Parenting objects together in the Source SDK

Parenting objects together in the Source SDK

Parenting items joins them together. Firstly,
choose which object you’d like others to stick to. This will be the PARENT object. Make sure
it has a name. Now, in other objects (Also known as CHILD entities), put the name of
the parent entity in the parent property. They will now follow it.
They don’t have to be physically touching to do this, and they will not act as solid
objects themselves in this state. If the parent object is destroyed, those that are parented
to it also break. You can break the link by using the ‘ClearParent’ output on the child
entity in question. Sadly, this doesn’t work with all objects.
For lights, only point_spotlight entities really work. You’ll have limited success with
light_dynamic and env_projectedtexture but they’re more hassle than they’re worth. All
hell can potentially break loose if you parent ropes to things, though that’s not necessarily
a bad thing. There are so many combinations that I cannot
cover them all, but here are some examples of parented objects-
This door has a func_breakable window parented to it. SMASH!
This weapon entity has an env_sprite entity parented to it. SHINY!
I tried parenting env_fire to this tree, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. You’ll have
to use an info_particle_system fire entity for this to work, and for CSGO you’d have
to make a custom one since it doesn’t come with any by default. Uh… it’s not happy
about it the fire. RUNAWAY!

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  1. Well, people tend not to like side-biast maps for a start. The design and how people look at and play in your level is always important, if the game is hindered by the map – many times people don't like it. Just personal view.

  2. this is what makes grenades have those spinning lines. They usually use a nade cause when you pick it, you'll "pick" the lines too and they'll follow you :>

  3. Try putting the writing above the place and make it very thin and underneath it make it invisible so the players cant see it but when you make the mini-map you can from above.

  4. @3kliksphilip Hey i am kinda new to mapmaking so i'd like to ask you 2 questons
    1st is it possible to make it so they dont stick together and the parent is on the other side of the map and if you destroy it the parrent all the children get destroyed?
    2nd question if i forgot to save something and i still have the autosave ,can i retrieve the map and where would it be?

  5. Could you help me?
    I have a fan in my map and when browsing trow the models the fan is rotating,and it rotates also in the hammer world editor but when i load the map it dosen't rotate,could you help me?
    (i also made sure to see the info and it said dynamic soo the fan is prop_dynamic)

  6. PLZ Help me ! How to make 2 pieces of walls become 1 wall ? cause for the texture, it's really difficult to ajust it on the walls… HEEELP D':

  7. How do I make a door like on one of the clips on the "Thinkfast hacks" video on I think it was de_dam_006. How it's like axised (dunno the proper word) like a door but it's a physics prop, you can shoot it, it'll move, you can run into it, it'll move, stuff like that. Basically how do I make an axis parent type of thing like the axis tool in Garry's Mod?

  8. env_projectedtexture can be parented to an object. Use a logic_timer that fires every 0.01 seconds, and give it an output where it sets the parent of the env_projectedtexture to the object on each timer fire.

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