a couple of billion an you expect us to believe this is the amount each is getting paid?

  31. "Leaders" laughing at President Trump when their own poll numbers are lower than his, and their economies are in the tank.. they should be taking notes, not laughing.

  32. Support French people's struggle for better life, condemn French police's atrocity! It is the US that started this color revolution in France in response to Macron's humiliation against its President at the recent NATO summit.

  33. We Europeans are working for the same money our father's worked for..rember the days when a farther went out to work he was able to keep a house wife and kids… have food on the table….them days are long gone us Europeans are looking at the mass replacement off our native people by Muslim invader and African free loaders our governments needs hanged for treason crimes against our native people…down with the EU NOW give us our countrys

  34. And they mock Trump. Trumps American economy is on fire while the Dems pour scorn on him. It seems like the elites are only happy when we the people are poor living on handouts.

  35. Russia is the safest European country now. 😂 “Russia doesn’t need immigrants, immigrants need Russia 🇷🇺 “ Vladimir Putin Russia for Russians first and foremost, no question no debate with anybody. Putin 2024

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