NetSupport School – Classroom and Student collaboration for Chromebooks.

NetSupport School – Classroom and Student collaboration for Chromebooks.

Introducing NetSupport School for Google Chrome. A brief overview of features in NetSupport School for Chromebook. So here we have the Tutor Control, the Tutor Mobile Assistant and the students using Google Chrome. The teacher can create a NetSupport-managed classroom for students to join, outlining the lesson details and objectives. At the start of the lesson, the teacher can prompt all connected students to register for the class. The teacher can request standard and custom information from each student. Students are presented with the pre-prepared class details and asked for their registration information. The teacher interface will update with the student information and a registration report can be printed if needed. The teacher can broadcast a text-based message to all or selected students at any point during the lesson. The message takes focus on the students’ screens – so it cannot be ignored! Monitor students in real-time. The teacher can view a crystal clear thumbnail of each student machine in a single view. For one-to-one help and support, click on a thumbnail to discreetly view activity or interact directly with the student’s desktop. To maintain student focus and attention when presenting, the teacher can lock each student’s screen, keyboard and mouse. Ensure your students are using their Chromebooks for appropriate web research! Use lists of approved websites, block access to unauthorized sites or block all internet access. The teacher can quickly guide students to a specific web page by launching a website on each machine. When using approved lists, students are presented with a list of websites they can access. To highlight key learning points and retain student focus, the teacher can show their screen to each student desktop. Send an instant survey or request for feedback to each student. As students respond, results are shown in real time on the teacher’s desktop. When all students have responded, the teacher can show the results to each student desktop. For more information on NetSupport School for Google Chrome, please visit:

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  1. NetSupport School is unique in offering both a Student and Teacher solution for Chromebooks. With over 13,000 users of our chrome solution why not check it out today. 

    The new Chrome Tutor App released last month has already received great feedback from teachers and is free to try.

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