One-Third Of Americans Rely On News Sources They Know Are Fake

One-Third Of Americans Rely On News Sources They Know Are Fake

Recently, the Rand corporation released a
startling new study showing that roughly one third of American citizens get their news
from sources that even they consider to be unreliable, but they still turn to those news
sources anyway, and those news sources, according to this new uh study happened to be social
media and what their peers tell them. That’s it. A third of America getting news from either
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, maybe, I don’t know, and they’re friends and they know that
they can’t believe those stories, that they’re unreliable, but they go to it anyway because,
Hey, we’re lazy. Now here’s the problem with this. The problem is not just that there is so much
fake news out there. The problem is not that there is so much misinformation. The problem is that now we have one third
of this country out there saying, yeah, I rely on fake news, and you know what? I don’t have a problem with it. I know it’s fake, but I’m still going to believe
it. No folks, that is a problem with this country. That is a problem with society. That is a problem of intelligence, of a lack
of education, but more importantly a lack of effort on behalf of the American public. It doesn’t take very much. I mean, if you’re already on Twitter or on
Facebook, then you clearly have access to the internet. You can go out there and find plenty of news
sources that are reliable, that are credible, that do fact checking, that are not hidden
behind a pay wall, but at least a third of this country refuses to do that. And this presents a massive problem for us
as an electorate going forward. How do we counter that? How do we convince 33% of Americans that they
need to abandon this fake news when they’ve already admitted, they know it’s fake and
they like it anyway. You can’t reach people like that and it’s
a third of this country. We have very real problems in this country. And yes, fake news, misinformation is absolutely
one of them. But when we’re out there pushing for policies
like Medicare for all or a green new deal, and then you run into somebody who says, Oh
yeah, I read, you know, they said the green new deal going to outlaw cow farts and airplanes. And that’s literally something right wing
media has said, it’s not true. You could show him the green new deal. You could read it word for word to them. You could show them all the fact checks debunking
these lies, but they still won’t believe it. And unfortunately, this is one of those times
where I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to do. We’re doing everything we can. The rest of the progressive media is doing
everything they can to counter all of this constant misinformation. But when you have a third of this country
who says, you know what, I like the misinformation. Those people are absolutely unreachable. And we have to find a better way to educate
the two thirds who understand that fake news is just that.

100 thoughts on “One-Third Of Americans Rely On News Sources They Know Are Fake”

  1. Well people STILL believe on the pizzagate and lots of conspiracy theories from sites like BreitBart or InfoWars. You know how many people still saying "Clinton is gonna be arrested soon for the pizzagate pedophilia ring." I been hearing that from 2016.

  2. Fuck you madam lino enabler celle!!!!you fucking paid propagandists traitor!!!!you should be exposed you fucking sonafabitch!!!! Go after this traitor!!!

  3. Trump needs to explore the "oranges"🍊 of this controversy…it goes way back to Hamberder 🍔Germany..the birth place of his father…where the windmill🌀 noise caused his .
    mother to give birth to a mentally disabled son…They named him Donald

  4. Considering 6 people own 90% of MSM in the USA, and then there are liars like you……I am not surprised!! If TRUMP were a really BAD GUY……..MSM would LOVE HIM…..The problem with Trump, is, the NWO can't blackmail him. That makes him a threat. Wake up silly sheeple.

  5. republicans: gerrymandering, fake news, election rigging, serving a russian master

    Democrats: mandatory IQ tests, or you can’t vote because you’re too frigging stupid…

  6. I'm not so sure of the motives, other than Americans seem to be becoming inherently dishonest!
    It was bad enough when the GOP could be guaranteed to cheat & lie – but this is getting just ridiculous!!

  7. I am not surprised. America has many uneducated and not very intelligent people. The Republican base needs them as its base.

  8. Russian Cyberwar fare by the Russians impacted about 35% of the population . They were successful in brainwashing a large percentage of Americans.

  9. That's because they want to hold on to a story or a piece of information that supports their beliefs, so they lie to themselves while watching/reading it.

  10. It's more like 30%, and I do hope that something can be done to bring back these people, mostly boomers, all of whom were raised in the same protective coccoon of American prosperity that Trump is presently trying to tear down. Clearly, he's got them lusting for an America in which he has dictatorial powers; in which minorities are silent and invisible; in which Christianity is the law of the land; in which America has all the broadly-based prosperity of the 1950s but without the high marginal tax rates that enabled that same broader-based prosperity; in which America is simpler to them like back when they were children. These people don't just need to move forward 60+ years from wherever the Rat Whisperer has led them, they need to grow up too.

  11. People want to live in their bubble and remain willfully ignorant of their dependence upon confirmation bias. They do not want to use rational thought or logical analysis because that would conflict with their preconceived notions of what is true. For them if the facts do not match the desired hypothesis they must be done away with.

  12. LOL! Any mega-corporate News is fake news and that's what we have. The problem is we are feed what the rich elite wants us to know and think! Most Americans are bread and circuses crowd and it doesn't matter to them! They want their sports, reality TV, barbecue, and beer. They want others to do their thinking for them! Wave their little flag and scream the nearest rant the President squalls about without thinking or taken any responsibility for their laziness!

  13. The reason you can't reach them is because you keep missing the major issue BEHIND their recalcitrance. Most of the people who listen to fake news and would rather listen to it are fundamentalist Evangelical Christians – and it reinforces their own view of the world. You have to address the source – the programming that insists that (for instance) poor people are poor because they're horrible sinners and God is punishing them, while the rich have all the wealth because God is rewarding them for being Good People and taking the resources from those horrible sinner poor people and giving it to them. The counter for that argument is to point to the Book of Job, and have them bookmark the most important sentence to understanding the book (NOT the one where Job supposedly makes a sentence of faith), where God tells Job's friends that they haven't spoken the truth as God's servant Job did. Then have them re-read everything Job "said" and whenever their programming starts to kick in, to go back to that sentence and read it again (how many times it takes for them to lock it in their head).

    They will come to realize that the entire book is a diatribe against the ideas like "Poverty is caused by God punishing sinners with poverty, and rewarding the "Virtuous" with wealth and nice things!

    There are many other areas that can (and MUST) be addressed, like the example above. The elephant in the room is religious ideology, and both the mainstream media and the less-known sources tend to deliberately ignore this facet of the problem!

    You're fighting against fundamentalism, not just people wanting to listen to fake news. It's even infected other religions and even the non-religious in this country – and I can argue it's been a problem in every religion since the earliest days. As long as you keep religion out of the discussion and picture, you will loose every time.

  14. The cultists are so angry that they always get screwed and when they thought Trump was the guy and they see he's not they want to ignore that because they just can't accept they got screwed again. That's why you need to give them someone that they can trust again and that's Bernie Sanders. He is exactly the person they have been looking for so long.

  15. How about the two thirds would just turn completly away from fake news media? Don't use them, don't consume them, don't discuss them anymore? Just let the fake news alone with the one third. And for a necessary response, if required, the answer seems to be clear: very likely fake news from one side could only be taken on by countering them by 'anti-' or 'counter-fake-news'. You're living in a free country, why not give this part of the market a try?

  16. I’ve actually have had friends say just tell me who to vote for! And the admittedly entertainment fox gives emotional responses to problems that require intelligent attention! Those that support trump are lost and would require deprogramming as you would need for a cult member. Republicans are evil they’ve been programming for 39years now and we’re reaping the rewards now!

  17. I am doing my best to fight back against the lies…..for every 1 anti tRUMP meme I have seen on Facebook I see a couple hundred for him and against people like Pelosi, Shiff and AOC. I don't know, are people that are anti-tRUMP afraid to post stuff? I surely am not. I do have 1 person who has begun to post ( maybe I inspired her, maybe not ) but we need more

  18. I'm wondering if that one third of the country is living in places where the pollution is rife and it's affecting their brains…. that would explain a lot

  19. Reality Television didn’t help. It set people up to believe scripted content as “reality”, priming people to believe crap as real. Donald Trump’s buddy, producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, Apprentice) is one of the culprits.

  20. Make Education Great Again (MEGA) America ! Evangelicals, KKK and the Government of Putin (GOP) strategy is based on keeping their base ignorant believing in alternative facts and reality. Just like ISIS.

  21. When I was a young man my father reminded me that as I went through life to remember that about half the people I would meet would below average in intelligence. My father was right, he may have even been optimistic.

  22. It's so sad that so many people are willing sheep. I do have a few news sources I trust (none of which are online,lol), and I deeply believe in fact checking . But the saddest part is that most of the people who believe in everything they read or hear without question will most likely one day influence the running of this country. World War III will most likely be based on one small story buried in the back of The Enquirer

  23. I love this. A pure propaganda channel telling people what's fake news. You've got these dopes wrapped around your little finger, baldy.

  24. What they do not mention is that the one third are the Trump followers . even though they have seen Trump admit his crimes on national TV and display his hatred toward America . by claiming that every security organization in American government are lying . And Vladimir Putin is telling the truth just like he did when he gave the big thumbs up to Putin while being suspected of being a spy for Putin . Even when they hear it right out of Trump's own mouth and still they believe what Trump tells them not they're Lyin Eyes or they're failing hearing . they're crazy as crazy can get !

  25. Is this a matter of ideology?
    They want this stuff to be truer-than-true?
    Is this like Ceremonial Magick, where you can create your own reality?

  26. you can't help people that don't want to be helped. it's frustrating but maybe we shouldn't help them anymore. they wanna die, let em die.

  27. I get my information from ROF, TYT, Jessie Dollemore, Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, a few on CNN a few on MSNBC n I watch Fox just to see what they omit when they release trumps garbage.

  28. They are crazy! No interest in looking elsewhere. I just don’t get it at all! It makes no sense whatsoever. I’m at a complete loss.

  29. No its not a lack of education or intelligence. It's just that they don't want to know. Their minds are made up and they don't care.

  30. I don’t think the tRump supporters realize the republicans in power think of them as trash. To be used. When republicans sway how to believe in evangelical churches…guess what they are gaslighting them.

  31. The Rand Corporation is a well known CIA front. It's the CIA!!! What study? How did they perform the study?? There was no study done by the CIA… they don't study shit, they manufacture it. The same CIA that is all about financial hitmen and destabilizing Governments –they've come home to roost! How do we know that this isn't fake news? What because the government who's been lying to us since it began is telling us they're fake or not!? EVERY NEWS SOURCE is a crapshoot!! Just because they tell part of the truth doesn't mean they'll tell the whole truth and by virtue of that fact alone they are all fake news! I see and hear all of them: I trust none of them!!

  32. A third of Americans probably believe they are born with original sin and need 'saving'. The second term of an exonerated impeached Trump is assured by this laziness and gullibility. Sad for a once great country.

  33. Remove now. The republicans are cowards, corrupt, criminals, we the people are going to vote you all out. Vote the GOP out. Remove Moscow Mitch. These cowards have to go they have done nothing for the people and our Nation.the president is not fit to represent us all. He cares only about himself and his cult. Stop the corruption in our government. Remove the republicans. They’re acting like his president, like low life criminals., remove Now . Remove now , we the people are see in you all,and you going down . Vote the GOP out. Vote the GOP out. Vote the GOP out. And remove the traitor president now .

  34. the republicans and fox news and cnn and msnbc support billionaires, billion dollar profits over saving human life,just to get donor money,they dont care how many middle class and poor die because they cant afford premiums and deductibles and they dont care 500,000 people file bankrupt because they get cancer.we must elect bernie sanders for president and vote against all republicans in 2020 to save human lives

  35. The problem start early in someone's life. When you are told since you are a toddler that "USA is the best country in the world, and Americans are the strongest, the handsomest, etc.", you don't try to better yourself. Why would you do that? You are already the best. You become lazy, physically and intellectually. And gullible. Why would you look for the truth? You are already the one that is right.

  36. Like fox I tune to it today it was horrible all they talk about is borders and Kaepernick lying like the guy hates everybody

  37. We as society aren't that much into the truth, we ike what makes us feel good, whatreenforces our ideology, just think of all the pole who believe noah's ark really happened.

  38. How do you know that they believe the unreliable sources? I my opinion the best way to find out if something is true is to read both sides and to know the biases of the sources.
    These people sound a lot like me.

  39. College should be be free today. . People would go if it were but I think an uninformed, I educated public is what the government wants and they make it impossible for the citizen to even take one course they’re interested in.

  40. The word sheeple was not invented for no reason at all.
    Tell them what to think, they think it.
    Tell them what to believe, they believe it.
    Tell them what to do,
    they do it.
    I've said this before but it is ideally apt here, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers….

    Good luck.

  41. Is it not true that those news that are most reliable are called fake news by T and his propaganda channel FOX NEWS?!

  42. My reply to all African Christian community if only we eliminate these Europeans folks out of this beautiful earth , there comes the new era of optimism and prosperity ! The time of vengeance has come! If we do not say word against these cunning white Aryans there would be whites everywhere and destroy all the mangol, African , Arab and south American community ! There comes a day when only few people like 1 percent from North American people will be dominating us forever! I speak these things because I want to change you, I speak because you are sorrunded by false assumptions and fake stories!
    I speak because I fear nobody! I fear only God, in my sense, is our internal core where our soul lives !
    I speak because even if I get assisanated before I reach my goal, any smart person from another generation will fulfill my beautiful aim listening my voice !
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