NEW: Virtual Vocations Celebrates Telecommute Week 2019

NEW: Virtual Vocations Celebrates Telecommute Week 2019

Are you ready to celebrate? Hi everyone, it’s Michelle from Virtual
Vocations, the largest hand-screened database of telecommute jobs online. Today I’m here to announce that we are going
BIG for Telecommute Week 2019! At Virtual Vocations, we compile legitimate,
remote job openings into a searchable, user-friendly database of over 20,000 current openings,
and to date, we’ve helped more than 2 million jobseekers in their quests for remote work. That’s worth celebrating! This year, Telecommute Week runs from Monday,
March 18 to Saturday, March 23, and during that time, Virtual Vocations will be marking
the occasion with limited-time discounts, brand new downloadable content for jobseekers,
tons of prizes, and much more! Do you want in? If so, stick around, because here’s what
you need to know: First things first, you won’t want to miss
out on the limited-time discounts that we’re offering this Telecommute Week, including
20% off all new Virtual Vocations subscriptions and 15% off our resumé services. That includes resumé reviews and rewrites,
as well as add-ons like LinkedIn profile writing and cover letter writing. But don’t wait too long! These discounts only run Monday to Saturday. Also exclusive to Telecommute Week is our
Telecommute Week survey, which will be emailed to all Virtual Vocations members, including
those with a free account! Completing the survey enters you to win one
of three prize packages, each of which includes a $100 Amazon gift card, a 6-month Virtual
Vocations subscription, a resumé review from Virtual Vocations, and one of three bonus
prizes. To have that survey sent right to your inbox,
be sure to head over to to sign up for a free account. Plus, don’t forget to join us on Facebook
on Wednesday, March 20 at 1 p.m. EDT or 10 a.m. PDT for a live video chat with me! I’ll be online answering questions about
remote work and Virtual Vocations, and anyone who comments on our live video with a question
during the broadcast will be entered to win a Virtual Vocations Careers Services prize
package That will include a keyword optimized, expertly
written resumé, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter that will set you apart from the competition. Head over to
to “like” our page so you’ll be notified right when this event starts. You won’t want to miss your chance for the
prize package! We’re also going to be sharing brand new
blog posts and exclusive downloadable content all week that is designed to help you in your
search for virtual work. As you can tell, we took our Telecommute Week
celebration to the next level this year, and we hope you’ll join us in commemorating
the occasion! Whether you’re in the market for a new remote
job or you just want to celebrate the flexibility of remote work with us, you won’t want to
miss out on what we have in store. More information on all of the things I just
talked about can be found in the description or caption of this video — or you can reach
out to us on our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages or at Virtual Until then, I will see you all on Wednesday
at 1 p.m. EDT or 10 a.m. PDT for our Telecommute Week live chat. See you guys then!

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  1. What's the subscription for the monthly package? And do you assist with cover letters/resume included in this package? How long does it take one to land something/job.?

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