Providing Value CRUSHES Any Marketing STRATEGY You Have | Inside 4Ds

Providing Value CRUSHES Any Marketing STRATEGY You Have | Inside 4Ds

100 thoughts on “Providing Value CRUSHES Any Marketing STRATEGY You Have | Inside 4Ds”

    1:00 – How do you gain the trust of clients?
    2:20 – How to approach people to post your content
    5:00 – What type of content should I make?
    8:40 – Why I do 4Ds for the content
    12:40 – How to approach business in its infancy?
    15:55 – High school party rule
    19:40 – I didn’t always have a team
    22:10 – How to get investors
    23:10 – How do construction companies sell when they are behind in technology
    32:30 – Finding/making content that resonates with different audiences
    36:00 – How to use social media to get national traction
    39:40 – People would know what to do if they listened
    49:00 – How to layer in digital content with face-to-face contact
    59:35 – I created a content machine that lets me listen

  2. To those who were on Gary like "well he's an investor in Facebook so…(you can't trust his advice)." well here he's been like ok jump on Linked In- I've always trusted him, he tells us as stuff shifts. And also seems to realize some of us are like micro biz- with not lots of money to throw at ads. I appreciate you Gary so much! I wish I could afford Facebook ads but can't at this point.

  3. I have thought of that too, but if you do something on purpose just to say sorry, sorry will not hold much value as it does today, people will do stupid things and use the word sorry when they really don't mean it. I see the world has taken a path full of lies and to me I would not recommend doing what you just said, I understand your intent but I would not recommend. Thank you for all the great content Gary!

  4. Bro we all know Gary's smart and knows what he's doing, but running ads against airline employees when you've done an airline employee rant is just fucking next level genius. Legit don't know how he comes up with this shit. Or if it's his team. Anyways, still very fucking impressive, and then that thing actually working and getting the feedback in person, powerful stuff. Colour me goddamn impressed.

  5. Gary Vee is one of the BIGGEST BULLSHITTERS AROUND and what's sad is, all these KIDS that listen to him are folks that are lost and are looking for anything and anyone to latch onto.

  6. How would you evaluate the Wine Library vlog helped the sales at your Dads store? Pretty sure it did but how big is the impact?

  7. Can someone explain to me . What. Exactly does this guy do ? What value does he creates honestly ? What does he CREATE ? does he know how to build houses ? Grow and make food ? What sort of actually thing that I can hold does this guy create ? …

  8. I wish I understood this when I got into music. I went ALL IN on learning digital sound design and creating a VERY original style. I thought that, if I spent every waking hour creating, I would earn my respects and undoubtedly create something worthwhile. That’s very untrue. In music, people want something very similar to what they’ve heard before and easy not something unusual and difficult to make.

  9. Love the messaging in the episode. It drives me nuts when I join someone's "group" and they're just trying to sell some course. Provide value! Stop selling!

  10. Hi Gary

    THis is actually what I needed, I'm 22 years old and starting a Eyelash line all the way in South Africa. Thus far, I feel I can challenge myself with my marketing and offering value. It will be launching this October and I just finalised my e-book on "how to start a lash business", which I will give to my customers for FREE. But I don't know if I am doing enough.

  11. Brick by Brick📈 You have to intentionally design your Wall!!! And that Wall is your future!!👆🏼🔮 We have to be conscious and extremely clear on what we want our future to look like👀🧠 meaning we must work on our future everyday single day!!! BECAUSE OUR DAYS WILL DETERMINE OUR FUTURE!!!💯📈🔑

  12. When a powerful human helps out an underdog…. A good reminder to pass it on when you can. Thanks @GaryVee for giving @Lately the awesomeness at 45:45 – AMAZING

  13. TeamGary Editiors – PLEASE, cut out Garys mic when someone else is talking and he's chowing down on this fingers haha I wear headphones while I listen to these while I work, and it just sounds so gross in my ears LOL Love the 4D sessions.

  14. OMG Gary, Amazing advice per usual! I followed your instagram advice by usin Igrocket com to boost my insta and wow I have nearly doubled my leads to my etsy page…

  15. I can't believe how dry a lot of these people are in these meetings; 'So, like, comedic content then?' 'Yes!' Christ on a cracker – it's a little like these bosses are just seeing dollar signs and not a way to have some fun and talk to actual people :'''''D

  16. Hi Gary, you said Linkedin gives the best organic reach right now for someone with 0 prescence. I hate to be the guy but I disagree. I just made a TikTok and my first video i made got 1k was me just dancing with my eyebrows to a song. And i'm not even that talented with my eyebrows haha!

  17. and why you all think money can make you happy ? They breathing same air as you and drink 10£ Fiji water??? and have one colored shirts.. But you know they're rich. Money have one curse you can't enjoy it if your soul is empty .

  18. So not only was it completely obviously that the third kid inherited that property. Just by his tone, his slow talking and the way he described it. Mr 300,000 square feet off office space, but it also proves just how full of shit Gary vee is. Don’t let him fool you people!!! The fucker was born into a rich family wine business. He is a phony and a con man

  19. They do a good job with hunting, more customers more customers, but they don’t do a good enough job farming, saying thank you to the customers you already got!!! YASSSSS *sips coffee and texts latest music video client a nice message of appreciation ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Dustin the pan at 19:00 is cool but centering Gary isn’t needed via this thing called rule of thirds, the zoom out to the girl after is jarring too, most people only listen to this but if you ever wanna have me film it so it’s technically sufficient, just holla.

  21. Hey Gary, why don't you ever give us the company games and industries the participants are in in the comments, or audio, or title? Everyone else would post their names, the company name etc, so I'm super curious.

  22. I love the argument against automation. Watch the backlash against automation in all areas of the economy to increase in the next 30 years. People have realized they don't enjoy mass produced, generalized and impersonal content, products and services.

  23. HOOK It Up Please? Been following Gary's advice and putting out content! 4 days ago, my comment said I 'm gonna post daily and I'm still doing it! On my road to 1,000 follows! Thumbs up and follow ? Appreciate it!

  24. Uhh can you guys please give everyone a mic? We can barley hear their questions!!! I watch every single one of these and would love to hear everyone's question…Much love Garry

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  26. Literally found what I was looking for in the first five minutes of this video, when Gary talks about depth over width that speaks volumes to me. Time to go deeper!

  27. I love the new intro to 4Ds, excellent imo. This episode is packed with so much knowledge for owner-operators of a (local) small business. I keep relistening to the 4Ds episodes to squeeze all the valuable insights from them that I can.

  28. Gary ! the insight from these 4d meetings is great! it's almost like inside information! you must have people writing some of the opportunities and needs being identified here. Unlimited business potential here…sometimes I almost want to say, yo! hire me i can help you make funny office space commercials man to the third guy!

  29. Thank you Gary for your time and for sharing all these valuable insights. I’m trying to manage my tech sales business, real estate and starting my own digital marketing company. I’m struggling with managing my time to effectively pursue these efforts. Any suggestions ?

  30. Just wanted to pop over and say 'thank you' – we've just started our slow launch and you provided some much needed inspiration to just do it!

  31. Hi Gary, I'm reading Crushing it! right now and something got me
    confused. I'm trying to be more authentic in my life and work, which you
    talk about in the book, about not faking it. A few pages after your
    section on authenticity, you feature a story of Alex "Nemo" Hanse, who
    talks about starting his clothing brand by putting a shirt on one
    person, taking a picture, then putting the same shirt on another person,
    taking a picture and so on, to "make it seem like everyone has a shirt."

    I have a hard time reconciling these parts of the book. Is faking stuff
    okay or not? ? Is it okay for me to create fake clients and the illusion
    of demand or not?

  32. Long time follower of #GaryVee, his stuff works 🙂 it takes hustle, hard work and common sense … but it pays off, this is a sample of that : ! Thanks Master 🙂

  33. I hear this a lot, gotta move fast! Fast is fun, slow is painful. We have no time to waste! Time is money, and something we never get back; so we need to treat our time with the utmost respect. Thank you for this video Gary, you are a very wise man. Keep crushing it!

  34. Focus on providing real value, be active on social media platforms that your audience use, and curate and innovate your content to make it resonate more with you audience.

  35. There's no more valuable channel on Youtube for your life and your business, and they only keep making it more and more digestible and time-effective.

  36. What’s the name of the company that uses AI to comb through content and pick out specific words or quotes? Minute 44:30

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