Prayers And The Cholo Goth Movement – Noisey Meets

Prayers And The Cholo Goth Movement – Noisey Meets

that whole world of mysticism dark romantic characters and the goth scene to me is just beautiful things that people say you know they call me a or they’ll say all that guy’s not a real cholo real cholos would slap the out of ham and it’s funny as because I’m like one of the most respected gang members in my community you know in my neighborhood I don’t fit in a norm you know I don’t fit with the goth kids because I’m a cholo so I don’t fit with the cholos because I’m not a traditional cholo because I’m a goth kid I don’t really give a I’m here living my life doing my thing and nothing’s gonna change people do test me on the regular basis but like I say and my song from Dogg to God I never ran when they tested me everything that I do from the music to my artwork they’re they’re like sigils they’re like amulets I create these paintings and I make this music to protect me from those who wish me harm so my music is telling people a keep an arm distance because I will harm you if you wish me harm the price music was all I had you know I was listening to you know you order the Pet Shop Boys you know Lords of the new church obviously ba house you know love ba house Peter Murphy music was always what I wanted to do but you know I was living in the Chicano neighborhood and we didn’t have instruments and we didn’t have bands I was born in Cote Cammy truck gun 1975 my father immigrated to the United States here to San Diego California we came here illegally my uncle at that time was a coyote he brought my mother myself across through the desert on the one you know who is a cholo goth I’m gonna gang and I’m a goth kid you know there’s tons of cholo goth you know like Mexican kids that grew up in the barrio they grew up in gang neighborhoods and who grew up listening to you know electronic music – and you know grew up in the goth scene or loving it or you know wanting to be part of it you know but like didn’t have an identity I mean a lot of people send me these beautiful emails saying thank you for giving us an identity so I didn’t even know that there were others like us out there you know we are pioneering the movement one that I get jumped into Sherman Daniels Park I got jumped in when I was 13 years old and I did it for lots of reasons one was to make life easier for my family and for myself because back then if you weren’t from a from a gang it was really hard for you to live in a neighborhood you know there was gang infested or gang affiliated because gender prominent and they were strong and they were everywhere and you couldn’t go to the liquor store without getting checked by gang members you know and it made life really easy on my family other gangs probably wouldn’t be as supportive to a cholo goth or someone that’s completely different from what people expect a gang member to be I fought to be Who I am I fought for my individuality you know they want to make sure that I’m down because of the way that I dress because of the way that I carry myself cuz sometimes I want to wear lipstick whatever it is that I want to do people are not gonna like it I’ve been stabbed I’ve been shot I’ve stabbed people people I stabbed me and I’ve been spit on by people just walking you know racism is everywhere but you know what I see past that yeah this is the big shimmer granules part territory with the pillow from 23 to 27 territories all 19 13 games I appreciate being in a gang so much because there’s so much respect and there’s a way of doing things you know that’s like you don’t cross another man and we’re a really old old Chicano gang from San Diego you know we’re one of the original gangs in San Diego California we do SMG HP we do 1913 which is what I have in my stomach 19th and the alphabet is the letter S 13 and the alphabet is the letter M s M our initials – V – that’s that’s 27 or G H P we have a lot of codes you know a lot of messages for those who know how to read them it’s a gang language you know so we know it and our enemies know it but you know other don’t because it’s a subculture you know we’re on underground subculture so we have our own language you know it’s something you inherit it’s like the son inherits the sins of the father so when you join a gang you inherit all this beef support him all the way man he’s done what he’s done over here for the hood in it’s got his back all the way call it representing the neighborhood that’s right give mad props for he’s coming up the one this day representing you know yeah I forgot where he came from so that’s good oh boy Dave Papa with the windows no Lester good music real nervous system so you need a with you can’t be with that fake like everybody else and she listened to the lyrics from the caps baton that’s real music mystical power specialist left I used to try to make myself ugly by like shaving my eyebrows and like just you know just doing to make myself just look different prayers is really just a celebration of our bond of our brotherhood that’s what it is we’re just honoring the love that we have for each other through the medium that is prayers I’m full of hate but he gives me love and he shows me that I am loved and that I’m cared for violence is part of life man America feeds it to our children everywhere in our music in the video games it’s not going away man it’s part of our DNA that’s what we represent prayers represents violence represents vulnerability represents pushing back it represents breaking stereotypes we talk about the other side of violence you know the after the aftermath you know the the side where we’ll people are heard and you know are confused and and are heartbroken by it where we talk about the heartbreak the heartbreak behind violence you

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  1. Damn can't people just shut up let him be if he wants to look dumb let him just cuz u wouldn't dress or act the way he does doesn't mean to clown on him if he's comfortable and confident enough in his own skin to wear lipstick or paint his nail let him be obviously y'all are just stereotyping someone who wears makeup is gay but he's married to a woman … You guys sound just as confused as he is

  2. listen…i love new wave, goth & industrial music. no prob there.
    but, the way this guy talks about himself, his daughter, etc in interviews…he is a pretentious egomaniac.
    more choade than cholo

  3. No tengo nada en contra de este estilo de vida, pero realmente me pregunto, que vio en el kat, como para tener un bebé??

  4. I rolled my eyes all the way back to Japan and I'm in east Europe, this guy is so cringe

  5. I don't know about the goth thing but punk Rock mix alright with the cholo thing like the band suicidal tendencies

  6. Funny how they talk about coming illegally yet if I were to do it since I’m American Hispanic into Mexico I would be deported back so fast

  7. If you saw this band in a movie, you wouldn't believe it was real, yep somehow you've made metalachi sound like Mozart.

  8. this stupid lucifer world is upsidedown, good is evil, up is down, beauty is ugly, they rape your daughter-blame her, it leads only to insanity

  9. Inherited onion armpits and and if you trace I'm a cholo meaning back to ancient times it simply means I feel proud to eat roadkill

  10. KatVonD is retarded he's still a gang member..could be informant, putting her kids life in danger !! gangsters at that weird wedding where she looked 9 moths pregnant did her solo .. frankly she sings better than him and she was pretty bad!

  11. Y is this wannabe cholo have a tattoo of 13 and up north tattoo together he sing like big bitch


  13. All y’all shit talkin and rippin on the dude to pieces, yet the same shit YOU think is “gay” or “outrageous” is what attracts you enough to watch the vid in the first place. Who does that make more outrageous? 🤔
    Dudes got hella bitches, respect, and a fine ass wife that’s idolized around he fukin WORLD. Keep doin ya shit Homie!

  14. Apparently they think everyone gives a shit about their tattoos.
    What human garbage. Useless life with no aspirations except a few blocks from home.

  15. Ahora entiendo a Donald Trump de querer sacar a toda esa gente horrorosa lo malo es que aca en Mexico los mandaran.

  16. I wouldn’t be even a little surprised if his whole back story is fake & he’s from some elite or semi elite family…just as I believe Kat von D is. But she doesn’t front so hard

  17. Metal/punk nowadays would not be what it is without Hispanics ….Slayer….Black Flag(chavo Reyes) Suicidal …Korn…Deftones….Fear Factory. . .Terriozer …Morbid angel ..Jesse Pintando…Pete Sandoval ..I guess Sepultura (close enough).. Madball …agnostic front….Merauder ..Hoods

  18. God bless the "lost souls" of this world. He is the only answer. And all else is false. All else is of Satan. Beware the foolish.

  19. This foo is just a beaner and he's mad at it and will always hate it most likely he was always insecure embarrassed and intimidated by the reality of his life growing up now he is tryin to shine the sad part about gangs is that they accept you as you are so this self demononized cholo is lost in a embarrassing pychological complex leafar prayers is right there are alot of mojados wannabe cholos spread out all over Southern California that suppressed hate shame insecurity homosexual tendencies growing up eventually it was a matter of time for it to expose

  20. He had two white chicks in his bed , kissed both of them enough said they should had started with that and ended with that 😎

  21. Respect not every one a cholo do I don’t have to be one at longest u down for ur shit and have respect is all that matters

  22. This clown will not survuve a week in East Los, let alone Mexico, he get his head chopped up if he said that shit down here.

  23. ⚗️Oracle, guey, traete las pinches polvo do estrellas para ponernos bien pedos, cabron! 💦🚬 Se entra por aqui…Estos problemas se resolvieron el ano passado! Los viajeros en el tiempo querian volver atras al ano 1980, pero volvierion atras por accidente al ano 1980 aC!

  24. So this is what second hand embarrassment feels like? Ugh…I grew finding gang fascinating at 17. Some people never grow up.

  25. my dad grew up in the neighborhood with this guy. he said him and his whole family were really into music and isn’t surprised he’s still in the music scene.

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