Marketing Agency: The TRUTH About Running An Agency (2019)

Marketing Agency: The TRUTH About Running An Agency (2019)

Welcome YouTube to another video in this
video what we’re gonna be talking about is I’m looking at the list chip boom
from the comments and Instagram stuff like I brought it over here so I keep
looking back just think like literally like right here right yeah okay you guys
the truth about running an agency that’s a number one question over the last two
to three days and I was pulling my Instagram and if you even followed me on
Instagram what do you do and go click the links in the comments and form a
follow me on Instagram these videos come out like once in a
while those videos come only daily so one of the things that you know a lot of
people want to know from what if you follow me for the Tai Lopez program or
plenty of the other programs I’m involved in they teach about a agency
model is the truth about it you know some people struggle with it some people
have amazing success with it and it really depends on you know your mindset
that’s what it comes down to that’s a whole other video but what my you know
what my core unquote opinion is and the truth about running an agency for me
it’s I’m not biased or I don’t even though my biggest company is the agency
that I run however the one thing you gotta look at from a business
perspective is like what is the easiest business model that you as a brand new
entrepreneur can get yourself into you know you’re currently working a job your
current school whatever it is at the end of the day you have to figure out what
is the number one thing that you can do what is the number one thing that you
have access to then there’s not gonna cost you a lot of money and that is
businesses that are in your neighborhood that you you know you communicate with
you deal with on a weekly daily basis and you could literally give them a
service to take them online because a lot of times business in today’s day and
age is struggling because they don’t know how to market to get new clients
new customers so you know the truth about it now at the end of the day no
matter what business you look at whether you’re looking at agency Shopify Amazon
brick-and-mortar corporation style business is like there’s so many
different styles of business that you can build is you know what is it like
they’re all gonna take work ok there’s nothing that’s out there I’m not gonna
tell you that you know you can make you know million dollar your business and
it’s not going to take work everything is going to take or to where I am today
is taking me eight years to get to this point in my life ok like literally
consistent day over day month over month week over week year over year
you know it’s literally got take me eight years to get to this point and the
number one mistake that most people think is that they can wake up one day
and the next day they can literally be in a ten thousand dollar month business
can you do that in 30 days yes if you don’t succeed esq 90s yes but you have
to work like that’s what it comes down to like you know I’m not here on this
YouTube channel and I don’t want to attract the type of audience where it’s
like you know you think you’re gonna make money quick you’re gonna to get
rich quick scheme or some kind of shit like that because that’s not the kind of
stuff that I teach at all if you’ve looked at any of my other videos if you
look at me on social media on any of my other social media I’m very wrong
I’m very straight up I’m pretty pretty blatant with those stuff that I say the
reason being is because I don’t need to sugarcoat the shit that most people are
saying on YouTube okay people are gonna tell you some BS out there and they’re
gonna tell you that you can do it really easily but no it’s going to take work
you have to get off your ass and get to work for you to get anything if you do
if you are not willing to do that you’re not gonna get the results okay so the
truth behind an agency in my opinion it is the easiest business to start in
today’s day and age in an online so it doesn’t have to be paid traffic like
what I dunno I’m business builder you can do social media you can do video
agencies you can do pay traffic agencies you can do SEO agencies there’s so many
different digital agencies that you could start today and it literally all
it takes is sweat equity like when I first started I got my first couple of
clients I don’t run any ads to get me flat I literally just got off my ass
went down to the local split ball and I started just knocking and talking to
businesses and that’s literally all I did today you can do that using cold
email you can do that using LinkedIn there’s plenty of different things that
you can use to get those results I’m like this that’s the kind of stuff that
you know I’ve been fortunate enough to teach insight I’ll open this program and
fortune up to teach inside my programs and a few other programs that I’m
involved in but stop thinking that it’s something that you can make doesn’t
matter you know like literally this doesn’t matter maybe one day I’ll do a
video on like you know breaking down the grade of like agency where Shopify
versus Amazon versus you know brick-and-mortar and like and kind of
showing you guys on the water like a whiteboard behind me or something a lot
where it’s like what is the least amount of resources you need to get into a
business and it’s an agency you literally
you need is like a laptop or even an iPad like if you have one of these iPads
that’s all you need and you can get yourself going so stop it like listening
to people that are gonna tell you that it’s going to be you know all airy-fairy
and shit like just stop like stop following this people you’re you’re
fucking up your mindset by doing that because you know all people are telling
you they’re lying to you to try and get you to follow them without actually
telling you the water to involve it’s going to get easier a hundred percent it
gets easy all you need is one client you believe in yourself you get one plant
you repeat that process rinse and repeat that process if you can
get one you can get ten if you can get ten you can get 100 so just keep doing
what it takes to get done and if you need help subscribe to this YouTube
channel go follow me on Instagram because or if you really want to I don’t
really give a shit if you do or don’t click the link in the bio somewhere
because there’s gonna be a link to a course and I teach them how to build a
very profitable agency and I teach and I show you all kinds of agencies one word
site you know where I built the first half of my life in the agency world
whereas travelling the world and doing clients just like more of like an
outsourced agency versus now I have a full team we’ve got eleven people that
work for us across the world and you know how to even build it like an actual
legit structured agency and that’s the dinner they you know I don’t care if you
buy it or you don’t if you do and you really want to know how to build a real
agency going in like that’s literally my call to action for you like that’s it
like I don’t really care um other than that I hope you guys enjoyed this video
do me a favor and give this video a thumbs up because if you if you really
got value out of this video and you understand the truth about the agency
model it’s the easiest one you can get into however it’s gonna take work like
it’s easy to get into but it’s gonna take work so that’s a literally the
truth of it and like to give if you give this video a thumbs up for me leave us a
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that so look forward to seeing in the next video

4 thoughts on “Marketing Agency: The TRUTH About Running An Agency (2019)”

  1. More stuff like this man! I'm looking to start an agency and I don't have any past clients. Also I'm located in India lol so if you could make a video on how I could get a client in the US or UK with no past client ,that would be awesome!

  2. Is there any reason in particular why you don't promote Twitter for your own personal brand?.. I notice you focus on facebook and insta- I feel Facebook has the most effective reach for myself.

  3. You mention putting in the hard work. Everyone's definition is different of what that actually looks like. Could you give me a breakdown fo that might look like on a daily basis? 4 hours a day? 8 hours a day? 12?

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