Property Preservation - The Importance of 3rd Party Companies

Property Preservation – The Importance of 3rd Party Companies

welcome back you two once again my name is Charles and Charlene property preservation and today I want to touch on a subject that uh that I was hearing a few guys talk about and that is third party regional comfort and I want to talk about this because it's important it's important for you uh the new guys to know the importance of third party and regional companies and also to know what could you know possibly being downside to third parties regional company firstly that third party regional company is necessary in the industry okay necessary because they take away a lot of the hate from the national company they take a lot of headaches out of the equation for the bank oh it's Verity is trying to recruit all trying to look for vendors in good vendors at that vendors who haven't been around in the industry for a while so to speak national company won't be so quick to hire a new vendor on because they have no experience in it just a bigger liability on for their assets they want you to be able to read or work or execute and once you have done this stuff before where as a regional company will give you opportunity to to take them take a risk on that give you training they'll allow you to mess up they'll help you develop the skills you need in order to feel you get with the national company or to you miss possibly one day go direct on what's been necessary the only downside to a regional company that I know is that they don't always take the same amount as a national company or a direct source and that's okay because I know a lot of regional companies that carry heavy your volume then a national company I know the regional companies who pay just about the same as a national company they don't take a lot from the visitor oh I know a few regional companies that you know they work with you know some regional companies they're very meticulous about things that they want some smaller companies have policies in place where they may differ from the national company for example a smaller regional company may charge you penalty dollars for certain things that are missing within your work work whereas the national company may not charge that but on the other hand the national company is penalizing the vendor for whatever you mix so your work order is live all right the national company may not have charged a third-party company that's giving you the order but what the national company is going to the third-party company into gave your order is they're penalize them on your scorecard and what this is doing is it's affecting the allocation of their workload so if you're continuously linked on your work that comes with third-party company may not be getting charged physical money from you being late on your work order but their work for their workload is there penalized so they might be losing work because you continuously late so they charge you a fee for being late to compensate for the losing work in the future these are just some of the things that a regional for third-party company deals with when they did it with boots on the ground guys like you and me and knew that like I said I am I am NOT against third party or we do comes I saw a witness okay so I'm a small third-party company myself and no The Hague in stipulations in different things that is that a small company has to deal with we didn't work multiple contracts everyone isn't as and seasoned or a skilled or knowledgeable about the industry as others especially when they just started now you know you have a lot of companies who aren't as leaning or they're contractors with training we're helping them out with the you know just assistance of trying to make them better so I can understand a lot of people's frustration when they talk about a third-party company on the flip side there are terrible terrible terrible very quiet companies let me say that there are some terrible terrible third-party companies out there they rip you off you don't receive your money okay they give you work with the intentions of never paying you I had all this stuff happen to me all right oh it's just something that you have to learn then you learn to probe these people you learn how to do your due diligence and research these people before you sign up and give them your insurance information give me your vacant information and all this you get out they're going to do work go to school and they don't pay all you have you have a contract that says you'll be paid in 30 to 45 days and you don't see your money for 60 to 90 days you know these are their companies out there like that I everyone was doing to the you know ka-razy geared up and get into this industry to do your research ask around on their several groups on the Facebook okay that you know people they getting that group they talk of the contract and speak of the contractor the let you know each other know what's going on in the industry it's very important to know what you're getting into because this is remember guys this is your business this is your company this business is serious you're going to put out a lot of money sometimes before you see any money return you're going to put a lot of money out there before you see a real job it gives you a good return and you're going to face times where those jobs that you're getting are not always big thousand dollars two thousand ten thousand dollar job you're going to do a lot of small T is 30 50 60 s 150 $200 jobs and you want to do a multitude to compensate start now but you're going to have to get out there you gonna have to work hard this is in particular to the third party regional companies that I've been hearing gas talk about again I'm not against our party for regional conference not at all they're very much necessary in this industry the same as every living organism is necessary to the ecosystem they're very much necessary guys these companies are necessary whether they're good and that I don't know if you would like me to say some names of companies who are good yes there's a lot I don't get into talking about bad company over social media of we have at a personal conversation I can tell you some may stay away from foot I'll be open I don't bad companies even even there I know they're crappy I don't bash them good companies you know it self-explanatory people talk about your ear about but again Oh third-party companies are necessary guys don't believe the hype you won't get paid top dollar but you may go once you make very good money and add if you just getting into this business and you're looking for companies to sign up or ask around okay ex people in your your your areas try like I said try to get with the Facebook group cup of trot ahead– contractors in your area that are working right now and see who they're working for you know as on how to pay is um do your homework you don't before you you know jump out there and sign up with a compass because there are trucks out here there are dishonest people in this business of the same as there are honesty things this my message to new guys coming in and they want to know what company should I work for a lot of times people they hit me or comment underneath the videos and say well what companies do usage it again I don't openly suggest companies to open these – compass in its for purposes though it just as well it is for purposes of not being biased towards other companies I work for several companies and I don't want to put out there particular companies that I work for and forget about some companies that I work for that it you know say their names I forget someone or if I say a company that I think it's terrible identities and in the future they become a great company in and I might not sell on the equation I won't do that never they want to do stuff like this so if there is something you want to know about on my email is the coming week an email with common things you know I have no problem with that but you guys understand this industry is a business it's not component I know it's a lot of waiting to be made but it's business you have to mind your business to watching business would that being said I hope that this video about third party regional companies had an answer some of the questions and some of the concern have for these type of companies once again my name is cha cha improper preservation to next night you're [Applause] subscribed a if the ecosystem in the water turtle really sure how long this video everyone dance in the hall envision you nastain you're gonna say to keep it stayed all day well

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  1. So I am a business. I signed up for a National company. Been feeling like I been all over the place and not having the proper training. I want to know can I do just forclosure cleanouts and NOT property preservation. Which is what I'm basically doing now. I have some work orders to go fix the fascia on a property and whatnot. These are things I don't know how to do nor do I have the tools.

  2. I'm new to the business I'm also looking for companies to stay away from and any knowledge to help me get off the ground

  3. Yes,we have gotten ripped off,but like you said,you learn as you go.That is part of the business.Do your research!!!What other vendors are saying about them says a lot.Great video.

  4. Sup Charles!!!  Luv ya and luv your videos!!!  I follow your stuff a lot out here. But I feel like I just watched a bad Max Headroom episode!! LMAO!!  Just goes to show that you put A LOT of time and effort and your soul into editing your videos to your standards!!  =)  Keep up the good work! But maybe try some note cards so you don't have to jump around and edit so much!!  =) =)  =)

  5. Really appreciate these vids you make. We talked on the phone about a year ago and since then I have started my property preservation business with legal zoom. It's called Cleaning-Fore-Closure

  6. Good video bro keep up the good work. I'm looking into starting my own Property Preservation company thanks for the info.

  7. Experience in property preservation, will do your office work from home, sending pictures and work orders. Know the business very well. Mary 708-860-5614

  8. all the videos are great. very informative . how do you get around to finding these regional companies? were just starting out in Miami and wanna get some experience to grow in property preservation (were already an established landscaping company). Google? forums? Facebook? again thanks for all the info

  9. They are great way to start off and learn on the fly, that's it. Then as you learn tricks of trade you move your way up to sub or direct vendor, and  can make a living wage. Besides getting in the door that's the only pro. Or just to make a full nice route you can pick up a 3rd party faster then direct vendor.

  10. I appreciate the time it takes to make videos and a public voice in the industry is helpful sometimes, but on this one im going to have to disagree with you. There is absolutely zero value in a 3rd party company. They do not add to the eco system they leach off of it. The third party business model is simply not sustainable.

  11. Admire your honesty and professional integrity, as a newbi to the industry your informative videos​are appreciated.

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