Meet Estela! | Outsourcing Angel Virtual Employee

Meet Estela! | Outsourcing Angel Virtual Employee

I'm estava calluna I'm 54 that's April and I have three kids my kids are growing up I was working with the government for 22 years then after 22 years I retired prior to that I was already studying about online courses about how to become a virtual assistant like the trial means a trip going to go into the office and coming back you have to commute and you have to leave your kids at home with the household hell so much difficulty if you are working one because the time when my kids were small I was always traveling I was frequently traveling in region 7 means four provinces was making a coverage this is big difficulty if you are working the company I watched webinars there are webinars in the YouTube how to become a virtual assistant there are lots of resources actually from YouTube where you can learn from that's how I became interested with becoming a great role assistant or how to work from home then I try to learn this software do some tutorials because I will be more capable for me to do the job as of the moment I'm helping my client with this is a digital marketer I'm doing website audit for him social media for him and for his clients doing some admin tasks I felt out of place because of my age I'm a baby boomer I'm not a digital nomad or a digital native clients will not ask your age they are not the age they don't discriminate age as long as you know what to do that's what pushed me to do pursue breaking from home for me were working with outsourcing angel the most important thing is the salary means it's always sometime be honest when they say for tonight is for tonight what's important is you can get your salary regularly you're earning in dollars right right it may be in US dollar or Australian dollar then you can look after your kids while you're home you can look after your house actually this flexibility in working from home and you don't have to go to leave your house to go to work no traffic no carbon footprints you're helping the environment like that you don't have to drive like that a lot of benefits actually the charity work of outsourcing angel is I feel very happy about it because first outsourcing angel is helping our people many of the villa's of the outsourcing angel are from the Philippines so it's great that they're coming the Philippines to help us as well because we know that poverty here is poverty rate is high unemployment rate is high to those who are wishing to become a VA the first thing that you have to do is why are you going to do that not for me I want to earn my own cape and I want to buy min-suk I don't want to depend on my husband you can do it if if you if you just push yourself and learn learn how to use the software's you have to be resourceful because everything is even given free in the in YouTube there are a lot of resources in the internet and how to start

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