McDonalds Employees Intervene After Woman Mouths ‘Help Me’ At Drive-Thru | NBC Nightly News

McDonalds Employees Intervene After Woman Mouths ‘Help Me’ At Drive-Thru | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “McDonalds Employees Intervene After Woman Mouths ‘Help Me’ At Drive-Thru | NBC Nightly News”

  1. McDonald's! 1billion and 1 served! . . .

    Served with a super size order of Justice!

    "Would you like a Jalapenio with that order? "

    Lol ! 🍔 🌶 🍟 👮 🚔 😆

  2. This is great, however the sad part is it's almost garaunteed this victim will refuse to cooperate with prosecutors and will go right back to him and start the cycle all over again.

  3. So basically MacDonald is using saving a life as a human strategy to manipulate our minds into thinking fast food is good for our health,go green now,or eat macdonalds n live suicidal

  4. I'm glad that she did not give up by telling the employees she needs help I just hope whenever he do get out she doesn't be bother with him anymore she gets the help that she needs abuse is never okay

  5. Sad world when you see so many commercials on many McDs meals etc. but have NEVER HEARD OR SEEN a "Safe Place" ad or anything for that matter.😪

  6. Plot twist, she put the gun in the back of the car herself and then she was like, "hey honey you wanna go get some McDonalds? My treat!" Lol

  7. Can I get a large fries 🍟 with a side of Rescue. 👮‍♀️🚨🚔🚨🚔🚨🚔🚨🚔🚨🚔🚨🚔🚨But thank God she’s alright

  8. Let's find her and give her a million dollars for her troubled life so she can start over far far away from this crazy person

  9. Hopefully he don't get out on bond and finish her off. Praying she is at a safe location where this monster can't find her. Thanks to those employees that helped this lady.

  10. Well thanks for letting people know. And thanks for showing it over and over again to let the bad guy to be more aware of this.

  11. What’s insane is that my coworker had the same situation a couple years ago when he worked at McDonald’s! A woman hid behind the counters and a man with a knife came looking for her.

  12. That’s not good protection for the person who mouthed it…. the news seriously gave the boy friends name to everyone pretty sure some people know who he was in a relationship with that’s honestly pretty dumb for the news to announce his name

  13. Your title is misleading. "Woman Mouths ‘Help Me’ At Drive-Thru" is not how they knew to help. They had already called 911.

  14. If someone no longer wants to be in your life, let that person go. If she is meant to be in your life, she'll be back, or be someone else's problem.

  15. Finally MacDonald's news and this time not unlawfully towing customers vehicles .
    Who could tell they actually have heart of kindness .
    Interesting 🤔

  16. A woman came into my store with a man she met that day. He started getting weird and wanted to take her down by the river and was not allowing her to leave. She asked me for help when she was able to break away from him briefly so I hid her in the restroom and ended up calling the police. Cop gave her a ride home. She was afraid the guy would retaliate so she asked the cop to make it look like he was arresting her for shoplifting. Anyway, be alert and take people seriously if they are asking for help, even in they are doing so in a quiet way.

  17. could've just gave them the "food" and while the guy was sick in the bathroom later at home with Mc'diarrhea she could've escaped anyway. but still awesome either way.

  18. Maybe if the mainstream media reported that these places even exist, instead of obsessing on Trump…we’d be able to help more people who are in crisis.

  19. Makes no sense. So she was already inside and safe but then went back out to the car?? So they didn't hide her but let her go through the drive thru? Makes no sense.

  20. Valenzuela had been violent with this woman before? The problem is not with the guy, it's this woman that keeps seeing him. They'll be back together by the first court date.

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