My Business Failed Now My Wife Is Leaving Me!

My Business Failed Now My Wife Is Leaving Me!

ladies with us in Tucson Arizona hi Brady how are you hey I'm well thank you so much for taking my call so how can I help well I'm in a really sticky situation I would just like to get your advice on where to go from here I had a really successful business that I had built up for seven years that went sideways on me but at the beginning of this year since then I've changed careers and I've been trying to build up a career as a life insurance agent over the last six months ish and what every month it's been hard to kick off so every month I've been just caught it's been a really expensive and you know thing to go through but it's been kind of you know stand hopefully been something that was going to give me something in the future and then so but I've been steadily going further and further into death and kind of once once it got to the point this last month where the credit cards were almost all maxed out and everything my wife decided to take the kids and move in with her brother and decided to nd what one wants to end the marriage so now in was doing right now based on your inability to earn them income or what yeah I'm sure that was I think the straw that broke the camel's back on that whole situation mm-hmm but now I'm basically here flat broke really seriously in debt and and now I you know I I'm an independent contractor so every day I wake up and I'm trying to get up and get motivated for work but it's hard to do that in an empty house and you know feeling let's just you know living in solitude here so I'm just wondering if you know because right now I have somewhere in the area of like $35,000 in credit card debt and my wife probably has about 20 to 30 we owe $15,000 in on a payment plan that were paying in back taxes and we have two cars that one that we owe five thousand on and one that we owe $10,000 so this is the first month where I'm thinking this is about I might not be able to make these payments and and then also trying to figure out what's the financial cost going to be to actually go through and get a divorce how long ago did she move out about a week ago how old are you 35 I'm sorry okay you had a business failure now you've attempted to launch this for six months and it hasn't worked it's so far we would classify it as a failure right and now it's hitting your marriage okay you've got to really stop and look at this and say what I've been doing hasn't been working we have to do something different so if you could get a job could you begin marriage counseling and begin to work your way back out and they'll put your marriage back together like a job that pays money not not a lot of commission job right yeah I would be open to that I don't know it would be mutual I don't know if she would be or not but yeah that would be something that would be open to doing probably three months late so doing that I don't blame her for having tried the other gig but when it gets to the point that she has given up hope that her kids have a future with your career choices it's time for you make different career choices right yeah yeah I'm not throwing cold water on you I'm just trying to walk with you here because you're in a real I mean you have been through hell if you could take the last year and bottle it you could sell it as hot sauce that's true it's been I spent off losing a business how how did you say you are 35:35 yeah losing a business and then being deeply in debt and then the next thing you've tried do is failing is not working you're not making money it's just you're just getting punched all over I mean you got both eyes black your nose is broke but right now your lip you had the crap beat out of you you know that is the truth and so are you in a good church by chance not really active you know you have a good friend that say in their 40s or 50s that you consider to have a pretty good life that you think might have a good faith walk yeah call that guy today tell me I need to have coffee with him you need some help he'll help you whoever he is okay and he's gonna lead you and he's gonna lead you in this into a good spiritual community into your church into his church and where you can actually get a vibrant type of real faith and and that pastor can help you guys put your marriage back together and this man can help mentor you and get you back on a career path and then I'll help you with the money part we can get you out of debt but we need to get your career moving and your marriage saved first okay okay that's the most important thing and we just you just had the snot beat out of you man I mean I was 28 I lost everything we we long I mean we lost everything sure and I about killed each other she tells people she would have left but she didn't have a car I mean we fought like hillbillies because we are I mean we it was bad brother and I felt about an inch tall because everything I touched turned to poop you know what I mean and I felt like I felt like I was worthless and that was 30 years ago and but you know what got me out was I got some guys around me I was in a good church but my faith walk you know was it just started and walking with God walking with good men of character and you know Sharon I spent time of marriage counselor two or three different times we've been married 37 years she says we've had 30 good years of marriage [Laughter] you know you can you can turn all of this around or there's this much poof there has to be fertilizer right yeah hey you hang on we'll get you into Financial Peace University get you and your wife in that you start working on a career side and on the spiritual part and I'll walk with you on the rest as well

24 thoughts on “My Business Failed Now My Wife Is Leaving Me!”

  1. Gonna take more than 6 months to make headway in the insurance business. A shame she's not willing to go for the ride.

  2. I remember my father not working for 21 months due to a layoff at his job. I don't ever remember my mother putting him down or threatening to leave him. Instead she became CPA certified and went to work to help feed and shelter their 5 children. From a stay at home mom to a hard working mom was no easy adjustment, but they stuck together and got through it. Now they're retired and still supporting each other after 47 years. Although every situation is different It's very challenging to find a woman that is willing to tough it out and go through a tough time to with her husband, at least support him until he gets back on his feet!

  3. When you get your fortune back and she comes crawling back after her betrayal: TELL HER TO TAKE A HIKE AND TRADE HER IN FOR SOMETHING TIGHT!!!!!

    As for the kids??? Show them what an ungrateful, venomous parasite looks like.

  4. find u a chick who likes bologna sandwiches and making out on the couch… kick the money hungry trophy wife to the curb!

  5. Women are notorious for doing this.  When the husband starts having financial problems, the wife starts plotting her escape. I have seen this over and over … and over.

  6. I just watched another video and the lady in it said her husband didn't want to combine near a hundred and $70,000 student loan debt. You told her didn't he say for rich or for poor taking marriage vows. Why didn't you say that to this guy?

  7. There is alot to be read between the lines here, I dont know if anyone else notices it but me. Dave is trying to help him not just with the money but with common sense decision making with the career. Its pretty obvious that selling life insurance is futile, who makes money doing that, and plus even if you did, it would take years to build up that clientele but this 35 yr old don't realize it and the wife is totally fed up. Someone has to tell this kid whats up, go get a job, go get your wife back and then get the money

  8. Any man out here who is thinking about getting married in 2019 must be a loser. Learn it from me. You have more to lose in a marriage as a man in 2019. So many things stack against us , the court system, the feminist movement, to name a few. Focus on your purpose. Over time working to acquire several stream of income is the way to go.

  9. He overlooked the number 1 rule when dealing with women. When the money comes, the women come. When the money goes, the women go.

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