Michael’s Business School Lesson – The Office

Michael’s Business School Lesson – The Office

55 thoughts on “Michael’s Business School Lesson – The Office”

  1. Some say Michael is a fool. They're right, but I think this shows that he can beautifully turn it around and make everyone the fool.

  2. "Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”

  3. "America is also fighting five goliaths!" Names four things that have minimal impact on the majority of the population😂

  4. Michael is an amazing Salesperson.Some people have that talent,not every one can make a sale in a competitive world.We can see in our local market that have multiple shops with same product and same price but people still choose one over another.
    He is not a good leader though and Dunder Mifflin should have realized it if not for his Good teammates who excelled in Sales.

    As for these college students,the reality hasn't hit them yet.

  5. Theory: this account is run by the people who made the office documentary. This is why we have footage of the show on YouTube. Thank you for your time

  6. it's called elbow grease, it's shoe leather, gumption, fortitude, it's being the best at doing the best better than the second best people can do it. And YouTube sucks.

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