100 thoughts on “Minimum wage hikes are causing restaurants to close, costing jobs”

  1. Vote all socialist communist liberal radical racist Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren out of office in every election cycle,they are a cancer in our society and government
    Democrats are the party of the devil

  2. Business would not be closing due too min wage increase if that was the case the business itself would have been in financial trouble before hand. Other factors would be causing the closers.

  3. Raising the minimum wage doesn't solve the problem of the cost of living. Rather what happens employers have to pay their employees more money the result is layoffs increasing the work loads of their remaining employees and increasing the prices of their products and services which effects consumers. Large corporations are for minimum wage increases because it put their smaller companies competitors out of business.

    So what good does it do for a person on a $15 minimum wage to go to the grocery store a pay $6 for a loaf of bread?

  4. Just going to gut the mom and pop places, the big corporate will also be cutting back, but they are pushing for automation.

  5. Let's show these democrats who really runs this country, That would be we the People! Let's take the country back. Vote all republicans in 2020!

  6. I hope the people who voted for this feel good about themselves.
    Merry Christmas to All!
    Christ is Born, Glorify Him!!

  7. Seattle anti-America City Council: "We got workers another $7.00 per hour!"
    Normal Humans: "Your ill-considered, idiotic action cost hundreds or thousands of jobs."
    Seattle anti-America City Council: "We got workers another $7.00 per hour!"

    There was never any question about what would happen. Those idiots and the cretins who vote for them ignorantly thought no problem, everything will work out the way we want it.
    When those lower life forms shriek Diversity is our strength, the "our" does not include people who understand and respect this country and its constitution and especially its borders.

  8. Well if you can't pay people a decent wage, than you shouldn't be in business in the first place. People are not slaves. Goodbye

  9. Another dumbass dumbocrap idea. Their plan is to close small businesses and then government take over of the large corporation's. Dems the enemy of freedom, the enemy of freedom and the enemy of humanity.

  10. Tips are un taxed income so a living wage that gets taxed makes the job market a more even playing field as I am sure when she made hundreds of dollars in tips for the week she did not run back to the dishwasher to give them their cut.

  11. What about that bs that a company can pay below minimum wage because tips are supposed to subsidize what the owner is supposed to be paying his dam employee!!

  12. Yeah, but why did you decide to have a baby without a husband when you are working on a minimum-wage job? I wouldn't even adopt a dog, if I don't have enough money and a proper house.

  13. You can have full employment tomorrow if everyone without a job is willing to work for a dime. It may help the economy but it won't help them. This is the one area where Republican logic breaks down.

  14. If a restaurant has to close its doors for a few dollars more toward minimum wage, then they aren't solvent or clever enough to know how work around the problem!!

  15. I was a retail store manager in Chicago many years ago when minimum wages went up .50 cents more an hour. I had to cut 30 hours from my payroll which equated to 20 hours less for my employees and I ended up working an additional 10 hours a week for free since I was salary ! It should’ve been going up very gradually for decades now.

  16. And prices at fast-food outlets are skyrocketing, which is driving customers away. I remember when a burger, fries and a Coke cost around $1 at McDonald's. Today the same meal runs around $6.

  17. Seattle like most of California too is over priced living in a bubble that crush very badly. What is funny we are worried about minimum & not 20 year retirement for STATE WORKERs & their double dipping while regular workers pay the bill & work till they 70 years old . This is a joke !

  18. Thats silly how many people work 2to5 jobs because owners dont want to pay benefits…Some people are cheap and selfish and use people..A good eatery can make savvy deals with local farmers and that would enable a living wage..Foriegn investment in western realistate has driven up our cost ofiving..You know bring in the dirty money and middle finger to the people of the land…Vote moral Christian people into office and they will look out for the people and not there ego or wallet..A person is by what they do not what they say….

  19. Min wage isn’t made for a career how much could really charge for meal at restaurants it cheaper eat home these government don’t really think thing through they just keep Raising and stealing more tax payer money and doing a crap job they can less if u live on street or have job but that democrats for u

  20. I bet she still and did vote Democrat. The thing about the left they are so smart in their minds they dont realize they are the enemy

  21. I risk my life everyday at work and i make the same amount as a McDonalds worker. Yay… woops sorry I actually make less. Unfuckingbelievable

  22. You wanted this snowflakes…now many shops are letting go many of their employees. Just the other day at McDonald they are using a digital kious menu to order your food. This is how many restaurants and fast food places are doing. Next time snowflakes be careful what you wish for….you just might get it!

  23. So low wages and rising costs are the answer to a great economy? Cost of living increases faster than the wages do. Your Presidents doesn’t care about you unless you are a billionaire. His situation makes him incapable of even understanding what it may be like to not have enough money. Yet you all fool yourselves that he can relate to the common mans struggles.

  24. The dems helped create unions to help get workers better wages now they are the union, cutting out the middleman so to speak is back firing

  25. Noone ever talks about how many jobs were lost because of the Obama care plan either. I saw many full time employees get cut to part time so they didn't hafta implement health care. Most had to quit to try and find full time. Unions are also guilty of killing business. If you work hard and do your job then a union is worthless. Only people ive ever seen benefit didnt deserve thier job anyway.

  26. Who would have known. It is not like price controls do not have a clear history since ducking Hammurabi. Democrat morons

  27. So what is the average American supposed to do? Most of the good paying jobs have been automated or outsourced to China. So where are those good jobs that your supposed to get after college? Everyone wants to demonize anyone who seeks a good paying job but again, where are those good jobs?

  28. THESE RESTURANTS WERE STRUGGLING BEFORE THE MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE. I LIVE IN New York AND MINIMUM WAGE IS VERY HIGH AND BUSINESS IS BOOMING FOR LOCAL SHOPS. when people get more money in their paychecks, they spend more. even if prices increase… they still spend more

  29. Same thing happens to San Francisco, the Socialist Left keep on destroying themselves. If you voted 4 DemocRats, you deserved it.

  30. inflation people -causes everything to go up -thats why a candy bar cost over a dollar-you are not making more -you are just causing everything to go up.

  31. $16 an hour that averages cup of coffee would probably cost $10 no cappuccino just straight black coffee don't forget about the white toast I can't say that word it racist black toast rye toast just give me a muffin it's a safe word to use

  32. Payroll processors are required to include "reported tips" in calculation of hourly rates. Payroll for servers need only meet minimum when "reported tips" don't. The statement "Servers make well above minimum wage" isn't a lie. So the cost problem isn't the servers. They are actually the least expense part of the budgeted labor. It's everyone else who is not receiving tips. [and by the way, no one reports cash tips….only the credit card tip makes it into the record keeping systems.]

  33. Well greedy business owners should make less so there employees can get out of the gutter and have a better quality of life.if it wasn’t for your employees you greedy companies would have nothing.

  34. Liberals don’t care about jobs , they only care about not paying taxes and the government giving them free handouts .

  35. For reference:
    $16.39 USD = $23.76 AUD
    Australian minimum wage: $18.93 AUD/$13.06 USD

    My first job was doing admin at a dentists office in Sydney and I got less than what the minimum wage is in some places in the US. And I was paid on an award higher than minimum wage ($20.73 AUD/$14.30 USD)

  36. Until you start using profits to pay workers, instead of the archaic, "if I build it, pay my workers 💩, they will come", then these businesses may work. Restaurants are nothing but poverty, government dependent liabilities. These jobs only make the owner rich, the manager middle class, and 100% of the other workers have to rely on government handouts. These jobs are terrible for the economy. When you support these restaurants, you are ensuring several people are on food stamps, all because you are too lazy to cook.

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